Down the Rabbit Hole

OFF: This is my Challenge Post

ON: Aji held the Nebula in her hands. The great gem throbbed with power. She could feel electrical energy coursing through her veins. Heat filled her from the inside, canceling the sting of the frozen maelstrom raging around her and Zazi. Zazi. Aji could distantly hear the woman calling out to her as a green flash filled her vision. All sensation converged as they became bathed in a sea of brilliant blue light. Her body shook as she sensed her feet leaving the ground. She could hear her teeth chattering as the world shattered into pieces.

Aji floated in timeless oblivion. The scent of curry and pungent rot of vegetation in the monsoon rains filled her senses. She saw her mother, radiant with joy drifting above her. Children’s voices frolicked in the background as she shaped tiny elephants from the warm mud. “Look a monkey!” a child’s voice chimed out in atonal chords. She looked down to her furry palms dripping with mud.

“A most unfortunate condition”. The doctor stated, his dark mustache filling her vision as she felt the cold prodding of some unseen instrument. “Not Human… Freak… Should not live long…” echoed in the halls of lost memory. She could feel tears welling up in her obsidian eyes as she sat, alone on the baked tile floor of the family compound.

The world sheered against itself as the twist of vertigo left her falling through a lifetime. Light glinted from long sheets of copper, spinning gears and bolts. “Animal!” she heard called out. A pile of bronze trinkets slid into a box to be forgotten, washed away in a flood of sea air. “She is unlikely to survive, too weak.” a doctor proclaimed. The groan of ship’s timbers protesting the swirling sea surrounding her was soon drowned out by the laughter of students in ivy covered halls. “Proficient… for a female.” The professor stated coldly.

Alone she stood before the scholarly body of experts. “Poppycock! Fantasy! I will not be lectured by some dark half-animal female.” they raged. Her head tucked within the comforting hood she fled the scene. She felt the pace of her heart quicken as she read the pile of letters on official stationery “Rejected.” “Not accepted.” The smell of flash powder filled her nostrils as the cool of the London air bit against her naked furry body. “Not Human! Its in your blood!”

Crushing weight bore down on her. “A less hearty being. Someone’s pet perhaps...” Stated the Klingon as he mistakenly seated himself upon her. She lunged out in anger, her tiny claws struggling to cling to his rigged forehead. “Not worthy of assimilation.” The Borg drone stated.

Jumping to get atop the conference table she could feel the pulse of the warp core behind her. “Oh god I hate rats!” the misguided ensign shouted. The smell of her own singed fur as a pulse of phaser fire brought her into darkness.

Her mind was filled with a sarcophony of horrors. She felt the crash of isolinear chips as she was thrown headlong across the room. A Fountain of scarlet burst from an assailant’s throat as she pulled back her saw blade whip. The Flames licked up as the mansion around her burned. A finger pressed gingerly into a soft lifeless cheek. Sharp nails punctuated a ruined face that slowly dropped to the floor before her. “The power of holding life in your hands, only to snuff it out.” Said the voice dripping with malice. “What do you think you are beast?”

“…I… am… not human.” Aji faintly squeaked as her body shuddered.

A throbbing rhythm started gently in the background and soon grew to fill her senses. Foreign voices spoke in rapid phrases. She tried to place them in her mind… Greek… Latin… Hindi… Romulan. The final choice made sense to her even as she acknowledged it was outside her field of studies. Romulans! Her black eyes shot open.
The angled features of a Romulan indeed stood over her, several others worked in the background. Aji struggled to back away but found herself impaired, namely that she lay on her back. Fear washed across her face. What was this? Another angled face appeared, this of a woman, she spoke. “Commander, you are safe.” Aji emitted a long series of distressed chirps. “Aji. It is alright.” The recognition of her name brought her into the moment. Her large oval eyes blinked as her vision came into clear focus. “We nearly lost you. The chief medical officer did not think you could pull through. You are quite the fighter for such a small species.” Aji felt the hypospray on her neck and her heart rate began to slow.

“Zazi…” she stated faintly, remembering her friend. The Romulan woman replied “Dr. Sh’vakrik is recovering nearby. You may see her soon, but first we need to make sure you are stabilized.” With effort she turned her head to see a chamber of wonders. Bright lights and cabinets that flashed in vivid colors. All fantastical, yet oddly familiar. The room smelled clean, cleaner than any she had ever known, or was it.... The comforting scent of her warp core came to mind. So many conflicting thoughts. She needed to sleep. Her warp core! She struggled to sit up in a panic, her head going light as she dropped back to the medtable.

Aji D’moonh
Inventor/Chief Engineer
USS Endeavor

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