Endeavor End Game

A silver stream of light delivered Bolak to the Captains chair of the Fessarius. Moments later a second stream appeared leaving an out of breath Zazi standing at his side. Bolak looked up at the Andorian with a wry smile.

“I would offer you the chair Captain but it’s a little small.”

Zazi snorted, shaking her head with a sigh. “At this point I’d lay on the floor. I can’t remember the last time I had a cup of coffee. Or a nap.” She scowled, squeezing the bridge of her nose. “Alright, let’s go over the plan again.”

“Ok it’s simple enough. I engage the tractor beam and drag the Endeavor towards the Nebula and once we have picked up a good bit of speed we let her go and… well we let her go. Zombies and all into the Nebula never to be seen again. Capeesh?”

“Whatever capeesh means, yes.” She leaned against a console, dropping her hand back down to her side. “Let’s do it.”

“All the crew are safe and secure, I have the Dassik showing them to quarters. The klingon was a little agitated after the Q thing so he is sedated and taking a space nap in the Aenar lab.”

“All the crew left alive you mean.” replied Zazi with a note of bitterness. The loss of life appalled her, but now was not the time for dark reflections. She returned her attention to the task in hand giving the Linnik a decisive nod.

“Here we go!” Bolak peered at the main view screen, “Computer bring us about and engage main tractor beam on the USS Endeavor.”

The humm of the ships propulsion system grew louder as the Fessarius began to pivot in a graceful arc to face the Nebula. The distant play of multicoloured light filled the view screen as the Endeavor came into view just beneath them. A narrow beam of blue light reached out then from the bow of the Fessarius and latched onto the Federation ship.

Zazi leaned in with a frown, tracing the beam of light idly. “This is it then. Do it.”

“Computer take us forward at full impulse.” Bolak ordered. “And monitor the Nebula for fluctuations in its radiative output.”


The Fessarius surged forward and as it passed over the Endeavor the interior displays and lighting flickered as they fought to regain control. There came a sudden jolt as the ship began to pick up speed.

Zazi cursed as she stumbled in place, holding tight onto the console as slowly they dragged the Endeavor like a child’s toy on a leash. She was pretty sure she heard the Fessarius creaking.

“Don’t be ridiculous!” Bolak laughed. “This is the flagship of the First Federation, she can take quite the beating!”

“I’d rather not find out how much of one it can take,” she muttered. In a moment they had gained speed, the Endeavor following after them like a shark in the water. Zazi frowned. “We’re close enough-”

“No,” Bolak muttered, his eyes were wide with glee as he leaned in his seat, “No we’re not.”

Seconds passed as they grew closer to the Nebula and Zazi grew nervous, tapping a finger on the console. “Bolak-”

“Almost!” he chirped back. She felt irritation spring up, mixed with an odd sick feeling that they were going to throw themselves into the Nebula if they weren’t careful.


“Release tractor beam!” he cried at the very last moment.

The light shuttered off, and the Endeavor shot forward ahead of them, being swallowed up into the rainbow colored Nebula, disappearing in a blip. Zazi huffed, sliding a hand through her hair. “That happened.”

Bolak shot her a wide grin. “You didn’t trust me! I know my physics, and we were perfectly safe!”

Zazi scoffed, shaking her head. “...you’re right, I didn’t. But, we’re safe now.” She sighed. “There goes what was our home for the past...whatever month this is.”

Bolak nodded, and he straightened up in his seat. “I propose a party! Oh yes, I’m sure there’s some rations aboard we could pop open, drink some tranya, play some toe-tapping music.”

Zazi raised an eyebrow at him. “Toe tapping?”

He seemed to fluster under her scrutiny. “Well! Well, perhaps a little bit of the other world stuck with me. I distinctly recall some jaunty little tunes…” he blushed and grew quiet.

Zazi smiled, tilting her head. “You know what? That sounds great, actually. I think we could all do with some ‘jaunty tunes’.” They laughed together for a moment in the silence of the space around them, a soft beeping from one station, what could be the crackling of the Nebula that was slowly growing distant behind them.

But before they could even exit the bridge, a klaxon started to blare and red lights flashed.


Zazi groaned, thumping her head into her hands. “What? Where. Who?! I swear if this is a false alarm, I may yank the computer’s wires out, Bolak.”

Bolak merely waved at her as he brought up a screen. It had happened only once, back on the Endeavor, but it left everyone on edge for a while. “It shouldn’t be, but it could be possible it’s mistaking some of the others for intruders-wait…” His eyes furrowed as he leaned in to the map. “...Avakhon, he’s still in that room, yes?”

Zazi shrugged. “Yeah, I think Aji left him there to rest, he’s fired up about...whatever it was that happened with the fish priests. Why?”

Bolak frowned slowly, his finger pressed against the screen where a map had been summoned. “There’s someone in with him, but the computer can’t recognize them. You don’t think one of the fish priests came back?”

Zazi rolled her eyes. “I don’t know, but we need to get the alert settled. If it means telling Avakhon off about bringing on guests, then that’s what it means. I’ll do it for you, if you like. I’m rather feeling up to yelling at someone for a while. Or the wall. Or space. Anything’s fine.”

