Late to the game


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Zanessa sat in Mess Hall in front of a chessboard, checking her watch. Doctor Alistar was supposed to meet her for a game an hour ago.

Since coming to the Endeavor, Zanessa had only managed to make a small set of friends. The captain had called all the senior officers for a meeting so, she was left to pass the time alone.
Alistar checked his clock as soon as his last session for the day ended.

It read 2:50 P.M. He was supposed to meet Miss Zanessa in the Mess Hall for a chess game at 3 P.M. "Great, I can still be a little early", he thought. "Thank you, I hope I was of assistance to you today, and I will schedule you in for the same time next week".

He gave the young recruit a smile. "Now, I have to be in the mess hall by 3:00, but I plan to be early. You know that Miss Zanessa can get...out of sorts when people are not punctual", he said. “Yes, of course, sir, tell her I said hello."

He started down to the mess hall where Zanessa was waiting for him.

"Well, Zanessa, I am here for our chess game. So, maybe, we can start early?", he asked. Zanessa looked at him fuming. "Start early you say? Perhaps... If you had been here an HOUR ago like we agreed, but once again you are late!" Alistar has a habit of always being late to their games.

"What do you mean late? I thought we agreed at three o'clock", he said. He was very confused. " I swear that was the agreed upon time, Miss Zanessa."

She laughed. "We agreed on two o'clock, not three. You were meant to be here an hour ago but you are late to the game yet again."

"I thought we were meant to play at three. Perhaps, it is time I get a schedule book or something of that sort", he said, sitting down on the other side of the board.

"Anyway, we still have time to play the game before the others are done with their meeting, so should we begin?" He looked at Zanessa, indicating that it is her turn to go first if she wanted to.

"You think? You should've gotten one of those a long time ago, and sure", she said, making her first move.

Alistar smiled at her. "Well, to be fair I was busy with a patient. You know the well being of the crew is my top priority, don't you?" he said.

She laughed, shaking her head. "Was it, when you "accidentally" mixed up toxic slime with the former commanders punch at the last starship party?"

"Hey! The containers looked similar. Though, to be honest, now that I think about it, why was I carrying toxic slime in the first place?" He grinned, then took his turn.

"Did it have something to do with him insulting you the day before?", she said with a small smirk while scanning the moves he had made.

"Hmmm... I seem to not understand what you are talking about" he said jokingly. He looked at the board. "I assure you it was completely by mistake though. Anyway, it is your move", he said.

"I'm sure it was, thankfully he noticed before he drank it, or you would've been in big trouble." She replied while making her move.

"I am glad for that as well. I honestly love this crew. They have become like family to me, including the Commander, even if he does get on my nerves sometimes." He muttered the last part. He moved his knight to a space right next to her bishop.

"Same, especially you, even if you are a babbling fool sometimes'', she said with a giggle.

"Hey, it is hard to quit talking, especially if your job is literally listening to other crewmate's issues and voicing your thoughts about them", he chuckled.

"But I am glad that I am appreciated, especially by the one who I consider one of my closest friends." He moved his piece. "Checkmate," he said.

“Wait, how did you...this is impossible, you weren’t anywhere near winning when I last looked!”, she said, looking at the board. She was stunned that Alistar had won while she was listening to him talk.

She silently cursed herself, seeing no way out of the check. “You won, I guess”, she said, smiling at him.

“This was a pretty good game, Miss Zanessa. I do hope we can do this again sometime. Perhaps next week at three to make sure that I am not late again. I scheduled one of my patients for the same time, and he always finishes before three, so…”, he explained.
Zanessa chuckled at him. “I would love to play another game as long as you are actually on time for once", she grinned at him.

“Great, I will see you then. Now, I am going to go back to my office to wait to see if anyone needs any mental help”, Alistar said and began walking in the direction of his office.

Zanessa smiled at his back, then she began to walk to her office as well. ‘He beat me...oh well. I will just have to beat him next time", she thought as she opened the door to her office with a grin on her face.

Ensign Zanessa Ogden
Astrometrics Officer
USS Endeavor NCC-9819

Lt. Alistar Bolvari
Ship's Counselor
USS Endeavor NCC-9819

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