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The Death of Mok

OFF: This is my challenge post.


The Ready Room door opened and a flushed Bolak stepped out to be greeted by Mok and Ensign McCree.

“Well what did they say?” Mok asked.

“They thanked me for my help and asked me to leave.” Bolak replied.

“No.” gasped McCree, “But the signal.”

“Oh they are following the signal. We are currently travelling at warp eight towards its source. They just do not require my assistance in the matter… as a civilian.”

“But it’s a Linnik signal!” objected McCree, just as Mok growled, “Typical Federation arrogance.”

“No offence McCree.” the blue skinned Bolian offered quickly and received only a shrug from the Ensign who was learning to wear a thicker skin around the acid tongued barber.

“Oh and they want you to report to engineering McCree. Apparently the recent action has caused malfunctions in the universal translators and replicator systems.”

“So that’s it then.” McCree said dejected.

“Hardly.” countered Bolak, “No. I would bet a boatload of tranya that my brother is behind all of this and I am not leaving it to the Federation to take him down.”

“So what’s the plan?” Mok asked.

Bolak talked as they walked, “McCree you need to report to your post or you’ll be up for court martial but before you do can you get us access to a Runabout and a couple of phasers?”

“And you think they wont court martial me for that?” McCree spat.

“Yes, but only if you get caught.” Bolak replied, “Now Mok we are going to find my brothers ship and board it, you have five minutes to get yourself ready and then we all meet back in Ten Forward. Dohn Ma?”

“What?” asked Mok.

“Damned translators.. I said, do you understand?”

“We do.” McCree replied, “Ten Forward in five minutes.”


Bolak scrambled behind the counter searching through his belongings . None of them had come away from London unscathed. Each survivor carried something back with them. For Vanna is was her romance with the Klingon, for Mok it was a rather disturbing tendency towards violence and for Bolak? It was the love of a pipe and the warm comfort of a good smoke.

Shifting a small tray of out of date jars to the counter he recovered a battered tin and pried it open. He had no pipe here on the Endeavor but these would do in a pinch. He pulled the pack of kreteks and a small lighting device out and climbed up onto a stool to spark up. The clove cigarette gave a warm red glow as he inhaled and he removed it with a sigh. Any moment now, things were going to get crazy.

His eyes fell on his personal display then sitting next to the bar. The words “Bolak One Hundred and Eleven today” were there beneath the date. Bolak almost choked on his smoke. He had completely forgotten! Today of all days to confront his twin brother. He shook his head in disbelief.

“Wong ba duhn.” he hissed under his breath not noticing that the translators had once again failed. Just then the port doors opened and Mok stepped into the room.

“What the hell are you wearing?” Bolak laughed almost swallowing his cigarette. Mok stood there in a brown trenchcoat and stetson, with a battered leather satchel hanging at his side. The clothes beneath were a tired mix of leather, denim and flannel.

“I asked the replicators for combat gear and they gave me...this.” Mok gestured towards his outfit with a grin, “I kind of like it.”

“You look like a gorram cowboy.” Bolak laughed. He snatched up his Linnik Crystal from the counter and threw it to Mok. “Here put this in your handbag, we’ll need it to find the Fessarius.”

Mok caught the device and tucked it away.

“What you got in there anyway?” Bolak asked, noticing the bag was already carrying some bulk.

“Oh just a few items I spotted on the way here.” Mok shrugged, “Stuff that might come in handy.”

“You’re a thief now?” Bolak raised a red bushy eyebrow.

“A cowboy apparently.” Mok quipped.

“Why is he dressed like Billy the Kid?” McCree asked moments later as he entered through the starboard door.

“It’s combat gear.” Mok retorted throwing an old jar he had been looking at to McCree.

“Oooh snacks.” McCree exclaimed as he popped the lid…

“I wouldn't eat that..” Bolak started to warn the Ensign but too late he had already scooped a handful of out of date Ferengi peanut butter into his mouth.
“Ensign McCree you are turning green.” Laughed Mok, “Do you have any Orions in your family tree.”

“Chwee ni duh!” McCree managed just before projectile vomiting over the bar.

