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Ascent into Madness

OFF: This is my challenge Post. Responding to a message sent by the Lady D'moonh Bolak and his companions arrive at Stone Henge just in time to see the Nebula stone activated.

ON: Bolak jumped down from the carriage followed by Mok and McCree. They stared at the tall standing stones of the henge in awe as the storm raged around them. The vast arches were illuminated from within by an ethereal light that cast long shadows out into the night.

“Are we too late?” Mok called out, the wind snatching at his words.

“No.” Cried Bolak, “There they are!” he pointed towards the two forms silhouetted against the flickering lights. To the dwarfs eyes one of them was clearly the Lady D’moonh, though he could not place the other.

“What the hell is going on?” Constable McCree asked as he gaped at the unholy scene.

The ground began to shake beneath them and Bolak stumbled to his knees as they saw within the great stone circle an azure light expanding outwards and upwards in a chilling conflagration of colour.

They heard a scream and gaped as D’moonh and her companion began to rise from the ground, their bodies suspended in mid air.

“Quick!” Bolak cried, “We need to get ourselves into that circle.”

“Are you mad?” Mok barked just as McCree screamed, “Sod that.”

“Both of you trust me, we need to do this.” Bolak fixed them with a hard stare and then not waiting to see if they would follow began to fight his way through the howling wind towards the towering arches of the henge.

Bolak stepped between the stones allowing the blue light to envelope him. He could no longer make out the form of Aji and her companion and he had no time to feel concern for their fate as his own feet were dragged from the earth. He fought the urge to cry out as he was raised bodily upwards into the storm.

There was a flicker of light and then darkness and after a time… silence.

Bolak opened his eyes sitting upright with a sharp gasp. It took a moment for his eyes to focus. He was indoors, the carpeted ground hard beneath him.

“What the…” a hand squeezed his shoulder gently and a nearby voice spoke into his ear.

“Be calm,” the voice soothed, “You are safe now. Breath deeply and take your time.”

Bolak turned to see a stranger leaning over him with a look of concern etched into his alien features, and alien they were with a pronounced brow line and pointed ears like some kind of fairy tale creature.

“Who are you? Where am I?” Bolak demanded, scrambling back from from the man.

“I am Medical Officer Sarnek,” explained the stranger, “and I believe you call this place Ten Forward. If I am not mistaken you tend bar here.”

“Yes… I mean no.” Bolak answered in a confused jumble, “I tend bar at the Ladys Grace not…” he looked around at the vast room in which he sat, “Not here.”

Sarnek smiled and spoke as if to the air, “Computer identify crew member.”

A high pitched beep sounded in response and then a disembodied female voice, “Crew member identified as Bolak, civilian bar tender of Ten Forward. Species Linnik of the First Federation.”

“All will become clear in time.” Sarnek smiled down at him.

“Like hell it will.” came a voice from behind and before the stranger could turn, a blur of movement and a sharp crack sent the man sprawling to the floor unconscious.

Bolak looked up in wonder to see the blue skinned Mok standing over him, a splintered table leg in hand.

"Vanishing ships, fish magic and now floaty blue lights and giant pixies. What next?"

"One dreads to think." Bolak groaned.

Emboldened by the appearance of the barber, Bolak scrambled to his feet and took in the full extent of his surroundings. He and Mok were in a large hall of sorts. There were no lamps or candles apparent yet the room was well lit.

“Oooorh what is happening?” the pair looked over to see constable McCree rising from amidst the tables and chairs of the peculiar bar area.

“We have been taken captive.” Mok answered as he reached down and snatched an item from the felled strangers belt.

“What is that?” Balok asked as he watched the barber study the item.

Mok stretched out his arm and pulled the trigger on the instrument and a sharp blast of power emanated from its end vaporising a nearby chair.

“Holy Mary mother of Christ.” McCree yelped as he watched the chair disappear.

“It is a magical weapon.” Mok gasped.

“A most powerful weapon.” Bolak agreed, “Be careful where you point it.”

“What manner of hell is this?” Constable McCree demanded as he peered through the observation window into the inky darkness of space. Bolak and Mok came to his side to take in the view.

“Impossible.” Mok whispered his eyes wide with wonder.

“Not impossible and not hell.” Bolak replied his eyes narrowing, “Computer…” he called out recalling the strangers words, “Locate Lady D’moonh.”

Another high pitched beep and the ethereal voice answered just as it had for the pointy eared stranger,

“Chief engineer Aji D’moonh is located in sick bay, Deck 12.”

Catching on to the trick Mok raised his hands and called out, “Oh computer tell me where I am!”

“You are located in Ten Forward on the USS Endeavor, Galaxy Class.” came the response.

"Well that was a useless bloody answer." Mok muttered.

"The Endeavor." Whispered Bolak savouring the word as if it held the answers to this riddle.

“What is going on?” Constable McCree demanded, “and why are we all wearing pyjamas?”

Bolak noticed for the first time that he and Mok were wearing what appeared to be the finest silk clothes of blue and gold. McCree himself was dressed in a uniform of black and gold. He shook his head in confusion.

“Damned if I know.” he replied, “We need to find D’moonh and hope she has some answers.”

At the far side of the room a door opened and several more of the pointed eared strangers filed in. One of them cried out upon seeing their unconscious companion and the other two drew weapons.

“Take cover!” ordered Bolak as he leapt behind an over turned table.

Constable McCree had done likewise while Mok himself began to fire upon the demons as they advanced.

“Computer what is the quickest way to sick bay?” Bolak cried out to the all knowing entity and was rewarded again with a familiar beep.

“Emergency transporters are online.”

“How does that work?” Bolak called out as beams of magical light filled the air between Mok and the intruders.

“Only starfleet personnel may issue commands to active emergency transporters.”

“Who would that be?” asked Bolak.

“In the Location Ten Forward only Ensign McCree is authorised for ET access.”

“Constable!” Bolak cried out, “Tell the nice invisible lady to activate this transporting device.”

“Are you sure Mr Bolak?” McCree replied as a stray beam of light vaporised a nearby stool.

"Quite sure!" Bolak yelped as another beam barley missed his head.

“Erm... activate transporter to sick bay for Bolak and Mok and myself.” Stammered McCree.

“Transport confirmed, standby.”

Bolak gasped as bright lights glistened all about him and the room began to dissolve. There was a moment of darkness and then he could see once more. Mok and McCree were appearing to either side of him and just up ahead the Lady D’moonh lay upon a bed amidst a gaggle of the pointy eared creatures. Mok sprang into action levelling his eldritch weapon.

“Hands where I can see them, all of you. We are here to save the Lady D’moonh and any who stand in our way will die!” he snarled.

"You are all under arrest for kidnap and aggravated assault... and witchcraft!" McCree added for good measure as Bolak ran forward to Ajis side.

"We are here now my lady." he whispered, "We will not let them harm you!"


London : Owner of the Ladys Grace
Endeavor : Barkeep in Ten Forward

London: Demon barber of Fleet Street
Endeavor : Ships Barbour

London : Constable of the City Watch
Endeavor : Ensign in Engineering

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