Split Reality

This is my challenge post. I want to say a special thanks for Sparky for giving me the push I needed when I was stuck and lacking ideas which lead me to getting the idea for this post!

I hope some of you get the upcoming references!

Zanessa left the Mass Hall and began to walk towards the deck, when she saw something out of the corner of her eye, it seemed to be a tear in the ship’s inner walls. She turned around and it was gone. “Er…I must be losing it.” She thought before leaving.

As she walked, she heard a yelp looking down she as she had accidently stepped on Lt. Aji’s foot. “I’m sorry, I didn’t see you there!” She looked at Aji, feeling a sense of embarrassment at her mistake.

“That’s quite alright Miss Zanessa… Actually, I’m happy to have run into you, perhaps you can help me with something.”

“Oh? I’ll be happy to help with whatever it is.”

“You see, I’ve been getting weird readings off the ship’s systems it seems to becoming from this location too.”

“What sort of readings?” Zanessa asked now concerned. “I’m not sure, I’ve never seen anything like this before.”

“May I borrow your scanner?” She asked deciding to see the scans for herself. Aji nodded handling it to Zanessa.

The tiny furred girl watched as the human conducted her own scans. She thought back to what she was told about the young female, A girl with no past somehow joining StarFleet, none the less the girl was rather helpful.

“Um… Aji?” Zanessa said her voice full of worry. Aji shooked her thoughts. “Yes?”

“After analyzing the scans I realized it’s detecting some sort of hidden portal. I’m re-aligning the sequences now to try to remove whatever is hiding it.”

Aji nodded as she stood beside Zanessa. “This must’ve happened during the attack…. But how didn’t they notice until now?” She thought to herself. “Good job, at finding this Ensign Zanessa Ogden.”

Zanessa smiled. “Thanks... but is the formal address really required, Lieutenant Commander Aji D’moonh.” She replied sarcastically.

Aji laughed. “Point taken.” She answered.

“Aji step back.” Zanessa ordered moving back herself. Aji complied watching Zanessa and watched as the portal revealed itself.

It was like a long jagged swirling cut in the ship’s wall but that wasn’t all that was unhidden.

Outside ships unlike any they have ever seen appeared surrounding them. “This is bad.” Aji thought looking at Zanessa. “Go get the Captain now! Hurry as fast as you can, I’ll stay here.” Zanessa nodded handing back the scanner and took off in a run.

Zanesa was ran to find The Captain the appearance of those ships terrified her, she accidently ran right into Alister causing them both to fall.

Zanessa blushed and jumped up. “I’m sorry Alistar!” She said helping him up.

“It’s fine but why were you in such a hurry?” Alistar questioned

“Aji and I discovered a portal in the middle of the ship and we are surrounded by strange ships! She told me to get The Captain.”

“Zanessa, The Captain needs her rest she just got out of sick bay we will have to handle this ourselves.”

“Are you sure, we will be able to?” She asked.

Alister gave her a reassuring smile. “I’m sure.” He said even though he wasn’t.

In his head, he began to panic inside of his head. ‘Really, first the Captain issue, and then this. At this point I would not be surprised if robots invaded the Endeavor.’ he thought.

He looked back at Zanessa, giving her a quick smile. “Well we would not want anything coming out of the portal, now would we,” he said.

Alistar thought for a second. “Well, can you show me where this portal is” he asked, worried.

“Yeah.” Zanessa said leading them to wear she left Aji. The Tamian looked at them. “Where is the captain?” She asked.

Alister looked at Aji. “As I told Zanessa, The captain needs her rest, she just left sick bay I’m sure we can handle this.” Aji nodded in understanding.

Alistar sighed in relief. He was glad that they understood the importance that the captain rested and got better. “So now that that issue has been taken care of, we need to start investigating that portal.” he said. The others nodded in agreement.

They continued to the place where Zanessa had found the portal. Along the way, they ran into Eight of Eleven. Zanessa stopped to talk to her. “Hello Eight of Eleven” she said, slightly panicked.

Eight of Eleven looked at her. She was a firm believer that the correct rank be placed whenever someone was being addressed. She saw Zannessa’s rushed and worried face, deciding to let it slide for just this once.

“Hello Ensign Zanessa, might I ask what the trouble is?” she asked quizzically. She listened as Zanessa told her all about the small rift she saw in the Mess Hall, and how later, she had found the portal with the help of Aji. For a brief moment, she looked at Aji and Alistar, as seeming to want confirmation that Zanessa was telling the truth.

When they both nodded, she spoke. “Well this sounds serious,” she said. “Mind if I come with you to investigate this rift?” she asked. The others wasted no time in agreeing to this. In their minds, the more help they could get the better.

So they all went to the area that the portal was located. Alistar and Eight of Twelve were a little surprised when they saw it, being it their first time seeing the intradimensional rift.

