A Bad Day. Week 1 Challenge post

On: Ensign McCree was having a bad day. Now he looked up at the towering warp core. It was similar to what he had trained on at the academy, but now looking up at the pulsing collision of matter and antimatter was a wake up call. No more simulations, no more class work. Engineering just got real.

“You gonna stand there gawking all day or are you here to do work Ensign?” a commanding voice called from behind him.

McCree stood to quick attention. “Sir, ready to get started sir.”

“Alright Ensign, I need you to…”

“McCree.” The young ensign interrupted.

The seasoned lieutenant raised an eyebrow. “…Ensign McCree. I need you to investigate a power fall off in conduit Junction J-237. Something is disrupting the power flow. Can you do that Ensign… McCree?”

McCree nodded “Yes sir, I can.”

“Hopkins.” The Lieutenant stated.

“Excuse me sir?” McCree stammered.

“Its Lieutenant Hopkins, not sir.“ he stated with practiced authority.

“Yes sir, Lieutenant Hopkins, sir.” McCree answered struggling to maintain his composure.

Ensign McCree quickly started to exit the engineering core. “Check in with Chief Engineer D’moonh when you find the problem.” Hopkins called to him as he fled the scene.

A ship as large as a Galaxy class starship is a maze of corridors and a labyrinth of conduits. Ensign McCree found himself once more consulting the computer for direction. “Computer show me Conduit Junction J-237.”

The calm serene voice of the computer responded. <Conduit J-237 is just ahead behind the bulkhead for section 23-14.” Traces of light led the hapless ensign to the designated location.

Pulling out a small spanner McCree opened the bulkhead revealing a narrow conduit tunnel. He looked up into the tight crawl space that climbed upward between decks. As McCree climbed into the tunnel he had flashes of nightmares of getting stuck in tiny passageways like this. But he had a job to do. Courageously he crawled forward, his tricorder searching for the energy leak.

The tricorder bleeped a power fluctuation. Nodding to himself, McCree traced the conduit as it led up into the dark tunnel ahead. “Almost got you….” he whispered to himself, tracing the tricorder forward into the darkness.

Cautiously McCree crept forward, trying to keep his footing in the darkness. He reached to his belt for a torch but as he was bringing it up, a flash of sparks revealed something ahead in the tunnel, something dark, something furry.
“aw hell no.” McCree said to himself, quickly backpedaling through the conduit. Rats. He hated rats.

Moving back to a lit junction he pressed his com badge. <Ensign McCree to Chief Engineer D’moon, I’ve found something chewing on one of the power conduits. Permission to evacuate oxygen from the crawl space.

A high pitched voice chirped back, <D’moonh here. Negative on that request, I have crews working all over in conduits. If you have something alive, try and trap it before it can do more damage. >

McCree closed his eyes. No easy solution today…“Computer, identify any life form in conduit that is not a crew member.”

The computer purred back, “No non-starfleet lifeforms are detected in the conduits.”

How can that be possible, McCree pondered. <McCree to D’Moon, whatever it was has disappeared.>

<Lifeforms do not just disappear, hold on, I will head to your section.>

<uh, negative ma’am I got this.> McCree pulled out a phaser, setting the weapon to stun, he headed back up the conduit.

It didn’t take long before darkness once more filled the tunnel. McCree held his torch above the phaser, scanner from side to side. Ahead another junction bent off to the left. He could hear something scurrying up ahead. McCree crawled toward the turn edging the side arm forward. Just as he turned he the corner he found a pair of glossy black eyes embedded in fur coming at him. He fired and a lump of fur rolled into him.

McCree pushed the slightly smoldering furball away from himself, but even in the darkness, the sudden feel of cloth gave him an uneasy feeling that something wasn’t right.

<McCree to D’moon, I got it…..> he stopped mid sentence as he suddenly heard his voice coming from the fur ball. “aw, #&$8!” he exclaimed once more hitting his comm badge. <McCree to Sickbay. Medical emergency, conduit junction J-237. Two to beam directly to sickbay.

The hum of the transporter suddenly surrounded him as the dim conduit tunnel transitioned into the bright lights of Sickbay. Blue clad medics immediately rushed forward, lifting the uniformed furball onto the nearby gurney.

McCree forced his way to the bedside as the medical team quickly went about their work. “I am so sorry. I had no idea…”McCree pleaded.

Delirious as she started to come out of the stun, Lt. Commander Aji D’Moonh looked over at the young ensign. Her voice weak and strained she chirped, “I hate you.”

-Lt. Commander Aji D’Moonh
Chief Engineer
USS Endeavor

Ensign McCree (NPC)
Engineering Officer
USS Endeavour

Character name: Zuzutoo

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