Red Alert: Stolen Face

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[Primary Sickbay-USS Endeavor]

"Ensign, please," Jenny pleaded, her hands outstretched at the now enraged woman on the bio bed, the other, looking like her in every way possible except for the confused look on her face, standing to the side. Zazi's eyes narrowed as she stepped out of the office. Take five minutes to alert the Captain and here's what you come back to...

"What is going on here." she demanded. Asking questions was out the door once all this strangeness started to occur.

The now Ensign Nami Lee pointed at Jenny with a pleading look. "I just want to leave and she won't let me! You're in charge of sickbay, please, doctor, I want to go see about my kitten!"

"You mean my kitten," Lieutenant Sharon Kavosky bitterly replied, her arms crossed over her chest. "And he's fine," she muttered, her eyes skittering from Zazi to the duplicate.

Zazi let out a huff, her white bangs fluttering as she shook her head. "I'm sorry, to both of you, but for now until we can figure this out, no one is going anywhere. The Captain has been notified and will soon be on her way." She hoped.

Sharon shrugged, content where she stood, Jenny seeming to play barrier between the two as Nami glared at Zazi. "What? Why would you-Doctor, please, I'm real busy trying to keep up with my workload, could we do this another time?"

Had Zazi been any other tender hearted person, she would have melted at the dark brown eyes glittering with tears. She had, in the past, and it bit her harshly in the end. She shook her head. "No. This is a matter of grave importance, and I feel it more important to go on lockdown with you both than allow anything to happen."

Jenny nodded in agreement, her shoulders lowering from knowing that Zazi had this now. Sharon rolled her eyes. "Look. Ensign. Or, me? Whatever. Look, you do well to listen to the CMO, she can put us both on permanent bed rest or whatever until the counselor deems us good to go. And that's bound to happen more to me than you at this moment with your temper."

Ouch. Zazi almost winced at that. Sharon it seemed had reached the end of her rope, then again Zazi was informed many times no one liked to stay very long in sickbay. So many times. She wasn't sure why. It was quiet, no one to bother you. Ah well.

Nami narrowed her eyes, almost slit like a feline as she looked from Jenny to Sharon to Zazi, then her eyes widened as she sighed, dropping her head to drop her chin against her chest. "I suppose you're right, I just dislike being cooped up."

Sharon grinned, winking at Zazi as she sauntered to a bio bed, flopping on it easily, kicking up one leg onto the bed. "There, see? Now-"

It took a few seconds for Zazi to realize Jenny had tripped into her, and even longer for her to realize Jenny had been shoved into her, the duplicate Sharon/Nami racing for the door, grabbing a tricorder to slam into the control panel next to the door. Zazi scrambled to grab at the wall, her nails scratching down it sharply as Jenny bashed her forehead against Zazi's chin, both of them yelping out.

Sharon attempted to go after her, but after the assault on the control panel, a forcefield shot up, an alarm blaring 'LOCKDOWN' on that deck, the red alert flashing and blaring all around them. Sharon bounced into the forcefield, cursing as she shot a punch at it, glaring at Nami. "What are you doing?!"

It was with no small amount of horror as Zazi, after trying to untangle from Jenny and sitting up, Jenny sat next to her and cradling her bruised head, that Zazi watched as the Sharon/Nami duplicate seemed to bubble, flickering like a glitch on a PADD...and taking her form.

Nami...Sharon...the Zazi duplicate placed a delicate hand on her hip, the other dangling next to her as if nonchalant. "What are you talking about? The nebula must be messing with your mind." She flicked a smirk at the group of them. "If one crew member is having issues, they should be quarantined until further notice. Tut. Tut. Tut. And breaking the control panel?" She shook her head with a sigh. "That'll go against your record for sure."

Her steely gaze slid to Zazi, who was staring on in horror."And oh, what's this? A clone? Of me? My, how...surprising. Not to worry, I'll go and get the Captain, we'll get this settled post haste. Then we can figure out what to do with the three of you from there."

With that, she shot a wink at the screaming Sharon who bashed the field, despite knowing logically it would do nothing, and a shell shocked Zazi who gaped after her. Obviously security would be on their way...but would they be able to tell the real Zazi from a fake? They didn't have long to find out, if the sound of the turbolift and a cheerful 'hello!' from the duplicate gave them any indication.

Zazi shifted, helping Jenny up quickly. Jenny seemed nauseated, both at the loud angry noise of the red alert, and from their brutal headbutt. Zazi quickly reached for her combadge, thankfully nestled against the right of her shoulder.

"Captain, it's Doctor Sh'viakrik."

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"The red alert is from sickbay, yes, however we have a very big problem ahead of us."

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Zazi let out a very low groan. "Well it's more like what I'm not doing. I'm not the one out in the corridor. We have an intruder who has stolen my appearance."

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Lieutenant Commander Zazi Sh'viakrik
Chief Medical Officer
USS Endeavor NCC-9819

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