Electric dreams PART 2

OFF: This is PART TWo of my Challenge post
After a few moments, they have succeeded in connecting Eight to the consoles in the Med Lab. All appears to be working as each connection is inspected and secured by Aji.
"Well, let's FIRE this puppy up!" she chirps nervously.

COMPUTER- "ALL SYSTEMS are set for interface to the sensors. PLEASE insure that all safety protocols are disengaged to allow for successful attempts to the interface."

"Computer, DISENGAGE all known safety protocols for this interface, authority AK
10017. Priority Alpha."

COMPUTER-" Authorization codes accepted. ALL safety protocols are disengaged."

"Lt.Commander, I am beginning to get images from my implant. They should be appearing on the screen in just. . . . AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH AHHHHHHHHHH !" she screams and then collapses.
The cabling begins to glow and melt into her face and Aji and the rest see this and desperately start ripping the cables and wires from her face and body in an effort to minimize the damage to her.
Dr. Zazi says, "COMPUTER DISENGAGE the interface NOW! Transport the patient to a stasis field bio-bed immediately! FULL ISOLATION PROTOCOLS!"

Lights shimmer and Eight are transported to the Sickbay isolation and containment area.
Eight of Eleven's face is severely burnt by the cable that was attached to her optical implant and she loses consciousness. She has never felt pain like this before as it seems to burn inside her head. Her nanoprobes don't seem to be able to cope with this
incident and are malfunctioning in their programming to repair her damage to her.

Turning to the Dr., Avakhon asks her, "Doctor, what's your diagnosis? Will she be ok?"
She responds to him, "Commander, I'm not an expert on Borg, and I don't know of anyone on board that IS, so I can't tell you what is going to happen to her. I'm a Dr.
NOT an engineer, you want to know what's going on with her, I suggest you ask the CEO."
She dresses in full sterile operation wear and administers a hypospray with some pain relievers as much as she dares to the now unconscious Eight. After a preliminary examination,
she places her into the secured stasis chambers just outside sickbay.
"I will have to consult Star Fleet Medical, but I can't do that in this soup of a nebula and we're down to minimal power as it is. MEDICAL emergency or not, she's going to have
to STAY in stasis until I can find some way to operate on her and repair the damage,
I'm just surprised that her nanoprobes haven't kicked in and begun the repairs for me.
What I do know of the Borg is those probes are supposed to be working to the hilt to repair her." this was NOT the news he had hoped for as it was HIS suggestion that she try this thing to help out with the ship and to try and include her more. She was reluctant,
perhaps even foreseeing this occurrence, but yet she tried it as he had asked it of her.
He thinks{ Doesn't get emotional now Khinsharri, there's no time for such a thing, THINK! LOGIC is what you need here. Open your Vulcan mindset and think of some way to help her through this. WAIT, I have telepathic abilities, I don't use them often as a ship this size it's maddening trying to block them all out, but PERHAPS I can reach into HERS and find out why this isn't working.}
"Dr. Zazi, IF I may speak to you privately." and he gestures to her office quickly.
"THIS is my fault, and I NEED to find some way of making it right. She didn't want to do this and I assured her it would be ok. I have to know that she's ok. I have a favor to ask."

"What is is Lt. Commander?" she looks daggers at him as it's HER patient now, and shouldn't have been to begin with," Are you going to tell me that YOU can do something that I can't for her now?"

"I make no promises, Dr. but I am able to use my own telepathic abilities to reach her mind and see what shape she is in and possibly re-engage her probes to work for her and not against her. I owe her that much! And I don't want to have to explain to the Captain WHY I killed one of her officers trying to make things work for her."

"Soo YOU expect ME to allow YOU to do what?" she glares at him again, hoping to make him simply shut up and go back to his bridge. SHE would have to deal with this and HOPE she could find some way to restructure Eight's face and features so that they weren't horribly scarred. Not that being a Borg was any mark of beauty, but at least functionally she could face the public.

