The Warping Dead... Part 1


ON: Bolak looked up as the comm came to life. He knocked back the dregs of his Tranya and answered.

"Bolak she's awake!" McCree yelled excitedly. "Once we got her out of range of the device she just woke up."

"That is brilliant." Bolak replied, "how is she?"

"A little more Borg than we are used to." McCree admitted, "but we'll fix her up in no time."

"And the others?" Bolak asked.

"Captain says to send them over asap." McCree replied.

"We er have a complication there." Bolak glanced at the view screen to the Aenar lab where the fish priests appeared to be engaged in some sort of naked dance around Avakhons pod.

"Our guests are demanding to come along for the ride." He explained, "and three more shuttles turned up in the night."

There was a moment of silence as McCree conversed with his Captain. "She says to send them all over." McCree said at last.

"So be it." Bolak sighed. "Computer prepare to transport all stasis pods to the Endeavor along with our Antedian visitors."


The Antedians were in full flow. Disrobed and hands raised they danced back and forth waving their prayer beads and swatting their chests with studded leather straps.

"All hail Lord Avakhon,
All praise the Khinsharri,
King of Kings,
Lord of Lords,
From the Nebula..."

The song began to get louder with their chanting. As they chanted there was movement in his chamber. Avakhon's eyes opened and a slight red glow began to appear.

"BLORT be PRAISED! HE AWAKENS from his slumber! We must prepare for his

With this an acolyte produces a small emerald colored stone, miniature of the one that he saw in London on the Endeavor before it took him from her. The stone around his own neck begins to glow a bright green then blue. He can feel the energy coursing through his body. Slowly it vibrates and begins to re-animate his body. He can feel it coursing through him like lightning. Every jolt his body reacts and twitches. Another few minutes and he will be restored to his former self. They continue to chant, but now it is at a Hypersonic level that the translator can't identify or keep up with.

The time has come. HE is ready to fully awaken and return to his existence. Seeing that he is in a stasis pod, he wills the controls to initiate a revival sequence. An alarm sounds in shrill tones, denoting that the occupant is about to emerge. The Priests stand ready to help him once he is out of the pod. Slowly the hiss of gas is given to announce the opening of the pod door.

His eyes now fully aglow fiery red and burning with anger. He steps out and looks around him. He recognizes them as Priests.

"ALL HAIL AVAKHON KHINSHARRI! KING OF THE NEBULA AND THIS WORLD!" comes the chant. Three times they speak this. He looks upon them and his eyes begin to soften.

"QITUMBE! What would you have your loyal servants to do? Are you able to speak? WE live to serve YOU, Master Khinsharri. . . . "

"I AM K H I N S H A R R I . . . . " and he is now recovered from his ordeal. Looking at his own necklace, it is beginning to subside with it's oscillations.

"Qitumbe. Is there anything you need and we will secure it for you."

"What I have NEED of you are unable to supply. I have a lot of things to attend to now. WHERE am I exactly?"

"Qitumbe, you are aboard an ancient ship. The Fessarius. From the OLD ones, from the beginning. The FIRST FEDERATION."

"YES BALOK! WHERE IS HE? HE is the reason I am here and not with those I have been assigned to in this reality. I must find her and see to it she is safe. Where is Vaanaras?"

"We know of none by that name Qitumbe. We came as soon as the Nebula summoned us here. IS she an apostle of yours or someone else? And this Balok? IS he a DEMON of some kind as we know not of him either." they look at each other in confusion as they are not aware of anyone else that he should be with.

"Where is the Endeavour?" he asks.

"Do you mean the OTHER ship Qitumbe? They are nearby. They are being assisted by this one in repairs due to some very unfortunate experiences with the Borg.

"BORG? Seriously? I am gone for a short time and they run into the BORG of all things? DID NO one bother to contact my ships and allow them to assist the Endeavour? I left explicit instructions to remain nearby in case it was needed."

"Yes Qitumbe, you did. BUT you also made it VERY clear NOT to interfere in their affairs lest we suffer your rage."

"I recall my words, Grethin. But did you not consider the BORG threat to be of importance to their survival?" he asks the High Priest.

"YOU were among them Qitumbe? What more protection did they need?" he replies.

"I was among those FROZEN here and unable to stop it, as had I not been HERE then perhaps the Borg would have reconsidered their attack. They deem the Khinsharri as something to aspire to. BUT were were dead so they couldn't accept that. Also why they can't assimilate us. Nanoprobes don't last long in our systems."

"Precisely Qitumbe. YOU have defeated them before, we saw no reason to deny you that victory again, to YOUR Glory and honor. Praise be to the Khinsharri."

