The Warping Dead Part 3


Avakhon spoke to his disciples.

“MY work here is not complete. I do not know what is happening on this ship, but it appears to be some form of madness that we could be in danger of becoming a part of. I will dismiss you all to return to your ships and await my orders further. Return to your ships and I will contact you within 24 hours with an update.” with this they look to him and in unison declare,

“Thy will be done QITUMBE!!” the High Priests activates a call button on his sleeve, a flash of purple light and they are gone.

“NOW that that’s done with, I have to find out what’s going on on this ship and WHERE Vaanaras got to. Zazi wasn’t much help. I suppose I shall have to resort to alternate means to find her.” he lifts the stone around his neck, closes his eyes and concentrates.

[Vaana. . . . Can you hear me?] he reaches out further with his mind. [VAANA CAN YOU HEAR ME?] and he begins to meditate harder. After a few minutes the stone around his neck begins to glow green once more.


A fine fan shaped ear twitched, then its twin, and the only indication that either moved came by way of the softest ruffle of raven curls being pushed by those movements. Tucked away in her seat, sulking as she was, Vaanaras began to come alive by senses alone. It was an impossibility, but she swore she could hear Avakhon calling for her, begging for her to answer him from somewhere across the stars.


That was the best way to describe it, but she couldn’t help but lift her head and peer through the veil of her lashes, almost expecting to see him standing there before her. “I can hear you,” She whispered.

Tulde’s head snapped around from where he sat at the shuttle’s helm, “I didn’t say a damn thing.” He grunted, eyeing her sidelong. Those four words had been the first she’d uttered since she’d slain the Linnik.

“Not you,” she groaned, bringing her eyes to the Tellarite’s, “Avakhon… I can hear him.”

“You… Can hear… Him…” Perplexed, the porcine creature rose and wiggled from his tight fitting seat, “Did you hit your head?” He asked, pausing only to brush away the dusty, tangled locks of hair away from her face.

She pulled herself away from his touch, slapping his hands away, “I didn’t hit my damned head, Tulde. Stop. He’s alive...:”

“So now he’s telepathic? Of course he is. I mean, why not?” The Tellarite grouched and grumbled, throwing his hands up in exasperation, “What the hell does he want now?”

“I… Me… He wants me to go home.”

“Of course he does,” Tulde harrumphed and shook his head. “We’re going as fast as we couldm” He continued to gripe as he struggled to get back into his seat into with minor aggravation at being taken away from his mission for something he found to be so damn trivial, ” I suppose I should be thankful he doesn’t like Tellarites as much or else he’d be bothering me with all this me-- THEY’RE FOUND, VAANARAS!” He squealed as the dawning realization of it all finally smacked him broadside the head.

Through narrowed eyes, the Vorta simply stared at him, “You only just realized that? Don’t answer me… Just fly.”

[I’m coming, Avakhon… I’m coming.]


Making his way from the cargo bay to a corridor, Avakhon sees alarms have been set up and sections are sealed off on assorted decks. HE hears screaming coming from the hallway adjacent to him, rushing towards it he sees a crewmen lying on the floor, being devoured by three more who are ravenously munching on body parts as they tear into him like a birthday cake. Avakhon is reviled, but knows this is a part of the ZOMBIE plague he has heard of old and seen on several planets before. He wonders how this will affect the whole ship if it’s not contained. Seeing him they begin to turn from their feast and set their eyes on him.

“I will not see this madness fall upon this crew. Balok I swear this will be dealt with, YOU will PAY for these atrocities!” with that he draws energy from the nearest Comm panel, charges himself up as they start to advance towards him. As they are within a few feet of him he discharges the full load he has built up. All three fall to the ground, not moving, but still gurgling and trying to recover. He moves to each one individually, takes their weapons from them, as they haven’t realized they carried phasers,he shoots himself once more and lays his hands upon one of them. He releases the energy into the first one, and they start to turn back to their normal flesh coloring. Still unconscious, he does the same with the other two. To preserve them he places them into a transporter loop and they disappear.. Looking at the remains of the dead crewman, he takes the phaser and sets it to vaporize the remains.

“Sorry that had to happen, but it’s the best I can do for now to keep things as clean as possible to keep from reinfecting anyone.” he realizes he isn’t talking to anyone as he is now alone, and he begins to scan the area for more Zombies ahead of him, thankfully the force fields are keeping them confined to contained areas for now at least. He scans the deck listing for the remaining pods.

