All jacked up.

Off: This is my Challenge Post
On: The holovid crackled to life showing an overexposed view of a crew cabin. A rather timid looking Aji slowly stepped into frame, her whiskers twitching slightly as she collected her thoughts. Closing her eyes she settled herself down on the floor, then looked directly into the camera.

“Happy Monday Collaborators.” She waved at the camera. “Today’s challenge was to discuss something new you discovered about yourself. So here's the news... Boy its been a doozy of a day. For those that are watching this for the first time, I am Aji D’moonh, I am an engineer on the USS Endeavor, well actually Chief of Engineering. Which yes means I’m in Starfleet, but don’t worry we’re not bad folks. I work with machines… uh yeah cuz I already said I’m an engineer…I’m a Tamian, not a cat, or a mouse or anything like that. I’m from a tiny little speck of light… over there. Ojetwa 2, that’s home. Hi everybody! anyways, I wanted to show you a little about life on a Federation starship and some cool new things I’ve been learning. So let’s get going.”

The screen went black before flicking on again The screen filled with the corner of a room with a food replicator in the immediate background. “Ok, so I eat a lot, like all the time. With a crazy metabolism like I have you would too. But today I want to show you something I just discovered from a co-worker.” She walked over to the replicator and said, “Ractajino Latte, Hot.” The machine in the background whirred and suddenly a steaming hot goblet appeared. Two tiny hands took up the beverage and carried it to a nearby table, where Aji sat down and filled the screen again. “Ractajino is a Klingon coffee. I just tried it the other day. Wow, it packs a punch. Probably why the Klingons like it.” She picked the goblet up in both hands, standing up on her chair to lift the cup enough to start to pour it over for a sip. Placing the goblet back down she looked into the camera, even with her obsidian eyes, the camera still picked up her pupils constricting down to tiny dots. Her whiskers starting to shake more vigorously. “Wow, that’s good. Speeds your mind up and keeps you awake… oh last time it was 36 hours.” Her fuzzy face began to twitch a she spoke. “So I learned that I love these! This is my third today in fact. You can just feel the tingling running down your whole body. Then its like an electric charge shooting up your spine, and then Pow! You are ready to go kid. “ The screen faded out again.

The screen cut back in, the throbbing warp core filling the screen, once more Aji stepped in front of the camera. Her vocal patterns were becoming higher pitched and staccato in nature. “Hi Everybody! So this is like engineering, the heart of a Starship. This is where all the antimatter and matter collide together to completely annihilate each other. There is like this big BANG! But its not really a bang, it just a contained explosion of catastrophic power. Like if this thing were to blow up, we call it a breech, because the antimatter escapes into regular space where it like completely wipes out whatever it touches. And we channel all that energy through these tiny little rocks, called dilithium crystals.” She holds up a crystal to the camera.

“Wait watch this…” She smiled at the camera and popped two crystals into the large pouches in her cheeks. “So…um…its like all the power in the universe can course through these crystals, and now I’m like holding them in my mouth. Is that cool or what. So like I was saying, all this tremendous cosmic power courses through these crystals and we pump it into our warp engines and it allows us to travel really fast all over the galaxy. You know if this Warp Core was to breech, we would have to go like Warp three for a couple min0utes to get out of the blast radius. It’s that powerful. Nothing to worry about though, a Galaxy class ship like this can jump to Warp Nine is like .32 seconds. Not really sure how we don’t go spat suddenly accelerating that fast, well actually I do, inertial dampeners are throughout all the deck plates of the ship and that keeps us from flying all over the place. Its getting hot in here.“ The camera went dark again.

The picture faded into a steamy jungle scene. Aji stepped back in front of the camera, physically sweating. “Ok, so I I just got cut off in the corridor by some stupid ensign that can’t find her way to the mess hall. Bloody idiots, I have every deck of this ship memorized, I know them better than my own hand.” She held up her hand and then started starring intently at it. “ooh!” several moment passed before her frenzied stare returned to the camera. “So stupid people are really pissing me off, so I am at the Holodeck to blow off a little steam before I get back to work on the repairs in astrometrics. Computer, run simulation Avakhon Sigma. “ Several large muscular creatures materialized in the clearing. “Something else I learned today, Tamian’s are not useless in combat, The Captain was running these simulations with holographic Romulans, and I totally kicked their asses. Sort of like this. Hold on and watch.”

The camera zoomed back slightly showing the holographic combat drones in the clearing. A sudden flash of yellow leapt into the screen. The diminutive Tamian furiously tearing at one of the opponent’s faces. It furiously tried to swat at her as she raced across his head, before plunging her teeth into his head. The creature derezzed and disappeared Aji leapt at another, shortly subduing it in a fit of frenzied madness. A rather tousled fuzzy face returned to the screen. “This is like so cool. I could never fight at the academy. But this is like totally fun.” She suddenly leapt behind her with a high pitched battle chirp, pouncing on the last of the holographic monsters. A large cloud of dust kicked up, but in the end Aji stood atop the chest of her fallen foe and screamed a roar of bloodlust at the sky.

Her face was shaking with wild eyes as she approached the camera. “Did I tell you this was awesome. I’m a freaking super soldier! Kicked all your bad guy butts! No more Tamian’s run first. This Tamian will rip your heart out and eat it for pleasure! I tell you the Klingons knew what they were doing when they made Raktajino. I’m seriously drinking this stuff every day. Woohoo!”

In the corner of the room the hum of a transporter is heard, a squad of Romulan’s beam in. Aji smiles fiercely at the camera. “Time to take care of business!” She turns and leaps into the air with a high pitched scream “Invaders!” she squeaked landing on the first Romulan’s face. He grabbed her in his fist and looked at her quizzically, arching an eyebrow. “This… thing was trying to bite me.”

Moments later the furry shape of a Tamian was hurled across the room crashing into the camera. The Romulans turned and walked out of the Holodeck. The screen crackled as it faced the ceiling. A very battered looking Aji edged in front of the screen. ….maybe I should stick to engineering…” she said weakly before collapsing off screen.

Aji D’moonh
Chief of Engineering
USS Endeavor


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