Gore and Gravity

As the cargo bay doors closed behind them the lights went out. The Endeavor shook violently and showers of sparks exploded from the panels set along the corridor. Bolak was thrown from his feet and landed roughly against the far wall hitting his head. The red alert klaxon still roaring in his ears he struggled to see in the near pitch black.

He heard running footsteps and screaming interspersed with the feral snarls of the undead. Blinking away the double vision he tried to scramble to his feet but was knocked down once more as several figures ran past him in the dark. He lay there for a time winded and groggy, trying desperately to claw back his senses.

"Aji?" he croaked, "Aji are you there?" there came no answer.

Slowly now he got to his feet, his eyes adjusting to the dim red glow of the emergency lighting. Leaning against the bulk head he looked around. He was on his own. In the distance he could still hear the screams and groans of the dead and dying.

"Computer?" he tried but there was no answer. He needed to find a working console. Before moving on he located the large wrench he had been holding and heaved it up to carry once more in both hands. He did not have to wait long before it was needed.

Rounding the corner towards the nearby turbo-lift he almost tripped over a body lying on the ground. He skipped back to avoid stepping in the puddle of gore that was seeping from the dead vulcans side. Soft pink coils of intestines we snaking out from the horrific wound and filling the corridor with the stench of their juiced. Bolak fought the urge to vomit as he turned away.

The Vulcan twitched and then like a coiled spring a bloody hand reached out and grasped Bolaks ankle. He screamed as he tried to twist free of the iron hard grasp of the creature. It was glaring up at him with milky white eyes now, its mouth leering open as it dragged itself along the floor towards him.

Bolak raised the wrench and brought it hard down onto the zombie arm. There was a sickening crunch but still it held on tight. Again and again Bolak repeated the attack until splinters of flesh and bone protruded from the things uniform in a gory mess. With a final cry of desperation Bolak stepped forward and struck the head with a crushing blow that drove the zombies low jaw up into its shattered skull. The weapon made a slick sucking motion as he pulled it away and with a terrified yell Bolak sprang forward and jumped over the corpse.

He ran then for the turbo lift and to his relief it opened as he approached. Diving inside he was panting as the door closed behind him. Where had Aji gone? Either the bridge or engineering he decided. He tried the voice controls in the lift but still nothing. Could it be that Q was still holding the Endeavor to ransom, he had delivered the damned message. He called out for Q, but no response there either.

"You owe me damn you." he growled as he manually punched in the controls to send the lift to engineering. There was a rush of movement and then the doors opened.

To his shock, as the lift doors opened Bolaks feet left the ground. There was no gravity. He stared into the dim chamber of main engineering. Between himself and the golden glow of the warp core he could see object floating in the air. Some large, some small and many of them moving. One of the smaller object floated towards him illuminated by the light of the turb lift. A severed hand opening and closing as it released marvels of blood behind it. Bolak swated it away in disgust and peered once more into the dark.

"Is anyone alive in there?" he called out and was immediately greeted with the groans and snarls of the undead as they writhed around in zero gravity trying to locate him.

"Bolak is that you?" came a voice from the shadows.

"McCree?" Bolak called, "McCree is that you?"

"Oh god Bolak get me out of here!" McCree called back. "My leg is stuck!"

"Where are you?" Bolak asked.

"Under the core command panel." came the response.

Bolak strained to see in the dim light but thought he could just about make out the gold of McCrees engineering jacket. Cursing under his breath he grasped the lift door and tucked up his knees ready to push off through the zero-g.

"Ok I am coming." he cried out and with that he launched himself across the room. Half way across a hand darted out of the darkness to grab him but narrowly missed. He kicked out to send his assailant floating towards the ceiling as it snarled and clawed in his direction.

He turned barley in time to catch himself on the command console and squealed as something gripped his leg. Fighting frantically to get free it took him a moment to realise that McCree was calling up to him.

"It's me Bolak, it's just me!" McCree called up. Bolak forced himself to relax as he lowered himself to the ground where the engineer lay on his side his right left trapped beneath a bent table support.

"When I turned off the gravity one of them crashed into the console and pinned me. Had to fight him off, but now I am stuck." McCree explained.

"You seem to have a thing for turning of the gravity in this ship." Bolak observed.

"Seemed like the best course of action. The room was full of them." McCree shrugged.

"Still is." Bolak looked up into the darkness.

"What are they?" McCree asked.

"Q told me they were zombies." Bolak replied.

"Q? what do you mean Q told you?" McCree was wide eyed with confusion.

"It's a long story." Bolak said wearily, "I'll tell you once we are safely out of here."

