Message Delivered


This is my challenge post.


Zanessa Ogden sat at her desk studying her star data entries when she heard the captain call a meeting with the senior officers. "I hope I get to be a Senior Officer one day," she thought with a sigh.

She began to think of what would happen if she became a Senior Officer. In her old crew, she never got respected. Heck, they left her to die on a different planet for God's sake. It would be totally different if she became a senior officer.

"People would actually listen to me for a change, and I could be included in the important meetings," she said to herself. She went to her desk to write down something. She smiled softly, realizing that she could take a break. In reality, she was tired, so Zanessa pondered the thought of becoming a senior officer again, daydreaming at her desk.

They are like family, but they seem to forget that I am doing important work too. The only one that seems to treat me like an equal is the Counselor, and that's because he is supposed to.

She continued to daydream. About an hour later, she was woken up by a recruit. "Sorry ma'am, but you were asleep," she said to Zanessa.
"Oh, I must've dozed off, thank you for waking me," she said, then went to continue her work.

Her screen beeped showing she had an email. She clicked on it and giggled, it was a joke one of the recruits had sent her about the captain. Hearing someone coming, she clicked her buttons quickly to avoid getting into possible trouble but froze when she saw "Message Delivered".

"Oh no." Checking her sent messages, her eyes widened as she realized she had forwarded the joke to the captain. "This is bad," She quickly turned off her computer and left. She had a game to go to, despite being worried over the captain's reaction. "I hope she has a sense of humor," she thought.


Ensign Zanessa Ogden
Astrometrics Officer
USS Endeavor NCC-9819

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