Home Sweet Home?

OFF: Not even close to a challenge post. Just getting weird after a rough day.

ON: Aji bathed in a world of softness and warmth. She woke gently, her dark eyes slowly opening to a world of golden splendor. Well not so much gold as a warm yellowish tone. She rolled over and clutched an enormous pile of cotton as her nostrils were assailed by the sudden aroma of straw and nuts. This was not the Exploritorium, nor was it her cabin, albeit telling the difference was still a bit unclear, but one thing was for certain, she was somewhere she didn’t belong. She stood, her tiny legs surprisingly steady, and looked about the chamber. Through the yellow tinted walls she could make out people moving around, and stacks of crates. Something was odd. She was naked. She quickly scampered around the room, which was mostly a large layer of cotton. Against the wall was a circular opening and a sloping passage beyond. A Jefferies Tube! She quickly climbed into the tube, finding is tight and of the same yellow translucent material.

Reaching the bottom of the tube she emerged into a larger chamber. A bowl of water was on one side along with a container of odd smelling pellets. In the center was a large gear… no a wheel. It then occurred to her, she was not in sickbay, she was in the kennel. She chirped a clear obscenity and raced to the large plastic wall pressing her face against it trying to get attention of the beings outside. She pounded against the wall. “Get me the ^%$^ out of here!!!!!” she screamed.

Her call seemed to get the attention of someone outside. A tall Romulan stood on the other side of the wall looking perplexed. He said something in Romulan she didn’t understand. “Let me out of here immediately!” she demanded of the centurion or whatever he was. He walked away from the wall and got the attention of another Romulan pointing at Aji. The new Romulan approached. “You can speak?” “Yes, obviously.” She stated back. The Romulan looked as confused as their tight angled faces could. “I’m sorry who are you?” Aji stood to her full two foot height. “I am the Lady Aji D’moonh, Baroness…. I mean CEO of this vessel.” The Romulan shook his head. “This is highly irregular. You were sent to the Veterinary services section. You were stabilized and sleeping. We did not realize… I am sorry there has been a clerical mistake.” The Romulan opened the lid of the kennel and lift Aji out, much to her disdain. “Am I free to go?” The Romulan nervously nodded. “I suppose so. Our apologies for the mishap.”

Aji marched out of the door into the main corridor. She recognized it, Deck 23 , where few crew beyond cargo and maintenance crews ever traveled. She rolled her dark eyes as she marched to the Turbolift. “Deck 6” she commanded the lift. She needed some clothes.

Aji D'moonh
Chief Engineer
USS Endeavor

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