"Nevermind that Grethin, I am here now and they are still not Borg Drones. I suppose that's a blessing anyways, Praise Durgath for small favors."

"ALL PRAISE THE GOD of the Khinsharri! DURGATH! DURGATH ! DURGATH!" the rest begin slowly chanting the Klingon God's name over and over.

Seeing the rest of the missing crewmates still in pods, he looks over their status. Stable for the most part. Two are not as hoped for. The XO and the CSO's statistics are fluctuating and he decides to have them transported over to the Endeavour immediately.

"Computer, is Bolak available?" he asks.


Waving to his followers to cease their chanting, they see him and relent. "Bolak, good barman, could you come to this room and assist me with the return of some things that belong to the Endeavour."

A moment passed before Bolak replied, “Avakhon so good to have you back in the land of the living. No need to come down I was just about to transport you and your… followers over to the Endeavor. If you could encourage them to put their clothes back on before transport I am sure that would be appreciated. Standby.”

Seconds later the silver haze of the transporter beams on the Fessarius delivered Avakhon and his sleeping crew mates to the Endeavor. As they dispapered the Antendians activated their own personal transportation devices and disappeared in a conflagration of purple light.

“Achoo!” of the fish priests sneezed before disappearing from view.

“Bless you.” another chimed before he too was transported out to the Endeavor.


Eight of Eleven stood upright in stasis, covered from head to toe in heavy exo-plating. She had translucent ashen skin and a bald head with protective plating around her cortical array. Her ocular implant had been reinstalled so that and one organic eye stared out of the chamber unconsciously.

The stasis chamber opened and Eight stepped out, surveying sickbay through the green tint of her implant. She was behind a force-field and her connection to the collective was being inhibited by a strong dampening field.

"Where are we?" Eight asked, scanning Zazi. The red light of her ocular implant darted across the andorian's face through the field.

Zazi frowned, holding a PADD under her arm as she shifted her weight onto her other leg. "USS Endeavor. Um. Back. I guess. Here." ...smooth.

"Input failure," Eight of Eleven insisted.

Zazi groaned, running a hand through her hair sharply. "What do mean 'failure'? Eight, you..." Wait. Wait. Stasis. Things that relied on technology didn't fair very well while in stasis, did they?

...this did not bode well for the rest of them.

"You will return this drone to the Collective," Eight said to Zazi.

Zazi shook her head with a sigh. At least they had the forcefield to keep Eight in place. "No goings, sorry." She tapped her comm with a sigh. "I have them, Bolak, but Eight's...well, not all back yet. I'm pretty sure there's a back up but I could be wrong...anyway, I'll let you know what happens with the others soon."

“Noted Captain. How is the Klingon settling in? He woke just before the transport surrounded by his fishy followers. Thought it best to send them all over together.”

“Good, as far as I can tell. Had to shepherd them in off to the side, the...fishy folks wanted to prepare a pyre and I cannot explain how much I do not want that happening in the cargo bay.” Zazi tutted, rolling her eyes. “But he’s fine, said my name and his name and I don’t see a loss of memory…unlike Eight.”

“Glad to hear it.” Bolak replied, “He had that glowy red eye thing going on before I sent him over. Never a good sign. Usually means he's missed breakfast.”

She sighed, looking back at Eight. "...don't worry, we'll...figure this whole thing out soon. Just. Sleep or go into sleep mode?"

"You will return me to the collective. Resistance is futile." she replied.

"...I figured you'd say that."

With a sigh, Zazi left Eight to the scrutiny of what little medical team she had left. She'd be safer behind the field than traipsing around the ship with memory loss at this point, anyway. She headed to the cargo bay, a horrible place to put the pods but really the only place they had.

The crew in the cargo bay seemed to be a little too easy going, none of them quite acting with the concern she thought it was warranted. With a sharp command the others scattered around to check the pods, or check on the ship itself.

One of the Ensigns made a startled noise as she walked through the spaces between the pods. She looked over with a frown as another Ensign leaned over the pod to stare him. "Lesley? You alright?"

"Yeah, Kye, just cut my hand is all," he muttered, instinctively putting the side of his hand into his mouth. Zazi winced, shaking her head in disgust. Why were most people's first instinct to put their injured limb in their mouths!? She made a note to check in on him after making sure all the life signs were good.

After her round, she tapped her comm. "Bolak, everything looks good, is there-"

Someone hacked a cough in the background, and while she wanted to check in, right now they had more to deal with than someone's cold. "-anything else you have over there? If not we should-"

A scream, and a ripping noise, and Zazi whipped around with wide eyes.

