A MORE OPertune Moment

OFF: This is a continuation of the response from earlier with the Captain's interactions recorded.
Avakhon pulls the Captain aside for a brief moment.
“Captain, a word if you please. I have to report that this crew is not what I anticipated from Star Fleet. You make crewmen from your enemies, promoting lower life forms to a Command position and we have some more than odd species onboard in very responsible positions. Is this going to be indicative of what I should expect from your Command?”

Wendi looked up from the desk at the man in front of her.
"A good morning to you too..." she started a little surprised with the sudden question. "As for what you'll expect, you should expect everything that makes a good crew of a Federation Starship. Respect, Bravery, Loyalty and sticking to our core values" she explained simply. "I expect nothing less from this crew, they only choose the best for Galaxy Class crews".

He replies, “GOOD to hear Captain! I have spent many a year in service to the Empire and have seldom seen a ship as diverse and cooperative as this one. While I admit my first meeting with some of them was less than auspicious, I have come to terms with that.”

Noticing that he is choosing his words very carefully, she replies, "Auspicious, yes. I've come to notice that already..." she replied. "Someone needs to learn how to properly reroute comm calls" she added with a smirk.

Seeing her smile, he began to explain his situation, in hopes she might be understanding of his quandary,
“I wanted to apologize to you and the Chief Engineer. I didn’t realize it was an officer and not someone’s pet that got loose. I had sort of a bad first impression of it, or her, or whatever it is called by. I was touring the Engineering area, found what I thought was a loose animal with a spanner in its paws and I thought I was helping them to recapture it. I used a small portion of my abilities to reverse the polarity of the device, hoping to cause it to be dropped.
That caused the CEO to be flung airborne and it landed squarely on my face.”

Wendi couldn't help but smile.
"I can imagine that she wasn't too pleased," she stated. "My advice is to not underestimate a Federation crew. Diversity is strength against our enemies" she explained. "Tolerance also plays an important part too"

“She is correct then? Good. I have spent a great deal of time with Terrans and other species, but it is somewhat difficult being this big in a ship full of smaller and less hearty beings. I had fear of harming the pet, so I released a small electrical charge hoping to frighten it off me as it was clinging to my face as an arborist species does in their own habitat. While painful, it wasn’t a cause for dishonor. The crew began laughing so hard at this, I was confused.”

Wendi nodded.
"I think the best thing to do is to talk to her about it. She may be a different species, but she is an officer. And a damn good one at that" she explained with a small smile. Granted she would have liked to see this weird and wonderful encounter. As an engineer herself, this would have made an interesting story. "I would also advise you to do some research on the species we have on board. Then maybe this might not happen again?"

“ That’s my point Captain. As Chief Of Operations, I familiarized myself with the profiles of all 965 members of this crew. The CEO among them. We have yet to see any battle, but I see replacements for officers and positions that are not updated in my systems. The CEO wasn’t listed as that species. I also have discovered that Security was directed to apprehend what they conceived was a minor in the bar. I read the reports and can see why. His species actuality and his profile picture were not representative of him, and his size and youthful appearance was a point against him. I have had similar situations occur in my first 200 years of existence”

She looks strained at him as he's beginning to become whiny in her estimation and that's one thing she doesn't care for in an officer, especially one who is prideful and arrogant."Mistakes are bound to happen" Wendi replied simply. "Those are called 'Teething problems' Commander. Do you actually HAVE a point to all this report?" she told him. "You can expect it from any new crew. But the important thing is that it all gets sorted out in the end"

Sensing her disdain, he continues to report and hopefully what he's about to do won't explode in his face like the first meeting with the CEO did.
“I am cognizant of that Captain. My concerns are about some of those in a Command position. Were you aware that you have 2 Laffins on the Delta shift? A Lt. J.G. Rowan and an Ensign Martin. I have researched the species and they are only slightly above a Paklid in the comprehension of technical issues.
I am not questioning Star Fleet or the Academy, but the finals for those two must have been hilarious to witness! I also want to mention that I will probably not be what you expect from a Klingon either.”

Wendi nodded in response. "That I can see" she replied with a slight chuckle. "And as for the Laffins, I'm not the one that handles the duty rosters. The Executive Officer handles crew assignments" she told him. "By concerns about the command positions, whom exactly are you referring to? Department heads or overall ship command such as myself?" She asked curiously.

“Are you aware that two of that species are called a STOCK? As your COO, it is my duty to uphold the integrity and honor of your Command sir. With those two on the same shift, you have a Laffin Stock on Delta Shift. Hahahahaaa I love it! YOU do get the joke right Captain? OR am I ON report now?”

Wendi couldn't help but let out a very short burst of laughter. "Where did you learn bad jokes?!" she asked. "That's definitely not a Klingon thing now... Either you've been hanging out too much on Earth or you've been in a backstreet Edinburgh Comedy Club" she laughed.

She indeed had a sense of humor, perhaps this assignment won't be so bad after all. He replies to her statement, “I had the privilege of being an officer on the Enterprise D with Commander Data. He was trying to research the human emotions of comedy. I was assisting him with the Standup holo-program. I have watched over 90 classic comedians for over a hundred years.”

Laughing hard now, the Captain replies, "I can see that from your delivery, so straight-laced and proper, no one would suspect your so deviously funny! IF you'll excuse me now Lt. Commander, WE have a meeting to attend"

This is taking us to the point of the Senior Staff briefing from Star Fleet.

Lt. Commander Avakhon Khinsharri
Chief Of Operations
USS Endeavor NCC 9819
Avakhon Khinsharri

Captain Wendi Nablesse
Ship's Captain
USS Endeavor NCC 9819

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