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Keeping Morale High

This is my Challenge Post!


[Ten Forward - USS Endeavour]

The orders were out. The Endeavour had set a course for the Nebula and everyone on board knew what that meant. They were going to violate the neutral zone. Bolak had no problem with the Romulans, in fact he had managed a vibrant trade route back in the day shipping tanker loads of blue tranya to the ch'Rihan pleasure districts. One thing he had learned from those lucrative trips was that you never ever wanted a Romulan for an enemy.

Ten Forward was empty for the most part now, the crew running double shifts to prepare the vessel for the inevitable strain that traversing an uncharted Nebula would put upon it. Chief engineer Aji had sent word to break out the best reserves to keep the crew morale high, but that was not much good if the entire crew were working themselves to the bone and not taking breaks. He felt so helpless and then it struck him. He pushed the comm button and the familiar voice of Mok the Bolian hairdresser answered.

"Bolak? How can I help you?" he asked.

"I take it Mr Mok that you are not... busy." Bolak asked.

Mok laughed, "No, I suspect that the salon will be quiet for the duration of this mission. Not much call for hair cuts when you are traversing a Nebula playing dodge the Romulan."

"Indeed no." answer Bolak, "So perhaps I might prevail upon you to help me with an idea I have just had."

"Just name it." the Bolian answered.

"I have a mind to do some baking," Bolak explained, "I will then take the food to each department to keep the crew well fed and raise morale somewhat."

"A capital idea!" agreed Mok, "I will be along shortly, I just need to drop in to my quarters first to pick something up."

True to his word Mok arrived shortly afterwards carrying a wooden box. He placed the box down on the table with a proud smile and opened the lid.

"What is this?" Bolak asked.

"This is something I picked up from a Ferengi trader when were last visiting earth. In this box is a simple herb guaranteed to take the edge off our highly stressed crew."

"Excellent Mr Mok, this is just what we need. How does it work?"

"Ah!" exclaimed the blue skinned hairdresser, "The Ferengi also gave me a recipe for an old earth recipe he called a Chocolate Brownie."

"It sounds delicious." Bolak clapped his hands in delight, "and you are certain that this herb is safe?"

"It is entirely natural," He assured the Linnik, "It grows all over the planet earth like a weed."

And so the two set about their task and soon had several trays of the delicious chocolate brownies. Piping hot and ready to go. Several of the crew had entered looking tired to the bone and drawn in by the smell of baking. Ensign McCree was first amongst them and he flopped down looking like the world was about to end.

"Ah Ensign you are just in time." Bolak chimed as he saw the man sit, "Try one of our chocolate brownies they are delicious."

The Ensign took one gratefully and his eyes widened as he bit into it. "ss'Good." he managed between bites.

Bolak filled a trolley with the freshly baked trays and then left Mok to tend the bar and continue the baking while he stepped out of the Ten Forward to deliver his delicious treats to the entire crew. Starting with the bridge he worked his was through all of the major departments distributing his chocolate snacks and generally spreading the cheer across the vessel. He ended the tour in engineering where he left an extra large brownie for Aji before returning to Ten Forward.

Bolak stepped into a nightmare. Mok was sitting bare chested on the bar with a brownie in one hand and Ensign McCree laid out along the bar with his head on the Bolians lap. His face was covered in chocolate and he was blubbering like a little girl. Nurse Jenny from the medical bay was sitting crossed legged on one of the tables giggling uncontrollably as she watched Specialist Tomad from Ordinance attempt to balance a chair on his nose.

The far door opened and Chief Marco Brody from engineering staggered in, his eyes wide and his mouth crooked. "Bolak!" he shouted at a near by chair, "Bolak? Dont you ignore me you little..." he lifted the chair up level with his eye and roared, "What the hell did you put in those Brownies?"

"Mok?" Bolak growled as he marched up to the hairdresser. "Mok!"

"Ah Bolak!" Mok grinned. "It worked my friend the morale of the crew is high!"

Bolak covered his eyes with his hands and shook his head as Mok roared with laughter and fell backwards over the bar.


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