ON: Personal Log, Aji D’Moonh, Chief Engineer USS Endeavor.

In the week following the completion of our ordeal at the hands of powerful psychic beings of unknown origin, adjusting back to “reality” has been difficult. While I do recall my actual life with Star Fleet and my family on Ojetwa 2, I can’t shake the effect that I have memories of living 28 years on Earth as the Baroness Aji D’Moonh of Petite Hall India, a human.

Curiosity has gotten the better part of me. I looked up Baroness D’Moonh in the historical archives from earth. There was little primary source material, but I found passing reference to one of the first women to earn a degree in Physical Science from the University of Exeter. No documents bare her name, but I found a copy of an ancient image called a tin type in a book of oddities that displayed an unnamed human female afflicted with Hypertrichosis that looked quiter familiar. Rather humorous that my only notable contribution to history is as a undressed human freak. At least the picture doesn’t look Tamian, that would be so embarrassing. My little secret it would appear.

Reorienting myself to the 24th century has been challenging. I still find myself ordering parts that have not existed in nearly 400 years. I have had Lt. Alvarez checking my work to assure that I am adhering to modern science and Starfleet regulations during my recovery.

Repairs to the Endeavor have been an unending task. The effects of the nebula wrecked much of the onboard systems, and the Captain’s channeling of power from the warp engines to the deflector array has decrystalized our dilythium and did rather sever damage to our navigation.

While reluctant to start a bad habit again, I have been consuming a large quantity of Raktajino for the last week. I think I been operating on less than two hours of sleep for several days now. The tremors are getting rather disturbing, but as of this entry, life support systems has been hardened, and main power is back on line. The damage on Decks 7 through 11 has been mostly sealed, although work at a Starbase would be a really fine idea at this point. I have high hopes of restarting the warp core tomorrow thanks to some spare crystals I had in storage. Not regulation I know, but I believe in collecting things that might be useful.

I hate to say it, but I need some time to really acclimate to my situation. Maybe a visit to Balok in Ten Forward would help. None of us have really been talkative about our experience. I so want to take Zazi aside and tell her... I dont know what to tell her. I am not who I was and she is... blue. Pregnant and blue. Not that she wasn't that before, but the Zazi I came to know was... different. Sort of. Maybe a little Tranya and a night’s rest will help put things in perspective.

Aji D'Moonh
Chief Engineer
USS Endeavor

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