Resistance Is Futile Afterall

OFF- Continuation of conversation between Khinsharri and Eight to discuss possible origins of signals coming from the Nebula
{Intel Office}
Time: After the Staff Meeting
Tags: Eight of Eleven
"Fluidic space, the origin space for Species 8472, is an extradimensional realm. The Collective accessed it by opening a quantum singularity. If you are correct and these signals are coming from another dimension, there may be a quantum singularity within the nebula. Scanning for large gravitational disturbances would be one way of identifying one. We could also look for above-average quantities of chroniton radiation?" Eight suggested.

"I see only one flaw in your logic. A nebula is a veritable wasteland and cyclones of radiation are prevalent. Without some form of sensors to detect such things accurately, we're looking for, as the Terrans say,' A needle in a haystack' though I have yet to see the relevance of a sewing implement in an agricultural manner."

"Borg ocular implants can detect disturbances in the space-time continuum, including interdimensional rifts. I should be able to identify whether or not a lifeform is from our realm through their quantum signature and I may be able to to see aliens who are out of phase," Eight said. It would be helpful if Avakhon was correct because Eight might be able to see the intruders more easily.

OFF: Memory Alpha reference;

"THAT my dear Eight is a wonderful idea. We need to speak to the CEO about implementing your ocular implant as a scanner for the area. Perhaps an interface would be able to be constructed to allow for this to be done. I presume that YOU are volunteering for such duty? You will have to keep in contact with the ship's computer at all times, as you did with the Collective to be able to report anything you find immediately.
We can produce a station that would allow you to be placed in a stationary mode thereby allowing you to focus on the task at hand and not so much crew interactions. I do realize this is more of regression into the Borg Collective for you, and you are free to choose to do this or not. You are NOT being forcefully assimilated or anything of that nature."

Eight raised her eyebrow. She had not meant to volunteer for usage as Borg hardware again... then again, that wasn't something you really /volunteered/ for. "We can probably design an interface through my alcove but you must understand that I am not the Collective. I'm not even entirely a drone anymore. I can't process /everything/ the Endevour scans, that would be too much data for my neural processor to handle without the Hive."

OOC: The Voyager Conspiricy is about Seven of Nine trying something similar to this. Unfortunatly, without the Collective to process the data, she couldn't manage it all.


"Its a start," Eight considered.
"I would have to design some kind of subroutine to filter the data so that I am not hit in the face with the entirety of the Endeavour's computer system. It needs to alert me to specific things because I cannot possibly review everything."

Part of her wished she could but she was small now. One. No longer many. Her processing power was not what it used to be.


"Yes sir, I will comply," Eight said. It had been a while since she had done such extensive programming but Eight quite liked programming. It would be an interesting project and, with any luck, it would lead to something.


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