The Ensign from before had leaned over the pod, and when 'Kye' had pointed her arm out, he had dug into her bicep with his teeth, spraying blood around and tackling her to the ground without a second thought.

“Captain is everything ok? I thought I heard a scream?” Bolak asked over the comm.

"What in the wo-don't!" She yelled at a Lieutenant who raised a phaser. He missed, of course, there were too many obstacles in the way and it hit one of the pods, forcing it open. 'Lesley' cracked his neck with how fast he looked up, and everyone scattered with a scream as he crawled over a crate to tackle the one that shot him.

“Captain do you read me? What is going on?” Bolak called out again.

"I don't know, I think they've gone insane!" she hissed, her eyes stuck on Kye who was on the ground, gasping in pain. In a blink she was dragging herself up, head flopping uselessly, before she raced after Zazi who gave a shriek and darted away, the comm falling to the ground behind them.

“Captain? Zazi! What the hell is going on…” Bolaks voice was cut short as a heavy boot slammed down atop the communicator.


Lights flashing all around them as klaxons begin to sound. The new Captain must have sounded an alarm. The Cargo bay doors were closed quickly and restraining force fields were erected on anything that wasn’t behind the cargo bay doors. This included Avakhon and the Antedian’s as they had just been transported over from the Fessarious.

“DAMMIT! NOW what? Can’t I just get back to a simple life as the ship’s COO and let everything else go past me?” Avakhon said as he looked for a control panel to focus his energy upon to release himself.

“You’d think after as many centuries as I have lived I would be used to this sort of thing, but it’s never a reality. I finally find someone who I can spend a life with and they get taken from me.”

The High Priest looks to him and speaks,” Qitumbe, what is this madness? WE have done nothing wrong? WHY are we being detained from serving you?”

“I don’t know Grethin, but I am about to find out. Computer silence that alarm and get me a channel to the bridge.”


Zazi had made it to the comm over the ship, slamming a hand over it to make an announcement before the sharp whistle came over. She growled, flicking it to answer. “What?!” she snarled.

“Commander Khinsharri here Ma’am. We seem to have some sort of emergency here in the cargo bay and I am uncertain as of yet what to make of it. Seems security has ME and some guests of mine locked in force fields, for reasons unknown. Anything you can tell me about this or reasons behind it all?”

“Oh absolutely, I’ve got Ensigns eating each other down there!” She huffed, tapping out a message for the AI to read out. “Also your guests are...well. I’d rather you all not go wandering right now. I don’t know where they went.”

“ I understand Ma’am. Re-animation from a prolonged stasis encounter without proper procedures being followed to the tee, especially with alien technology can lead to a form of madness and rapid degeneration of the body. I believe there’s an ancient Terran term for it. ZOMBIES! TELL ME that your Engineers have the technology to revive everyone properly?”

Zazi paused, her fingers flexing. “A what? I don’t know what that is. I mean, maybe Eight knows but-”

“ YOU WHAT? NO NOOOO NOOOOOOOO! TELL ME you didn’t try to transport her while the Antedians were in the middle of animating ME! The energy that’s emitted from MY stone along with the one they brought can alter their DNA if they weren’t properly shielded. WHO was the genius who authorized that?”

“Your little….” she struggled for the words. “Whatever they are, demanded to come along with the pods containing our crew. How was I to know any of this...zombie...thing, stuff, would happen! Look, if the shields go down, or Security opens them, try and get everyone awake if you can. We need to evacuate. Now.”

“MY acolytes are not an issue. They serve my needs and have done so for centuries. I would have figured that CEO Aji was more than able to handle it from there. I know Romulan equipment better than most, but she’s one of the best we’ve got. By the way, WHERE is she now? I will begin the proper initialization of the cryogenics tubes to allow as many as possible to be revived, but these . . . . “ he is cut off by the sound of phaser fire behind him.” WHO the hell is shooting in HERE and why aren’t we seeing any responses from the pods? Grethin, give me more power to these pods. I can’t have them go offline before they are awakened, it will doom them for sure to become zombies.”

“One pod was opened, I don’t know who it was-” a sharp noise came from her left, a set of fingers squeezing between the broken door as it pulled.

“Bye.” She slapped the screen and rushed off, squeezing herself into a Jefferies tube as the loud message blared over the intercoms, informing everyone to evacuate to the emergency shuttles as quickly as possible.

JP Involving all crew. Contributions to part one from :

Avakhon as Avakhon
Corliss as Zazi
Tabith as Eight
Largehobbit as Bolak

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