Captain...TAKEN OVER?

OFF: This is my challenge post. Set after the fight against the Romulan fleet. Please look past my miserable attempt to play your characters.

ON: The Mess Hall

Captain Wendi Nablesse sat down with three other members of her crew. She sighed in relief. The romulans had been defeated finally and they were settling down for a well deserved break.

“Well that was a very close call,” she said to the others at the table. “I swear that one more blast, and we would have been toast.” she said, sighing.

Avakhon nodded. “Yes, if that Klingon ship did not show up when it did.” He stopped to think for a second. “Did you ever stop to realize that the Klingons never show up unless they are needed, I mean I called them for help almost as soon as we got attacked. They chose that moment, when we were on our last stand to show up” he said. "I mean, they were cutting it paper thin. The scissors were about to snip down on us"

Zanessa stood up and smacked Avakhon. "Do not downplay the seriousness of the situation with jokes, but you are absolutely right, they should have come a little sooner so that we did not have to wait three days for the Engineers to fix the ship.” she yelled, passionately voicing her opinion. “What do you think, Alistar?” she asked.

Alistar, meanwhile, was distracted. He looked at Captain Nablesse. ‘Something seems wrong’ he thought. The captain was usually more talkative, always a strong voice. It was why she was the captain, able to lead with a powerful voice, charging straight at danger. She always kept her crew’s health in her mind as she did though. But...right now, she was silently looking off into the distance.

“Captain, are you…” he started but was cut off as she went unconscious. He looked at the other two. “Guys, can you inform the rest of the crew that the captain is unwell?” he asked calmly.

Zanessa and Avakhon looked at each other, then nodded to Alistar. “Hold on, I will teleport you both to sick bay.” Avakhon said, transporting them to the sickbay using Emergency Medical Transporter. ‘I will meet them over there, as soon as we relay the message that he wanted us too. Let's hope the EMH will be a little less transparent and help' he thought, smiling.

As soon as they arrived at the sickbay, Alistar set to work. He activated the Emergency Medical Hologram, still in its testing stage. ‘Now let’s try to figure out what is wrong with you, dear captain’ he thought. He began to examine her, looking for anything that seemed suspicious. Finding nothing, he sighed.

Just then, the doctor came in. He glanced at Alistar. “Excuse me Counselor, but what seems to be the issue today?” he asked, coming up to see the patient.

Alistar wasted no time in explaining. “So the Captain, Lieutenant Commander, Miss Zanessa, and I were sitting in the Mess Hall. We were talking about the Romulan attack, and how we barely survived. Out of nowhere the Captain collapsed. The Lieutenant Commander had teleported us here, and we are” he said.

The doctor looked at the Captain. “Counselor, I am going to have to ask you to move so that I can examine her, I am the doctor after all” he said, his tone serious. Alistar stepped aside, letting the doctor do his work.

“Yes doctor, I will get out of your way and let you do your work.” He said. He sat in the chair and watched the doctor examine the Captain. ‘I hope there is nothing wrong with her.’ he thought.

When the doctor finished his examination, he turned to Alistar. “I do not know what is going on here. She seems to be in perfect health in terms of the physical aspect of things.” he said, confusion was very visible on his face.

Alistar thought for a moment, then spoke. “Maybe it is not physical at all doctor, but mental perhaps?” he suggested. He went over to the captain and leaned in. Listening closely, he could almost swear he heard a faint muttering. He looked at the doctor, “Do we have something that can read minds, I want to make sure that her mind is not being tampered with.” he said. He went to the Emergency Medical Hologram, setting it to detect Beta wave sequences. Sure enough, there was a loud beeping, signifying that something was messing with the captain’s mind, but what?

Balok was having the best day of his life. ‘With the Captain of the Endeavor slowly going mad, she will be easier to control, then I will have her give me her ship, and my brother so I can kill him.’ he thought, an evil smile graced his face.

A romulan subcommander walked in. “Having fun with that device we got you, eh?” he said, smiling as he witnessed partner fiddling with the device. “Just remember our deal.” he said. “You get the ship and your brother, and get to carry out your plan to destroy the Klingon, and I get to kill Lieutenant Commander Avakhon Khinsharri” he said, smiling at what he planned to do with Avakhon once he had him in his hands.

Avakhon and Zanessa had almost finished with telling the whole crew about the Captain’s well being. They had left the majority of the crew in shock. The last one to inform of the incident was Bolak, the bartender. Zanessa walked up to him. “Hey, the captain is not feeling well. We were told by the Counselor to inform everyone that he is going to try to figure out what is wrong.” she said.

Bolak looked up from the glass he was cleaning. “Well, I do hope that Counselor Alistar can figure out what is wrong. The ship is not the same without the Captain.” he said worriedly. He thought about what could be troubling the captain so much when suddenly, Avakhon’s telecommunicator went off.

Avakhon answered it right away. “Yes Alistar?” he asked. “You want me to come over to the sickbay with Zanessa?” he stopped as the voice on the other end spoke again. He smiled at Zanessa and Bolak. “Ah, so you found the problem with Captain Nablesse, that is good. Yes, we will be over there in a flash” he said hanging up.

"Can I come as well" Bolak asked politely. He wanted to see what was wrong with the Captain. "After all, I want to see Ms. Nablesse in good health too." he said.

Avakhon smiled at him. "Well I do not see why not, after all, we can always use more heads in our thinking up a solution" he said. And with that all three of them went to the sickbay, wondering what it was that Dr. Bolvari had found.

When they got there, Alistar was waiting for them. "Did you inform the others of our...special predicament?" He asked, raising an eyebrow at Avakhon and Zanessa, who both nodded promptly in response.

"Good" he said, breathing a small sigh of relief that the others would not panic. He then continued with his explanation. "So we seem to have BETA wave pulses, most likely from a device. Those waves are taking their affect on Captain Nablesse's mental state."

Avakhon froze. He suddenly knew what was going on. "So in other words, someone is putting her brain through the micro-wave." he joked, only to find Zanessa elbowing him with a glare. His voice turned serious. "I only know one Romulan who has the technology to do this, and let's just say that him and I have a history. It was mostly me foiling his plans over and over again. My guess is that this is his attempt at revenge." he said solemnly, looking around the room.

Balok and his Romulan business partner were fighting after learning that both of them were planning to betray the other. They were fighting over the device, neither of them wanting to let the other have it.

"It was my plan, you filthy Romulan traitor" Balok screamed.

"Yeah, but it was my tech, you baby faced lunatic" the Romulan screamed back.

Soon the both heard a loud snap as the device in their hands broke. They looked down, seeing the tool of their plan in pieces. They began fighting, about ready to kill each other.

Wendi suddenly woke up from her comatose-like state. She looked around the room, seeing four other faces smiling down at her.

"Alright someone tell me what the heck is going on, why am I in the sickbay, and why are you all grinning like idiots. Get back to work." she yelled.

Alistar looked at the other three. "It is good to have the captain back isn't it?" he asked. The others nodded, smiling back at him.

OFF: This concludes my challenge post

Counselor Alistar Bolvari
Ship's Counselor
USS-Endeavor NCC-9819

Lt. Commander Avakhon Khinshinarri
Lt. Commander
USS-Endeavor NCC-9819

Captain Wendi Nablesse
Ship's Captain
USS-Endeavor NCC-9819

USS-Endeavor NCC-9819

Zanessa Ogden
Astrometrics Officer
USS-Endeavor NCC-9819

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