Reaching the cargo bays on deck 3, he looked over the pods for any signs of premature evacuations. They seemed sealed well enough. Only thing he couldn’t see was a couple of the occupant’s faces. They seemed to be permanently frozen in place, The XO and the CSO. He’d seen this before. Miniscule leaks in the filtration systems had frozen them to a place of unrecoverable status. They were frozen as if they had been ejected into space from an airlock. The freezing process had expanded their brains to an implosion inside of their heads. Beyond reviving, they were dead.

“We never got to know you sirs, but you were served a dishonorable death nonetheless. WE will see your deaths avenged, this I swear. Balok, YOU shall pay for this, and I shall see it by my own hand! Transporting me to Old Earth wasn’t bad enough, but you had to take people who had done nothing to you and murder them. I will know the reason for this!”

Once he arrived at the cargo bay, Avakhon looked at the device and deciphered the Romulan signals enough to begin the revival process for the rest. The Dr.’s pod wasn’t looking very good. His pod door appeared to have been damaged by the shot from the phaser, it was slightly ajar and he was beginning to come around.Scanning the pod, he sees some unusual items being formed in it that concern him. Microfractures begin forming on the pod’s glass shield. It approaches warmth and shatters before his eyes. The Dr. is awake, but his eyes are bright blue. Not their normal color, and they are like they are frozen in place. Not looking one way or the other. A blank stare looking straight ahead.

“DAMMIT, I hope he’s not brain dead too! He’s got that frozen brain look in his eyes.

“A V A K H O N . . . . . . Is that you?” comes the hoarse voice from inside the pod.

“Dr. Bolistar, are you OK?” he asks, hoping that maybe this one will survive it all intact.

The Dr. Begins to move, slowly at first, then a bit more with the easing of his frozen state. There is banging on the doors of the cargo bay and loud noises coming from the other side. Screams are heard from behind it and then the door slides open, a small figure dashes into the room and it closes again. Within a second, the diminutive form of Bolak, the Linnick, is standing there in front of him and the Dr.

“Dr Bolister!” glad to see you up and about Bolak said with a short bow, “Under normal circumstances I would offer you a drink but…” he shrugged and gestured towards the mass of dead bodies and gore.

Alistar looked at Bolak and smiled. “I assure you that it is okay. To be honest, I did not come here to talk. I actually came here to find out what was going on. Do you know where the others are?” he asked.

“Some still stasis, some awake and running for their lives.” Bolak replied. “We seem to be under attack from some sort of undead anomaly.” his words drifted away as his eyes fell upon Avakhon.

Bolak toyed with the crystal in his pocket as he looked up at the towering Khinsharri. For the briefest of seconds Avakhon looked down and his eyes widened as the Linnik drew the crystal out and held it towards the officer palm flat. It immediately began to glow and drew itself up into the air between the barman and Avakhon.

“I had a visit from Q back in the Fessarius,” Bolak explained, “He asked me to deliver this message.”

As he spoke the crystal rose further into the air and began to emanate a pure white light and a high pitched squeal like that of a mike being tuned. There was a heavy boom and a static sound followed by mumbling.

Aji slid back closer to the Cargo Bay wall and watched as the supernatural began to manifest itself. “Not sure they taught us any of this at the Academy.”

“Is this thing on?” boomed the voice of Q, “Yes I am pressing the red button, but I am only getting audio… what do you mean it’s recording? Of all the infernal…” more squealing and tapping. “Ok I think I have it, we can edit the first part later. We can’t? Oh well this is just too much..ok ok fine!”

Everyone stepped back as an enormous hologram of Qs head appeared in the air before Avakhon,

“Ooh a giant head! Shouldn't there be flaming sconces in the background? I think the little man with the voice should be around a curtain in the back. Anyone got Popcorn?” the little Tamian interjected.

“Avakhon Khinsharri you are hereby invited to leave this plane of existence forthwith and to join the Q continuum where you will be guided into the next stage of your immortal existence. Your continued presence within the mortal realm has become untenable and should you choose to refuse this magnanimous offer made to only the most select few your powers and abilities beyond those of a mortal Klingon male will be stripped immediately, entirely and irrecoverably by the continuum. The choice is yours!”

There was a bright flash and a parchment and golden quill appeared floating in the air before Avakhon detailing the particulars of the bargain.

“Sign on the dotted line and come to play with the grown ups.” Q urged, “Or become like one of them and remain a child…” he rolled his massive eyes towards the watching crew members, “Either way your reality bending days are over.”

Aji looked up at the floating scroll and quill. “Is it just me, or didn’t something like this happen in an old earth recording… Is this gonna cost him his voice?”

“I think we should get out of here.” hissed to Aji and Bovari. He had seen the look in the Klingons eyes and had no desire to witness what was to come next. Nodding in agreement the Tamian joined him in a quiet exit from the room. The Doctor however stayed behind reluctant to miss the display.

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