Electric dreams PART 1

OFF: This is ONE of my Challenge post.
TIME: Shortly after the incident involving Eight of Eleven's imbibing in Sickbay
Characters involved - Lt. Commander Avakhon Khinsharri, Lt. Commander Aji Dmoonh'
Lt. Eight of Eleven. Ship's Counselor, Alistar Bolvari, Lt. Vanaaras of Security.
Her Aide Lt. Tulde. CMO- Dr.Zazi Sh'viakrik, Balok the bartender.
ON :
Avakhon is given a message to come to the Sick Bay as his partner, CEO D'moonH and the Borg, Lt. Eight of Eleven are working things out from the earlier mishap.
Their attempts to connect her to the ship's computers and sensors to enhance their
abilities while in the nebula were not as successful as hoped and nearly caused
some serious injury to the Lt.

He takes the transporter to the Medical lab and sees three females and a diminutive male enjoying a drink together. He enters the lab and begins,
"Ladies, Bolak, I see there's been some form of compromise here on the situation from earlier. I trust all the technical and personal issues are resolved now and we can
once more attempt to utilize the ocular implant to our benefit?"

"Well, let's just say we've agreed to some cessations fo hostilities, if not a temporary truce. "Aji says with a wink and small chirp of giddiness," I've decided that the Lt.
and I share one very important thing on this ship. WE BOTH are out of the norm for those
duties we are responsible for, is that about right Eight?"

"I concur, although having had this experience has broadened my appreciation for the individuality of the species on board this ship. Were this a BORG ship, we would have been given instruction from the Hive, via our Queen and then proceeded to execute those orders to our completion or elimination from service. Failure or termination of life functions is never a concern as we are assured that no matter what occurs, WE are Borg and that we shall prevail as that is our destiny." and she takes another sip of the
Tranya that Balok has served them.

"WE settled that already, Eight. the BORG lost and that's why these LOWLY species are here now. We also agreed NOT to bring that subject up again and is why we're celebrating with Tranya! Thanks to Bolak here!"

"Ladies, please, I am merely here to serve everyone. Let's not quibble over the semantics of who's species is superior, WE are al here now, and there's Tranya to be enjoyed. Another round for everyone?" he asks.

There's a chorus of voices, "YES PLEASE!" and he walks around and pours them all another drink. Afterward, they are enjoying each others company and Avakhon asks,
"Sooo are we going to get this ocular implant situation resolved?"

"We have decided to use the ocular implant connected via the computer here in sickbay in case there are any problems and it requires MEDICAL personnel to help with. "says the CMO.

"Agreed. It's an amicable way to ensure we don't have any problems and it limits the
access to our systems." says Aji.

"Then shall we begin so that we're NOT sitting here blind again? I had 'FRIENDS' come by
and their appearance wasn't completely pleasurable. The evidence of that was made very clear with our recent situation. I feel it was NO accident that we were met by those particular Romulans. My experiences with the Sub-Commander has left a very bad taste in his mouth. So shall we get on with this? I don't like having to call in FAVORS from my side of the family if you know what I mean?"

"????? YOU have a family Avakhon?" Says Aji," I suppose that's to be expected, but I
never knew that Khinsharri HAD any kindred beings to them. After all, YOU told me that you were the re-animated dead and honored fallen warriors of your kind. WHAT possible family could you have? ZOMBIES? Dear Squantos, TELL ME YA DON'T HAVE ZOMBIES for a cousin!" she says with a nervous chirp.

"I have lived the equivalent of many lifetimes CEO, and as such, I have known MANY
great house leaders, chancellors and Supreme Leaders of the Empire. THOSE families I
have served faithfully for many generations and SHOULD I need them they will respond.
Believing that just such an occurrence was possible, I took. . . . . CERTAIN liberties
to ensure the success of our mission, but they haven't arrived in time to prevent what
I feared would happen. THEY are near, should I need them, but not as to be seen now and make themselves known. It is NOT their way."

At this moment the ship's Counselor, Alistar Bolvari, enters and adds to the conversation,
"Avakhon! Thank God you're still here, that incident with the Captain losing consciousness briefly. I have been trying to figure out what happened to her as the resident couldn't find any medical reason for her to collapse. I have my suspicions, so I ran some tests with the BETA version of the EMH. HIS scans concluded that there were high levels of BETA waves being broadcast to her and that she was under a telepathic assault. But just as mysteriously as it began, they stopped and she recovered. What do YOU make of it all?"

"It doesn't surprise me. What did the EMH Dr. make of it all? Did his database record the incident for the medical database to be examined?" he asks the Counselor.

"Well, I presume as much, he was very brash and somewhat rude if you ask me, but his functionality responded to my requests. I do hope they choose a better personality for him when he is released to all ships. The man he's modeled after now, a Dr. Zimmerman, is briliant, but very audacious to his patients."

"As computer programs go, they seldom look at teh bedside manner as they do the results
of getting it done as quickly and with as little resources used as possible, HENCE the
EMERGENCY part of his program. It's rather HARD to be congenial if you're trying to stop the bleeding of a carotid artery on someone who's been hit by Romulan disruptor fire."

"I see, so he's just an emergency program should one of us not be able to be there in a
medical emergency then?"

"Yes, that's why he was programmed, to ASSIST human Dr.'s during the onslaught of Borg
and other wars as Dr.'s were in short supply. He is to become standard issue aboard EVERY starship in the Fleet within a few years."

The CEO speaks," OK, I think we're ready now, the interface is this cable, that ataches
to her ocular implant and we sync it with the Med lab computers to access bridge functions
from here. That's a LOT of re-routing, so I hope it holds up to the strain." Aji looks
furtively at the whole menagerie of cables and wires being connected to Eight," I just
hope YOU'RE right Avakhon, cause I'm NOT going to be responsible if this goes south!"

"Understood CEO, I am the one that's asked Eight to do this and she agreed to the risks, it's duly noted that YOU were opposed to it and I will bear the brunt of it IF it doesn't succeed. Please continue."
OFF This is part ONE of the series for my Challenge post

Lt. Commander Avakhon Khinsharri,
Chief Of Operations, USS Endeavor NCC 9819
Avakhon Khinsharri

Lt. Commander Aji Dmoonh'
Chief Of Engineering, USS Endeavor NCC9819

Lt. Eight of Eleven.
Borg, Intelligence Officer, USS Endeavor, NCC 9819
Messenger of Heaven

Dr. Alistar Bolvari
Ship's Counselor, USS Endeavor, NCC 9819

Lt. Vanaaras
Chief Of Security, USS Endeavor, NCC 9819

Dr.Zazi Sh'viakrik,
Chief Medical Officer, USS Endeavor, NCC 9819

Bartender in Ten Forward, USS Endeavor, NCC 9819

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