“Saved by the translators.” Mok said as he gave the human a good pat on the back.

The familiar feeling of the Endeavor dropping out of warp was followed almost immediately by the loud klaxon indicating red alert.

“Holy crap!” Mok exclaimed pointing to the vast Borg Cube that could been seen through the forward observation window.

“McCree do you have the phasers?” Bolak asked. McCree gave a nod still unable to speak and unhooked the weapons from his belt. Mok and Bolak took one each.

“And the shuttle?” Bolak pressed as the Endeavor suddenly shook from the impact of a Borg weapon.

“R.. runabout three.” McCree managed. “Here are the codes you need.” he handed Bolak a small data pad and continued to vomit.

“Good. You did good Ensign. Now pull yourself together and get down to engineering, they will need you!”


“You know how to fly one of these things?” Mok asked dubiously as he watched Bolak punch in the activation codes.

“I used to be first mate on the First Federation flagship. I think I can handle a Runabout.” Bolak replied.

A set of Bajoran prayer beads had been left hanging above the control panel by the shuttles previous occupant. Mok ran his finger along them watching them glisten as they caught the light of the display. He made to snatch them down and Bolak knocked his hands away.

“Leave them there.” Bolak said, “We may be glad of a few Bajoran blessings before we are done.”

“Do you er… need a cushion to sit on?” Mok asked as he watched to diminutive Linnik struggle to reach the controls.

“I’m fine thank you.” Bolak grimaced as the shuttle came to life and rose from the hangar bay deck. “Be a good fellow and patch in the resonance crystal to the ships scanners will you?”

Mok went to work as Bolak guided the Runabout through the hangar bay doors and out into the black. A beam of green light tore overhead and struck the Endeavor. Bolak moved as quick as he was able to take the shuttle out of harms way. The sudden upthrust caused the prayer beads to dislodge and Mok snatched them up wrapping them tight around his left hand.

“We need to get clear of the battle.” Bolak said as he rolled the shuttle and increased power to rear thrusters.

“Your crystal is showing the Linnik signal is coming from there.” Mok pointed to a blank area on the shuttles star chart, “But there is nothing there.”

“He must be cloaked.” Bolak mused. “That’s good.”

“Good how?” Mok asked, “How is him being invisible possibly good.”

“A cloak means no shields and no shield means we can beam aboard. All we need to do is get close enough.”

“And if the Fessarius is not there we transport ourselves into the cold black verse to die a horrible death in the vacuum.” Mok replied but Bolak only laughed.

“Oh he’s there Mr Mok. I would bet my life on it.”

“And mine apparently.” Mok observed.

As the titanic battle between the USS Endeavor and the Borg was left behind them, the pair were gifted a brief moment of peace. The Endeavor appeared doomed as the Cube loomed over it, slicing into its hull and no doubt beaming its drones aboard to steal away the already depleted crew. Bolak lit up another of his clove smokes, while Mok leafed through a dog eared copy of Gunfighters of the Outer Rim he had found beneath the seat.

It was the explosion that broke the moment. A gargantuan ball of energy swelling out from the heart of the Borg Cube bloomed into the void. In the rear display they watched as the Endeavor raised shield and tried to flee only to be caught on the vast crest of the explosion. The Runabout shook violently as the force of the blast caught it a glancing blow, but it was nothing Bolak could not handle.

“Now that was a sight.” breathed Mok just as a small alarm sounded from the Linnik resonance crystal.

“We are in range,” said Bolak as he too looked back in wonder at the scene of destruction. He still could not see the Endeavor. He shook his head returning his attention to the task at hand, “Ready transporters.”


Twin shafts of golden light appeared on the bridge of the Fessarius delivering both Mok and Bolak, phasers in hand. The room was empty. Bolak glanced up to see the main display screen shattered and the remains of a glass flaske lying on the deck in a pool of tranya.

“Such as waste.” Bolak shook his head.

“It looks like someone had a temper tantrum.” Mok observed tipping back his stetson as he viewed the scene.

“Sounds very much like my dear brother.” Bolak agreed.

