The Quickening

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ON: Thunder rolled across the plain. The expected journey had taken much more endurance than expected. The horse was tired, her driver was irritated and exhausted and it appeared the heavens themselves were doing their best to twart them from reaching their destination. But here on this rain soaked plain, even the darkness of night could not block out the unmistakable presence of the great stone circle before them.

Aji made her way from the carriage across the rough ground and low foliage towards the nearest monolithic standing stone. A bolt of lighting ripped through the dark skies making the great stone appear like giant bones of some discarded carcass. These were far less than ideal conditions. Zazi accompanied her but made little effort to hide her dislike of the circumstances. Anther day. This could be done another day…. Or could it. Based on her examination of the great green crystal and the images contain on it, the length of the illustrated shadows and their direction implied whatever the stone was meant to do, had to happen on the morn of this day of all others.

As the diminutive woman reached the great stone, she could not shake the near occultic overtones of what she was pursuing. The dramatic rumbling of the heavens in this place of ancient mystery still sent shivers down her spine even though she knew this was a celestial convergence based in science, not hazy mysticism. Her mind raced through empirical facts of the situation and the hypothesis she had gleaned from the rock. Her contemporaries would denounce this as a flight of science fiction, but considering the inventions she pounded out with her tiny fragile hands, she felt this was much more grounded in science.

A faint glow below the clouds in the east foretold the warning, dawn was approaching. She had scare little time. Producing the sachel from her shoulder she laid the canvas bag on a nearby felled stone. She unfolded a cloth on to which she placed an arrangement of emerald jewels, as well as the large stone sent to her by Master Bolak.
“Quickly my dear. We must alight these gems upon the standing stones.” She began to point to placements within the stone circle. “There, there, and here. Quickly now! Time is of the essence.” Thunder punctuated her decree of urgency.

Zazi grumbled in the face of the howling wind and rain that once more pelted them. Exposure like this against the elements could not be endured long. Aji however felt a deep urging to make haste. One by one they arranged the gems by her design. At last only the grand stone remained. The subject of such distress and mayhem in recent months, she held the “Nebula” stone in her two tiny hands. Despite the freezing conditions, she felt power throbbing form the stone. This had to be something. A voice in her mind kept urging her forward.

Poor Zazi, she had upended the woman’s life, exposed her to such violence and horror and now she asked her only that she believe in the plan she had only derived in great urgency hours before. Shivering she squeeked for the tall woman to join her. And there they stood in the center of this ancient stone ring upon Salisbury Plain and the heaven shook and crumbled around them.

And then it began….

Aji D'moonh

Zazi Sh'viakrik

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