Epilogue - Starship Endeavour

Captain Wendi Nablesse, the captain with the chocolate brown hair. It had all been a trick, it had all been a game. She had finally worked it all out. She looked at the Romulan standing next to her. She didn't see herself like this... she was a Starfleet Captain.

"End.. program?!" she asked. Everything around her disappeared. Someone had wanted her out of the way, had wanted her to remember differently. However she had fought through it. The Endeavor was a good ship, but her crew had been played with, toyed with and made to believe many different things that weren't true at all.

She thought they had escaped once, but that was just another illusion. The corridors were bleak of life, and it seemed that no one was on board. Finally she found a man, a tall man who seemed shocked to see her.

"I know who you are!" she said simply recognising the man from Starfleet files. "What the hell have you done to my ship Q? Not to mention my crew!"

"Ah... Cap-i-Tan! I see you finally got out of there. Well, it was all for your own safety you see" he explained in his sarcastic and rather annoying voice. "But, I can't blame you for blaming me. Seems to be the way for you 'Starfleet Beings'" he replied with a slight sigh.

"Still, I have managed to fix most things now. Your ship is out of that Nebula. And I have stopped all the illusions" he explained. "Many of your crew will find themselves waking up in their usual posts" he told her. "Your crew was much more fun that Jean-Luc's thats for sure Captain!" he laughed.

He clicked his fingers. Wendi found herself on the bridge. She looked around, her crew were all there. Everyone where they should be. Q Reappeared, and Wendi held up a hand to stop Avakhon from tackling him.

"I will bid you farewell, until next time!" he laughed. Before he could click his fingers, Wendi shot forward and grabbed Q by his collar, pulling him down to her level.

"There WON'T be a next time Q!" she said sternly, her eyes of fire locked onto him. "Get your sorry ass off my ship, and if you mess with me again. I'll let Avakhon have his way with you. Either that or I will find a way to contain you and I will make you suffer like you made us. Thats not a threat, its a promise!" she pushed him away. He seemed a bit taken aback by this sudden outburst.

With a click of his fingers he disappeared, leaving everyone on the bridge a little confused. "Right people, this will make an interesting set of logs for Starfleet..." she said. "Helm, take us to Starbase Twelve. I think we need to check everything on this ship, and their shipyard facility can do that" she ordered.

She sat down in the center chair. As she did so she looked around. Her senior staff on the bridge all now back to working their posts. She couldn't help but smile. They had been through a lot, it was almost like a game show with people going missing or disappearing every week. However Captain Wendi Nablesse knew one thing, together they had prevailed, worked together and had become one of the finest crews in Starfleet. Hell, all they needed now was a ship named Enterprise.


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