It was then that they saw the box. A large black container in the open area before the captains seat. On top of the box was a cake complete with candles burning away merrily.

“What is that?” Mok asked as he walked over to take a look at the box. It shuddered slightly as if something was trapped within. “Says Happy Birthday Bolak on here. You didn't tell me it was your birthday.” Mok read out the icing letters.

“Didn't seem relevant given the circumstances.” Bolak replied as he peered warily at the box. It shuddered again.

The displays all around the bridge sprang to life revealing the smiling face of Bolaks twin brother. Both Mok and Bolak raised their phasers as the mysterious Balok spoke through the screens.

“Balok!” hissed the barkeep, “I knew it.”

“Happy birthday my dear brother. I baked you a cake like the ones the humans you so love make for each other. I hope you don't mind I couldn't fit all the candles on.”

“And here’s me empty handed.” Bolak replied.

“Well I always was the generous one.” Balok sneered. “Speaking of which I got you a gift. I hope you enjoy it.”

The screens went blank and the black box sprang open throwing the cake and candles to the deck. Mok sprang back and raised his phaser as from within the container a borg drone rose up and lashed out. It knocked Moks weapon from his hand and made a grab for the Bolian as the deranged Balok cackled over the comm system.

“A borg in a box!” he roared with laughter. “Took me ages to wrap it!”

Mok ducked just out of range as he reached into his bag and pulled out the first thing he could find which he plunged into the drones chest with a meaty thud. Bolak fired his phaser at the creature as it clambered out of the box, felling it momentarily, but on the second shot the Borg shields had adapted and it rose to its feet once more and returned fire. Mok reached in and pulled his weapon free; a screwdriver! The Borg lashed out and released a green energy beam that scored the deck and control panels missing the spry Mr Mok by a hairs breadth.

“Distract it!” Mok called out and Bolak began to run from cover to cover, firing on the drone. The drone returned fire dismissing the barber for now. Mok watched carefully waiting for his moment as the Linnik scored the drones shields with blast after blast. Then with a deep breath he sprang. He jumped onto the drones back and began to stab over and over again with the metal spike while ripping at the borgs implants with his free hand. It was a furious and bloody attack and Bolak could only look on in awe. The drone tied in vain to dislodge the feral Bolian but eventually its efforts slowed and after a few seconds more it stopped and fell to its knees, Still Mok continued to work on it until it dropped face down unmoving.

“Mr Mok.” Bolak called out, “Mr Mok!”

Mok looked up his eyes wide and his blue face spattered with blood and.. Other things. He had never looked more terrifying.

“Mr Mok? Did you just kill a Borg with a screwdriver?” Bolak held his phaser in limp disbelief.

“It.. it seemed the thing to do.” Mok panted as he got to his feet.

The view screen came to life once more to reveal Balok leering down at them. “You... just... won't.. die!” The crazed Linnik moaned.

His location had changed, it appeared familiar. Both Bolak and Mok gaped as they realised.

“He’s on board the Runabout.” Mok hissed.

“Well spotted.” Balok laughed, “Kind of you to bring a shuttle along, and a decent one at that.” he looked about him appreciatively. “She’s not the Fessarius but she’ll do.”

“But why?” Bolak asked, “Why leave the Fessarius? What are you up to Balok?”

“I left her because she is now yours dear brother.” came the reply.

“I don't understand.” said Bolak.

“No you ran away before reading fathers will, so you wouldn't would you.”

“That's because you tried to have me killed!” Bolak accused.

“And why do you think I did that?” Balok yelled slamming his fist on the shuttles console.

“I just put it down to you being a homicidal prick.” Bolak replied. “The ship was left to you there was no need..”

“No need? No need?” Balok raged, “The ship was left to me until our one hundred and eleventh birthday and then I was to pass it on to you my dear brother. Unless of course you were to suffered from a fatal accident or the like.”

Now it was Bolaks turn to get angry, “All this? All this death and destruction just so you get to keep this ship. I would have given you the damn thing! And now it comes to it you just hand it over rather than face me? You… you coward!”

