Authorized Argument

ON: Alistar was in his office again. ‘What time is it?’ he asked himself. He looked at his clock, which read 4 P.M. He sighed, the same new recruit was in here, Jacob Windel. This time he was complaining about one of his co-workers, another recruit named Sophie Doyle. This session had been going on for two hours though, so it was beginning to wear on Alistar’s patience.

“Well, why don’t you two talk out your issues. Perhaps you may figure out a way to settle your differences.” His advice was sound, at least in his opinion, but seeing the look on Jacob’s face, he doubted himself. ‘He looks...hostile, but I do not know what to say to him’ he thought, sighing.

“Thanks Counselor. I will take that advice” Jacob said, a smile on his face. He walked out of the office, leaving Alistar alone.

Alistar smiled weakly. He was a little happy, but something just didn’t sit right with him. Part of it was the look on Jacob’s face as he left. ‘Well, if something happens, I will try to de-escalate it.’ he thought. ‘But for now, I think I am going to go down to the dining room to get myself a cup of coffee and something to eat.’

He got out of his chair and exited his office, heading to the dining room. When he got there, what he saw astounded him. Jacob was locked in a heated verbal battle with Sophie. They were going back and forth. What made it worse is that everyone was starting to draw towards them, curiosity and confusion on their faces.

“Sophie, I am sick of you berating me just because I can’t do things as well as you” Jacob practically screamed.

Sophie got angry at this. “Well, maybe you should work harder, then” she sneered back.

He was scared that his advice had failed. This was not how he imagined them talking about their issues. He backed into the wall, afraid to deal with his mistake. He saw Zanessa, one of his friends right next to him.

“So, what happened here?” he asked, trying to piece together what went wrong. He watched as the fight escalated.

“Not much, Jacob just went up to Summer and started yelling” she recapped. She looked at Alistar. “Why do you ask? Did you have something to do with it, perhaps?” she inquired.

Alistar gulped. This was the moment that his error was revealed. He sighed, and looked up at her. “Yes, it is my fault. I told him to talk out his feelngs with her. I did not mean for...this to happen.” he explained, pointing to the mass chaos of everyone trying to pull the two recruits away from each other.

Zanessa looked at him. “I believe you. You were just trying to help. You did not foresee this coming. Though my advice until this all simmers down is to try to not talk about this situation, to avoid making it known that you kind of started it. Also, expect more visits from everyone today and tomorrow.” She smiled at him, making it known that she was joking. Well, she was partially joking.

Alistar finished his meal. He saw that the situation had finally been handled. “Well, Miss Zanessa, I think I should go to my office again. Something tells me I have a lot of work ahead of me” he smiled. And with that, he exited the Mess Hall and went to his office.

Alistar Bolvari,
Ship's Counselor
USS Endeavor

Jacob Windel,
Tech Support Recruit

Sophie Doyle,
Tech Support Recruit


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