"I don't want to pull rank on anyone, but I am the SO here and as ranking officer, I am ordering you to grant me access to that containment area so that I can try to aide in her recovery. Will you comply Dr.?

"I want it on record that I am COMPLETELY against this action and IF she dies, IT'S ON YOUR HEAD Lt. Commander!." she states emphatically.

"Agreed Dr. I will assume full responsibility for this should anything happen to result
in her further injury or death."

Walking into the containment area, he reaches out to place his hand upon her head,
blocking out the pain he feels from her mind. He begins to probe into her mind deeper and deeper to find the root cause of this problem. He finds her standing there in her alcove, apparently resting in her regeneration chamber. As he approaches her, she LUNGES towards him in RAGE. He is taken aback until he realizes this is HER mind and she is expressing herself as an emotional being would that's trusted someone that let them down or got them hurt.
"LOGICAL" is all he says.
Once she returns to her chamber he sees her body is slowly degenerating into a less Borg figure. She becomes a beautiful form of female species that she would have been had she not been assimilated. Looking around, he has found himself in a forest setting, complete with large trees, vines and the heavy scent of floral blossoms all around him. SO heavy was this scent that it nearly smothered him with its fragrance. He reminded himself that THIS was
HER mind and not another reality he had entered into. The ground beneath him shook and trembled as he suddenly was thrust skyward and found himself perched high above everything where he could see for miles in any direction. Breathtaking in its beauty, yet very
dangerous in its a locale. One misstep and he would plummet thousands of feet to his death or severely mangled body, of that there was no doubt,

"Eight, where are we?" he asks her, hoping for some clarification as this is not exactly a ship nor is it a planet.

"I am not Eight here. I am who I WOULD have been had I not been assimilated. My name is Leoriah. This is Unimatrix 0. THIS is where drones come when they are in rest to live out their non-Borg existences during regeneration periods. While we retain no memory of the time spent here, it does remove the nagging WHAT IF scenarios that accompany many species who are taken by the Borg. This realm is one where we, how would you recognize it? Dream, yes that's it. This is the Dream Realm for Borg drones. This allows us to be unique and see our personal value to the collective while we are being a part of it. The STATEMENT
at the time of assimilation is such, 'YOUR uniqueness will be ADDED to our own and YOU will serve US' is not mere prose, but THIS is the place where an individual's uniqueness resides, grows and thrives while they are a part of the greater Collective mindset."

"I see, so this is all that you dream of? The mountains, the forests, the surroundings?
Are there no other beings in this realm with you beside me?"

"There are others, it is populated by drones of course, and THEY may appear as ANYTHING they desire here. Animals, beings, or winds and elementals. Whatever allows them to be at peace and remain content to be a drone for the Collective."

Just then a small rodent looking creature lunged at Avakhon, grasped him by the neck and began biting him profusely. After the initial shock, he pulls the creature away, looking to see WHAT has attacked him and what he should do of it, he grabs it and pulls it off of his face. Holding it by the scruff of the neck an trying not to get near its vicious snarling mouth any further. Examining it he sees it is Lt. Commander Aji Dmoomnh', or something resembling her that have attacked him. It looks like her, but it has something different. WINGS!

After what seems forever, it bites his hand, then begins to fly away, telling him,
"You're a mean one, Mr. Khinsh
You really are a heel
You're as cuddly as a cactus, you're as charming as an eel, Mr. Khinsh
You're a bad banana with a ...... greasy black peel!"

He looks back at the Tamian and wonders,"IS this how Eight sees the CEO? As a flying squirrel? I wonder how she sees ME?" Upon seeing that he's requested it, there's a
mirror right in front of him. He notices it's HIS face, but on the animated body of
an antlered bovine species of Old Earth known as a MOOSE.
THIS is all that messages fault! Some joke huh? He reminds himself that once he has
exited here to look into the computer and SEE who originated that little MEME.