“I may be a coward, but you dear brother are finally dead.” Balok held up a control pad then and hit a command that caused the Fessarius to tremble with a sudden build up of power. The deck shook and Bolak and Mok were thrown from their feet.


“Enjoy your ship brother. I sold the escape pods a while back.” and with that Balok terminated the link.

“Damn him!” Bolak cried out.

“What are we going to do?” Mok asked.

“We need to get to engineering now.” Bolak ran from the bridge not waiting to see if Mok followed.


Mok and Bolak looked on as the warp core continued to build up energy. The control circuits were beginning to fuse and the ship was threatening to shake itself apart. For now the containment shields were holding but they had seconds before the build up would overpower the ships failsafes and then…

“How do we stop it?” Mok called out over the clamor of the machinery.

Bolak shook his head as studied the scene, he knew this ship and there had to be a way. He saw it then the warp vents a set of manual controls used to release pressure build up within the core. If he could just release that control, but it was as good as suicide. He told Mok as much as he continued to search for another way. Mok glared at the ventilation controls as he fingered the Bajoran prayer beads he still clutched around his wrist.

“Stay here.” Bolak ordered. Perhaps the Fessarius still had escape pods active, his brother could have lied?

It was the sharp click of the glass doors leading into the warp chamber that caused him to turn. Mok was inside. A look of determination etched on his face. Bolak ran over and tried the door but Mok had locked it from the inside.

“Are you out of your Bolain mind? No normal person can tolerate the radiation that's in there!” Bolak called out.

“But, as you are so fond of observing, Mr Bolak, I'm not normal.” Mok smiled sadly as he opened the hatch to the inner chamber. “You can keep the hat it was a little too tight for my liking.” Bolak half turned to see the Stetson sitting on the ground near his feet. He shook his head and returned to the glass door.

“Mok! Get out of there! Mok!” Bolak tried to force the door.

“No!” Mok called back shaking his head, “You'll flood the whole compartment!”

“You’ll die!” Bolak struck the door with impotent force. His friend was right.

“Mr Bolak! I am already dead.” and with that Mok staggered over to the venting system and began to force down the levers that would avert the overload. Bolak saw that his friends sacrifice had not gone to waste as he moved quickly to work on a nearby computer panel to cancel the cascade sequence and establish his command of the vessels systems. To his surprise the Fesarius recognised his old codes and did indeed seem to be under his control. The work seemed to take forever but at last the ship was calm and the engines powered down. Bolak turned and ran towards the venting chamber.

“Mok!” he slammed his fists against the door. Mok was slumped against the glass his breathing laboured and his blue skin pale and scorched. He looked up towards Bolak with half open eyes.

“Ship ...out of danger?” he gasped.

“Yes.” Bolak replied fighting back the tears. “Yes you crazy bastard it’s safe.”

Mok tried to smile, his breathing laboured now as he half whispered "Could… could not let him beat us… If you can't run, you walk, and if you can't walk, you crawl, and if you can't do that…”

“ find someone to carry you." Bolak finished the sentence that his friend could not. He watched as the Bolian breathed his last and released a ragged sob as the lifeless body fell to the side unmoving.


Bolak sat in the captains chair wearing Moks stetson. The Fessarius thrummed beneath him with its own distinct cadence so different from the Endeavor. Several repair drones hovered around the deck making good on the recent action and the main view screen was in operation once more.

“Computer lock onto the Endeavors location and take us to her at impulse speed.”


Inertial dampeners kicked in as the Fessarius moved out and Bolak sat back to enjoy the view. The ship was his! After all these years. He ran his hand lovingly over the arm of the chair and snatched up a glass of Tranya. This was a Linnik ship, there was always Tranya!

“And we’re back!” he smiled raising a glass to the view screen where the Endeavor was coming into view. “Computer open a channel to the Endeavor.”

The screen came to life showing a war torn scene on the bridge of the Endeavor. The acting captain sat in her seat staring up at him in confusion.

“Mr Bolak?” she asked.

Bolak tipped his hat and replied, “This is Captain Bolak of the FFS Fessarius. How may we assist?”

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