This is my challenge post! Oh, and it was sort’ve mixed with a comic I’m making so I hope you guys enjoy!

This is dedicated to someone from Roleplay Wiki, Wolfy the Major Wolf777!!


Zanessa sat in her quarters, She was worried about getting fired for having sent the ship off course, she sighed and heard a knock on her door sitting up she checked.

In front of her stood an ...oreo? Not just any oreo, it had arms and legs and was wearing the captain’s uniform. “Wha….” She blinked.

“Ensign Ogden, meet me on the brig.” The oreo said. “Who are you?! And why?!” She said disturbed by the talking cookie. “Captain Nablesse obviously.” She said before leaving.

What is going on? She thought as she walked to the brig as soon as she stepped in she froze. Alister was a talking wolf, The Captain an oreo and the rest of the crew had turned into different foods.

“What’s happened to everyone?!” She shouted checking herself and sighed in relief she was still human.

“Watch,” Alister said turning on the news.

A peanut sat the news desk with breaking news account the screen. “Everyone is turning into food products or animals! Some sort of purple gas passed through the galaxy with what appeared to be made of hedgehogs. Soon after everyone exposed started to change! Can this be fixed?! Is it revertible?! We’ll get back to you about that after the break.” And the news was turned off.

“What the heck?!” She yelled in surprise. “Why haven’t I changed though?!” “We aren’t sure.” One of the lab techs replied.

She reached her hand over and pet Alister. “Sit boy. Who's a good boy? You? Yes you. Doggie wanna treat?” She said laughing he stared straight at her and replied unemotionally. “I am not a lap dog.”

She giggled. “Sorry.”

Suddenly there was a huge bang making the ship roc making the lights flicker. A man walked in.

“Major Tom to ground control.” He sang as he walked in.

She looked at him confused. “Um what? Who are you?”
“I’m the amazing Major Tom! How have you NOT heard of me!”

She blinked, staring at him and shook her head, this was all confusing. What’s next? Space dolphins?
She heard a small bark-like sound and turned around.

There floated a pink dolphin looking at her, she facepalmed. “Of course a space dolphin! I might really be losing my mind!”

During this she heard the Captain yelling. She turned to see Major Tom breaking off apart of The Captain and chewing on it.

“I love cookies.” He mumbled while he ate. “I’m a person too you know! I might be made out of a cookie right now but that DOESN’T mean you can EAT me!!”,

Zanessa couldn’t help but burst out laughing. “Now that is gold!” She said gripping her sides due to laughing too hard.

Major Tom smiled. ‘I must be off now ground control!” “We aren’t ground control Tom.” Zanessa told him. “Errr…. You’ll do though.” She facepalmed again.
“Now goodbye friends...May the force be with you!” He said as he was leaving she heard him mumble. “Or was that star wars? Eh, what’s the difference.”

The next thing she knew one of the crew started shaking her. “Zanessa! Zanessa!” They yelled.

Zanessa opened her eyes, she was in her quarters still, she looked around confused until she heard a knocking at her door she stood quicking answering it and sighed in relief when it was not a cookie standing in front of her.

“Oh thank god you aren’t a talking oreo,” she said to her follow officer who looked rather confused.


En. Zanessa Ogden
Astrometrics Officer
USS Endeavor NCC-9819

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