"I have been insulted before, I've even WON insult wars as I'd forced my opponent
to die of embarrassment, but never to this extent, in a BORG dream."

The Flying Squirrel comes back and drops a literal ton of nuts on him, burying him up to the neck, his face and antlers sticking up. Trying to maneuver in this is like trying to swim in glue. The more he struggles the more it drags him downward.
Finally, he is drug down into what appears to be a sea of marshmallow consistency.
The nuts bobbing along with him as if they were flotsam. He sees a mountain ahead.
Slowly he trudges his way to the landmass. It's dark and rich in color. The scent is familiar to him. "Nuq Daq Yuch Dapol Kling'non?" is the sign in front of him in BOLD Klingon lettering. He sees he is now on the land and his form has returned to its (normal?) self.
He sees that the 'LAND' he is standing on is made of CHOCOLATE! And it's in shaved sections for a beach effect, while further in it's in small rocks, then larger boulders from there on to the top of the mountain.

"I KEEP it RIGHT HERE!" he yells. " And where do YOU keep it Leoriah?"
Suddenly there's a wave of red syrup like an ocean that begins to rush towards him.
Looking around he sees trees that are oddly shaped. He sees these yellow stalks,
hanging in clusters. Recognizing them, he swiftly goes over, cuts one off the tree,
and slices it open to reveal a white fleshy inner substance. The red sea of syrup is beginning to crash around him, urging him ever faster. With but a few seconds to spare prior to his being overtaken by the ocean of syrup, he deftly jumps into the makeshift vessel. Riding the crest of the red wave, he screams at Lioriah.

"YOU tried to drown me in straw, berry good! But I better split now before I chunk you up! So am I, A PEELING to you now?"
(Background music plays- "Sweet Dreams are made of these, WHO am I to disagree?
HOLD your head up,[movin'On] Keep your head up [Movin' On]!"

He is once more on solid ground. His feet firmly planted on soil now, not dessert toppings. He looks up to see the Flying Squirrel once more, her arms heavy laden with large rectangular red objects, which once overhead, she unloads them upon his head. he is buried beneath the weight of these items and she hovers around his seemingly crushed body. Until he arises, his eyes glowing red, looking all the more menacing to the Squirrel. With a single wave, the objects are gone. Still, she chirps,

"You're a Klingon monster, Mr. Khinsh
Your heart's an empty vole
Your brain is full of slime devils, you've got high in your soul, Mr. Khinsh
I wouldn't touch you with a ..... thirty-nine-and-a-half meter pole!"

Rising up, he sees the items are indeed building materials once used for domiciles
and such. He recalls an old Terran saying about,' Hitting you like a ton of BRICKS'
"So you think this is going to stop ME eh Leoriah? I will find your core."

The scene cuts away to the stasis chamber where both are engaged in the melding of minds. Avakhon takes a brief respite to engage the EMH. It shimmers to life and says,

"Please state the nature of the medical emergency?" as it stands there and looks at

"Dr. Zimmerman I presume?" he looks at the hologram.

"He was my original programmer and my likeness is based upon him, that is correct."

"Good, then I need two things from you. 1. I need you to monitor my progress into
her mind via this link, looking for spikes in Beta waves, indicating a stressful or
a possibly lethal incident that would require severing the link."

"I see, and the second?" he asks.

"I need you to be ready with a Defibrulation device when I signal you. WHEN I do,
I want you to USE it on ME. WITH FULL 1,000 JULES Force, do you understand Dr.?"

"That much power will not resuscitate you but kill you. It's against my programming to capitulate to such terms. Even a Holographic Dr. has to obey the Hippocratic oath.

"YOU won't KILL me Dr. I assure you, but you MAY just SAVE this patient. I have
overridden your recording protocols and safety ones as well, so NO record of this
will survive."

"I see, then it appears that I have NO choice but to co-operate. I will do as you
ask Commander."