"Need some kind of lever." McCree grimaced as he tried and failed to pull free.

"Stop that you'll hurt yourself." Bolak snapped, "Beside I came prepared."

And with that Bolak shoved the wrench into the gap beneath the collapsed console and began to push. It was well and truly wedged and sweat began to form on his brow as he exerted himself. There came a dull thud as something hit the ground nearby and McCree gasped as one of the zombies appeared glaring down at them from atop the console. It began clawing its way along towards them, its right eye and nose missing and its tongue lolling from a deep hole bitten into its right cheek.

"Hurry up Bolak!" McCree whimpered as he inched closer making a choking, barking sound as it moved.

"I.. am.. trying." Bolak strained as the zombie reached down and grasped for him. McCree managed to knock the hand aside just a Bolak gave one last heave and the engineer scrambled free.

Bolak looked up then to find himself face to face with the horrific face of the creature. he was so close he could smell the death on his fetid breath. Not waiting to see what McCree would do he kicked off into the darkness leaving the creature snarling and grasping behind him. The ensign followed.

It seemed to take forever for the two of them to half crawl half float their way through the undead debris, but eventually they both made it to the turbo lift in one piece. Bolak helped McCree inside and the door closed behind them.

"Well that was fun." Bolak gasped.

"Fun?" McCree almost wept. Bolak shrugged.

"We need to find a working comm panel." the Linnik mused as he studied the lift controls.

"They are down across the ship." McCree explained, "the only chance would be the bridge."

"The bridge it is." Bolak said as he punched in the command.

Gravity returned as they began to move and the two companions stood hunched in terrified silence.

"You ok?" Bolak asked after a moment, noticing that McCree was nursing an injured arm. McCree quickly pulled down his sleeve and let go, but not quick enough for Balok not to see the half moon teeth marks in his flesh.

"Fine, yes, I am good all things considered." McCree replied, not quite meeting his gaze.

"Five by five." Bolak replied, trying not to relay his concerns.

The lift came to a stop and opened onto a well lit bridge. So well lit in fact that every detail of the gory scene was clearly on display. At least ten undead horrors turned to look at them, their bloody jaws snapping open and closed with sharp horrific clicks. Crimson hand prints were smeered all over the displays and consoles and the floor was thick with gore. McCree squeeled as the zombies advanced and Bolak realised he had left his only weapon floating in engineering.

"Computer!" McCree cried out, "lock on to all deceased personnel on the bridge and transport them to cargo bay seven."

The closest zombie lurched forward and dove towards Bolak, its fingers a hair breadth from the Linnicks face when the ship responded.


A dazzling display of transporter energy filled the bridge as the zombies were removed from the room. Bolak turned to McCree in grateful disbelief.

"You beautiful, beautiful man." he said grinning up at the Ensign. McCree returned a lopsided grin.

"Time to get us all out of here." Bolak announced but McCree shook his head.

"Not for me." he said.

"Nonsense!" Bolak snapped, "We are here now and..."

McCree rolled up his sleeve to reveal the bite. "You saw it in the lift, we both know what it means."

Bolak looked up at the man and truth be told he looked sick, sweat was rolling down his face and his eyes were dark and sunken. Despite all that he had never looked more confident, more secure.

"I am sorry." Bolak whispered placing a hand on the mans leg.

"Don't be sorry, just save the others and I will hold things together down here for as long as possible."

"So be it." Bolak gave a nod, "Computer hail acting Captain Sh'viakrik!"

There was a moments silence and then...

"Zazi here, this better be good."

"It's Bolak, I made it to the bridge and am preparing to transport the surviving crew to the Fessarius."

"Bolak? Bolak you beautiful son of a... well get on with it!"

"Yes sir," he replied, "and once we are all safe and sound I have a plan I need to run by you."

"I cant wait." came the replied, "now hurry up and get us the hell out of here I just had to fend of a crate full of zombie tribbles with a chair leg and am in no mood for chit chat!"

"Aye aye captian!"


Moks eyes snapped open. The lights in the room flickered hiding the motion of his sitting bolt upright. Another flicker and he was at the edge of the bed his bare feet on the cold deck. A third flicker and he was standing, his mouth slowing opening to release a low primal roar that echoed around the morg.

All around him the dead were rising but he paid them no heed. He could smell warm blood, hear the distant thump of living hearts, he could sense the fear. An overwhelming hunger grew within him. He could not describe it, the time for words was an an end. The hunger consumed him, his skin was afire with the need of it.

The lights flickered once more and... he was gone. The room was empty.

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