OOC - USS Endeavor (NCC-9819) The Story So Far...

OFF: The USS Endeavour, one of Starfleet's Newest Galaxy Class Starships has just finished its space trials and has been out in space for three weeks. The crew are getting used to each other, and have joined the new task force that has been built since the Battle of Wolf 359. We were ordered to investigate a strange signal emanating from an unexplored nebula on the Romulan neutral zone and jumped at the chance for a real mission.

The Endeavor was immediately beset by a series of disasters fuelled by the distribution of special brownies to the crew during a training drill. Things went from bad to worse as the holographic training drill was interrupted by an actual Romulan attack!

While all of this is happening Chief Medical Officer Zazi Sh'viakrik is investigating the strange disappearance of crew members and the appearance of strange doppelganger impostors amongst the crew, while Avakhon and Vaanaras began a whirlwind romance that would define their time amongst us on the Endeavor.

Then it happened! The Endeavor and its crew were seemingly thrown into an alternate dimension where out beloved characters were now living the life of 19th Century denizens of a dark and Dickensian London. Different members of the crew found themselves on the opposite sides of a life and death struggle to learn the secrets of the Ghost Ship Endeavor and the mysterious Nebula stone.

These adventures culminated in a race to Stone Henge and a fantastic journey back to the Trek universe where it was soon revealed that Balok, brother of our own barkeep Bolak was responsible for the whole affair. Using an Aenar telepathic device he has been overwhelming the crew members one by one and spiriting them away to stasis pods on board the Fessarius.

In our most recent adventure Bolak made his way aboard the Fessarius while acting Captain Zazi bravely fought off the Borg Cube brought down upon them by the evil Linnik. At great cost Bolak overcame his brothers evil plan only to have his twin escape in an Endeavor Runabout.

So we enter the last week now with Zazi at the helm of the Endeavor and Bolak aboard the Fessarius. The crew are held in stasis still while Vaana leads the pursuit of Balok to bring him back and force him to free the others, amongst them her true love and father of her unborn babe...


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