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Bolak was thrown from his feet as the ship lurched to port. He hit the ground hard and lay there for a moment trying to catch his breath. Mok who was already on the floor when the ship moved stood up and peered over the bar. Alarms were beginning to sound.

"What was that?" he asked wide eyed.

McCree rolled onto his back, he too had been dislodged from his prone position on the bar by the sudden disturbance. "Gravity!" he cried out, "It's like the apple hitting whatsis face on the head."

"What are you talking about?" Bolak demanded.

Ensign McCree staggered to his feet his pupils dilated and a look of triumph on his face, "The Romulans have increased the gravity!" and with that he was lumbering over to the comm panel.

"What Romulans? There are no Romulans!" Bolak cried after him. The Linnik barkeep stepped over the unconscious form of Specialist Tomad who had knocked himself out with a chair. He shook his head and looked out of the observation window. There were no Romulans but they had changed course. From the tiny speck ahead of them it appeared they were making for a nearby planet."

Nurse Kara was sitting on the floor now still giggling to herself. "Romulans!" she hiccuped.

"Yes that is what I said," McCree was yelling down the comm, "Too much Gravity!"

"Romulans? Where!" roared Chief Marco Brody from the other side of the room. The man had a phaser in his hand and was looking wildly around Ten Forward for the promised enemy.

"There are no Romulans!" Bolak called out raising his hands for calm just as five Romulans beamed into Ten Forward and began firing on the occupants.

Bolaks first instinct was to dive behind a table as weapons fire filled the air. Mok was struck in the chest and fell backwards, hopefully stunned. Lieutenant Hopkins was roaring a battle cry as he took cover and returned fire. Nurse Kara however, sat in the middle of it all pointing at the Romulans and laughing until tears ran down her cheeks.

"Da... da...Dabo girls!" she roared with laughter and Bolak froze in surprise. He peeked out and saw that the Romulans were indeed all dressed as Dabo girls. He had been tampering with the holo-emitters just that morning ahead of requesting permission from the Captain to... oh good Grannok they were holograms!"

"Computer end program." he called out as he stood up and left the cover of the table. Nothing happened. One of the scantily clad Romulans turned his weapon on Bolak and then... the gravity was turned off.

As Bolak slowly began to float into the air he started to consider whether he might have been better off signing up for service on a Klingon vessel.

OFF: Apologies Corliss I note that Nurse Jenny was still in play in your post sequence so have retconned the drug addled nurse in ten forward to Nurse Kara

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