With this, he returns to her mind. She is flying through the air now and seems to be quite happy, that is until she sees HIM in her dreams again.
Suddenly and forcefully they are brought to the ground. Him landing on his sides
and rolling as she lands feet first.

"WHY do you torment her?" says the flying squirrel."Haven't YOU caused her enough pain?" and with that, it hurls metallic balls towards him that sprout spikes once they are airborne. He tries to dodge them, but there's too many of them and them
impale themselves on his body, covering him. They weigh him down and he begins to
sink beneath the ground. The Squirrel sings this as she flies away,

"You're a vile one, Mr. Khinsh
You have termites in your smile
You have all the tender sweetness of a spacesick Cardassian, Mr. Grinch
Given a choice between the two of you, I'd take ..... the spacesick Cardassian!

You're a foul one, Mr. Khinsh
You're a nasty-wasty Krunk
Your heart is full of unwashed socks, your soul is full of gunk, Mr. Khinsh
The three words that best describe you are as follows, and I quote
"Stink, stank, stunk!"

You're a rotter, Mr. Khinsh
You're the king of sinful sots,
Your heart's a dead tomato splotched with moldy purple spots, Mr. Khinsh
Your soul is an appalling dump heap overflowing with the most disgraceful
Assortment of deplorable rubbish imaginable, mangled up in tangled up knots!"

HE once more rises to his feet, eyes glowing red as the metallic balls melt away.
It's then that he sees HER. . . He blinks to make sure it is what he perceives it
to be. IT IS! There in front of him stands a 50-foot tall Vorta female. Lt VANAARAS!
Yet it isn't her, as she slowly looks around and an arm lowers from the ceiling to attach itself to her spine. She then is removed from the body and finds herself smaller into one that is level with him.

"A Khinsharri? How quaint! I recall very distinctly that WE looked upon your species and found it intolerable to our Collective. YOU are an abomination to US.
So close to perfection in so many ways, yet NOT a living being. HOW can you exist?"

"Vanaaras? HOW is it possible YOU are here? YOU weren't assimilated!"

"I am NOT her you fool, I am THIS DRONES approximation of a Queen and her likeness is impressed upon her in this ship. I take that place in her mind that
requires solidity and perfection that the Collective offers her."

Just then a small winged porcine figure flies into view.

"WHO is that supposed to be? Vanaaras' aide Tulde?"

"This is my personal Drone, he's a TELL HER RIGHT!"

"Ohhh SO NOW your PUNNING ME? HOW low of you Queen!"

"It IS your preferred method of attack isn't it Khinsharri?"

"Touche' Queen, but NOW I have a surprise for YOU." and he breaks the link,
signals the DR to shock his full power. He complies and Avakhon seemingly falls to the ground dead.A moment later, he rises, his eyes glowing brilliant red.
he takes hold of Eight's arms and begins to flow the energy into her body,
energizing the nanoprobes in her body once more. He has successfully restarted the regeneration process for her body and she starts to heal in moments.
After 15 minutes she is revived and looking at Avakhon as he falls to the ground,
drained and weak. He has saved her and is now requiring the attention of his own. . .

OFF: This concludes my Challenge post.
Lt. Commander Avakhon Khinsharri,
Chief Of Operations, USS Endeavor NCC 9819
Avakhon Khinsharri

Lt. Commander Aji Dmoonh'
Chief Of Engineering, USS Endeavor NCC9819

Lt. Eight of Eleven.
Borg, Intelligence Officer, USS Endeavor, NCC 9819
Messenger of Heaven

Dr. Alistar Bolvari
Ship's Counselor, USS Endeavor, NCC 9819

Lt. Vanaaras
Chief Of Security, USS Endeavor, NCC 9819

Lt. Tulde of Security
Security Assistant Chief, USS Endeavor, NCC 9819
NPC character of October

Dr.Zazi Sh'viakrik,
Chief Medical Officer, USS Endeavor, NCC 9819

Bartender in Ten Forward, USS Endeavor, NCC 9819

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