The two raced out into the corridor and we joined by Aji along the way. “What’s going on?” the Tamian asked as she quickened her pace with theirs. Other crew members were poking their heads out of crew quarters as the raced by calling question after them but there was no time to stop and explain.

“Some kind of disturbance in the Aenar lab.” Bolak said as they approach the lab door.

“Isnt Avakhon in there?” Aji asked.

“He is.” Zazi confirmed.

The doors opened and the three stood frozen in horror. The still form of Avakhon lay sleeping on a medical bed and above him a blue skinned monster stooped, its teeth buried deep in the Klingons fleshy buttock.

“Now that’s just not sanitary.” Aji murmured as the creature rose up and turned.

Zazi swore and Bolak gasped as the undead Bolian looked over at them. “Mok!” Bolak cried in recognition as the blue skinned zombie lurched forward. It was only then that the Linnik saw the Aenar device and his eyes opened wide.

The Aenar trapped within the machine had been mutilated beyond recognition and though it was still connected to the telepathic projector it was now reanimating as one of the undead. Sparks were flying from the device showering the deck.

Mok groaned and took another step closer but was suddenly restrained by the strong arms of Avahon now awake. He struggled violently but the Klingon held him back.

“Bolak tell me we can fix this.” Zazi murmured.

“We can fix this.” Bolak said flatly.

“We can?” Zazi looked down at him and he shook his head.

A sudden arc of light shot out from the Aenar device and struck Avakhon and Mok throwing them both across the room. Bolt after bolt of energy snaked out then and soon the entire chamber was filled with white light.

“Run!” cried Aji as she disappeared back into the corridor. Bolak shrugged and pulled a packet of clove cigarettes from his jacket. He offered one to Zazi and she shook her head as she watched the power build up in the lab. Bolak took a deep draw on the cigarette as he lit it.

“What now?” Zazi asked.

“Now we…” a blinding white light swept over them consuming the Fessarius and all on board.


“Now we hold the walls for as long as we are able.” Bolak said as he watched the invading armies spread out on the sands below.

Zazi, the royal physician and priestess of Apollo glared down at him, “An appealing plan for a coward.”

“I would rather be a living coward than a brave corpse.” Bolak countered.

A figure was emerging from the armies below, spear in hand. The soldiers on the walls grew quiet as did the armies below. The silence was broken only by the sound of distant thunder, a sure sign that the gods looked down on this auspicious scene. As the warrior came into view the diminutive Bolak groaned.

“Here we go again.”


Bolak looked up at the heavens, a memory tugging at his mind like a persistent pup begging for attention. A memory of a god, a powerful being. A meeting in the stars. He shook his head. He had such strange fancies at times.


No it would not pass, he definitely remembered… “Q?” he said the word out loud.

“What was that?” Zazi asked.

There was a flash of light and a man appeared at their side. Zazi felt to her knees and hid her face, and Bolak looked up at the toga clad man in astonishment.

“Q?” he asked recognising him at once.

“You rang?” Q replied with a flourish, it was only then that he took in the scene. “Oh my!” he exclaimed.

“Indeed.” Bolak grimaced his memories flooding back now. “You mentioned a favour.”

“Well don’t ask me to pull you out of this little scene, it’s quite out of the question. These things are always best left to... play out.” Q replied airily.

“Fair enough.” Bolak growled, “but is that…” he pointed down to Avakhon, “entirely necessary?”

Q looked down at the raging Avakhon, his eyes glowing and his oiled muscles bulging in the mediterainian sun. He stood head an shoulders above any man there. His brave countenance a picture of godly pride. Truly a warrior without equal. Q wrinkled his nose and shook his head.

“You know I simply can not abide people who flaunt their powers with such… arrogance.” he mused.

“I am sure you can’t, so would you like to do something about it?” Bolak asked.

“Fine, fine but then we are square, all done and dusted.” he sighed quickly losing interest.

“Agreed.” Bolak said as Q snapped his fingers.

A bolt of lightning shot from the bright blue heavens. On the sands below the mighty warrior Avakhon, hero of Greece and child of Zeus was struck and transformed into… a gold fish! Bolak looked down at the tiny golden creature flapping about in the sand.

“I think he’s drowning.” Bolak looked up to Q who shrugged and held out his hand. A flash of light and a bowl of water appeared and with another click the Khinsharri Goldfish was transported from the baking sands below to the cool waters of the bowl. Q handed is down to Bolak and then with a flourishing bow he vanished.

“What manner of God was that?” Zazi gasped as she looked up at Bolak.

“Not a god at all,” Bolak answered as he studied the goldfish, its eyes suddenly glowed red and it charged the side of the bowl, but to no avail. “In fact for the most part he’s a pain in the…”

I CAN STILL HEAR YOU! boomed a voice from the heavens. Bolak laughed and shook his head.

He peered over to the far parapet where the Lady Vaana stood heavy with child. She was clearly distressed as her Lord and Hero had seemingly vanished from the field of battle. Bolak could not help but chuckle. Little Avakhon here would make a fine pet and he knew just who to give it to...

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