Points of Contact

OFF: This is my Challenge Post. It talks place immediately after Vaanaras and Eight of Eleven’s exchange in the Turbo lift.

ON: Eight of Eleven watched the elfin Vorta quickly exit the Turbolift with a hasty nicety. As the doors shut she contemplated why Vaanaras would lie to her. Eight wrote the encounter off to emotions, something she was still coming to terms with experiencing again. In the collective there was no need to hide one’s feelings, you couldn’t, all the collective heard, felt and thought everything you did. There was an accepting familiarity that was certainly lacking from her life now. As positive as the experience of being independent was for eight, the isolation was almost paralyzing. She focused her mind on the recent encounter with the Romulans and the rising body count she had caused. Was she to feel remorse for these fallen enemies?

In the physics lab Lt. Commander D’moonh was hurriedly finishing the preparations for the expected procedures. Her head twitched as thoughts shot through her mind at a staccato pace. Dr. Sh’viakrik turned her antennae upon the engineer as she finished checking her monitoring equipment. The erratic pouncing and bounding of the chief engineer were a bit difficult for her to comprehend. She sighed quietly to herself. Why wasn’t nurse Jenny handling this procedure. Monitoring a simple attachment to Lt. Eight of Eleven was certainly routine work. Her subordinate should be able to take this off her hands.

Lt. Cmdr. D’moonh stopped for a moment while reading the schematics on the devices before her and looked at the Doctor. “Can I ask you Doc why are we doing this? That thing shouldn’t even be on this ship!”

The Andorian’s antennae curled upward as she gave the diminutive engineer a harsh glare. “It’s Dr. Sh’viakrik and the ‘thing’ you speak of is a sentient being that passed through the academy just like the rest of us.” The doctor’s face turned a darker shade of blue as she spoke. “We are also called, as officers to reach out to new species…”

“I know the Federation talking points on seeking out new life and new civilizations, but this civilization wiped out 11,000 lives at Wolf 359. Or did we forget?” She squeaked with an irate chirp.

At that moment Lt. Eight of Eleven walked into the lab. Lt. Cmdr D’mooh lets out a long trilling of nervous chirps while staring daggers at the drone.

“I am reporting as ordered Commander." Eight announced as she entered.

Aji’s fur stood on end as she worked to settle her agitation down. The Doctor walked up stating in a cool clinical voice. “Lieutenant, please sit down by the examination table.” Zazi looked over the drone with her quadroscopic vision, as best as possible trying to determine a baseline of the former Borg’s state of being. “The Captain ordered we find a safe way to attach your optic implant to the ship, so as to avoid potential accidents of earlier.”

Eight nodded. “I understand Doctor. There should not have been any trouble had the previous device been installed correctly.” Her eyes shifted towards the tiny engineer. “Perhaps if you were to use borg technology it would be more efficient.”

The Engineer chirped in. “There is nothing efficient about having Borg nanites crawling around, frankly I’d sooner die than have those things infect my ship. “
The drone made no change of expression and merely stated, “Your species is surprisingly fierce, it is no wonder you were deemed unworthy of assimilation.”

“You can assimilate my tiny ass. “ growled the engineer.

The Doctor rolls her eyes and interjects, “Everyone needs to settle down.”
D’moonh darts rapid glances between the two.

“I mean you Lt. Commander. Take a seat.” The Doctor commanded with an increasingly agitated tone.

The Tamian sits down in huff, issuing a vicious staccato of chirps.

The Doctor stood for a moment looking over the engineer and the drone. “It is my opinion a visit with the ship’s counselor is in order.”

Both glance at each other, not savoring the idea.

“Look,” the doctor says, rolling her eyes again, “I don’t have time for this. What exactly is the trouble here?”

Eight looks at the doctor and states stoically, “The tiny rodent has reservations over my formerly being part of the collective. I assure you, I am a fully independent being."

Aji responded back, “I’m sorry I just have difficulty trusting a drone after Wolf 359. A lot of my friends died there thanks to you.”

Eight continued, “Indeed, I was part of the battle at Wolf 359. The collective deemed Federation Technology worthy of Assimilation. The collective saw it as an opportunity for your species to become optimally enhanced. It would have been greatly beneficial for you as well as the Borg. Starfleet chose to resist and…"

“Resistance is futile. I’ve heard the catch phrase. Let’s just remember who was still standing after that encounter.” Aji countered snappily. “Your superior lifeform got its tail handed to it.”

The pale woman turned her eyes downward. “You are correct. And in your moment of victory all I knew… all that I was… was destroyed. Where there had been harmony, there is now silence. Where there was unity, there is… nothing. I became nothing. And now… I am alone in a non-cybernetic world surrounded by… humans.”

The Andorian shifted her antenna towards each speaker as she typed into her tricorder. Aji’s whiskers drooped a little as she processed the drone’s words. She shifted her eyes to look eight in the face. “I am glad we were victorious, we did not want your enhancement. But I understand being alone. The Federation is a rough place for those not humanoid. Even you tried to pick me up as a stray pet when you came aboard. Do you have any idea how often that happens to me."

The Doctor smirked a little at Aji’s response. “It is not always that welcoming to those that are semi-humanoid. While being founding members of the Federation, my people are still looked upon with suspicion. I understand that many of the crew feel I am cold and aloof. Andorians are a deeply passionate race, but we do not abide the small talk and the meaningless interactions of humans. We control our passions and that makes us… aloof.”

The three women looked at each other from their positions across the lab. Each letting out a sigh in their own particular way. The chime at the door rang. The door slid back as a small bald humanoid in blue robes entered. “Ladies, I believe someone put in an order for the Tranya.” Bolak lifted the slim decanter of orange fluid as he entered with a wide grin.

Eight and Aji starred at the little man in a state of confusion. The Andorian smirked to herself. “Yes, I felt this encounter was in dire need of Tranya. By all means pour.”

“Excellent, let us put our worries at ease, and with the Tranya find tranquility” he stated, putting down the bottle and producing four beverage glasses. He handed one to each. Eight took the glass with a bit of unease, social drinking was not necessary, but she felt the need to partake of this experience for the sake of… unity. An ironic thought to the former drone.

Aji picked up her glass with her two tiny hands as the bald little man filled it up. He smiled at the Tamian. “Health and happiness my dear.” He said to her. Her furry cheeks spread to a grin as she breathed in the exotic aroma of the tranya. She felt her tiny heart slowing as she calmed down. “Good choice Doc, I think we all need this.”

“Zazi. My name is Zazi.” she responded with a very thin smile.

Aji closed her large obsidian eyes, breathing deep. “Cheers, Zazi. And to you too Eight.”

Eight watched the other two and raised her glass as they were doing. “Thank you Commander D’moonh.”

The small furry woman shuddered for a moment, paused and replied. “You can call me Aji, please. Nobody can pronounce D’moonh right anyways.”

A slight smile cracked Eight’s lips. “Very well… Aji.”

The Tamian shot down her Tranya and waved the glass to the Linnik Bartender for a refill. “This gonna take some getting used to… “ she chirped. Holding her refilled glass with both hands above her head, stretching herself upwards on her muscular hind legs. “To those who don’t fit in.” she squeaked.

Bolak smiled broadly. “And to the finest company we find ourselves in.”
They all drank and started to laugh uncomfortably.

*Pull back and fade out…

Lt. Commander Aji D’moonh
Chief of Engineering

Lt. Eight of Eleven
Intelligence Officer
Dr. Zazi Sh’viakrik
Chief Medical Officer

Your Bartender


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