“What in the world is that thing?” Alistar said, as a robotic type being entered the ship through the portal.

“It looks kind of like a giant chess piece with a plunger glued on.” Aji said, laughing. The dalek swiveled its head towards the group. “EXTERMINATE” it said in a loud shrill. It then fired a beam at them. Aji ducked behind the nearest object.

“Okay that is definitely not a plunger.” she yelled. The dalek then turned around and went in the direction of the Mess Hall, the loud shrill when it repeated the word “EXTERMINATE” echoing through the hall.

Zanessa looked in the direction that it went. “Guys...that is the Mess Hall. PEOPLE are in there!” she yelled in a slight panic. She began to run for the Mess Hall, to try to stop the robot from hurting anyone.

The others looked at each other. They each had a look of dread on their face as they thought about someone getting hurt, or even killed. ‘Please let nothing bad happen to the crew’ Eight of Eleven thought.

Zanessa had made it just as the dalek shot a crewman. The dalek’s shrill voice almost sounded like it was mocking her, repeating that one stupid word over and over. Zanessa looked to the others, who had just entered the Mess Hall. They all saw the dead crewman and rushed over.

“We need to get him to sickbay” Alistar said, his voice hitching as his usual calm and cheerful demeanor wavered. He went to teleport the crewmate using an Emergency Medical Transporter, but before he could, he felt a hand on his arm.

“Don’t bother. He is already dead” Aji said, tears started to well up in her eyes.

“We can’t let this thing be around any longer” Eight of Eleven said. She wanted to keep the rest of the crew safe. “We need to send it back through the portal, NOW” she said. She looked at the others, hatred toward the dalek burning in her eyes.

The others nodded. “So how are we going to do this without getting blasted ourselves?” Aji asked.

Zanessa looked to Alistar, who was deep in thought. “What are you thinking Alistar?” she asked. She knew that whenever he was thinking this much, he usually came up with a plan.

Alistar looked to each of them in return. “I don’t think we can fight it, but maybe we can outsmart it. Can we lure the robot back to the portal, using the four of us?” he asked. It was a risky plan, so many ways for it to go horribly wrong. Anyone of them could be next to die, just like the dead crewman.

Aji suddenly soke. “Well I am willing to give it a try. I mean, anything to keep the rest of the crew safe”

Zanessa spoke. “Well I can be the one to lure it over to the portal. Aji and Eight, can you standby at the portal entrance, ready to close it once the robot is inside?” she asked.

“Yes, I think we can do that” Eight of Eleven said. She and Aji began to run towards the portal.

“Well, Alistar, wish me luck, but you should go with them too. Maybe you can study the portal while you are waiting for me to bring the robot over to you guys.” she said. She knew Alistar loved to study things and figure out the unknown things.

Alistar looked at her. He smiled. “Good luck Miss Zanessa. I hope this plan succeeds.” With that, he left her alone, going to join the others.

Aji saw Alistar and looked to Eight of Eleven. “Now I am starting to get worried for Zanessa. She must be crazy to think she can lure that thing here on her own” she said, worry showing on her facial expressions.

Sometime later Zanessa was seen running. She was dodging the dalek’s blasts. “Get ready you guys” she yelled.

Alistar backed away from the portal and Aji and Eight of Eleven stood by, ready to close it as soon as the dalek was through. Zanessa closed the distance between herself and the portal, quickly stepping aside at the last second. The dalek, not being able to turn so quickly went through the rift.

“Well that could of went better, or worse. I am so glad it was not worse though.” Aji said. She and Eight went their separate ways, leaving Alistar and Zanessa alone.

Alistar looked at her. “Ummm...Zanessa?” he asked. He had noticed something peculiar about the biological makeup of the portal.

“Yes Alistar?” she answered. She was unsure of what he was about to say. Something in her heart told her to worry, for the next words that came out of his mouth could change everything.

“Well, you remember when you told me to study the biological sequences of the portal?” he asked. When she nodded, he continued. “Well I found that the biological sequence matches one of the people on the ship,” he said.

Zanessa laughed, but it was not in humor. “Oh really Mister ‘I am a big brained scientist’, which of the crew members did it match?” she asked, slightly teasing him.

“It matched...yours, which might explain why you have no memories of your past, and why we have no data records on you until after you joined StarFleet” He said. “I personally don’t care. You are my best friend, but others may find this revelation...shocking to say the least. But enough on that, I believe we must get back to the others.” Alistar said, giving her a smile.

They walked back to the Mess Hall, silently agreeing that this was an adventure that spanned all across dimensions.

Zanessa paused thinking. “What if we use my transporter sequences to rewire the portal’s design? Maybe that would cause it to close?”

“Are you sure that it is safe? I mean we now know that you are part of that world. And I don’t know about you, but I would rather not lose my best friend” Alistar said.

“The well-being of the ship and crew should come before one member, I would rather not be sucked into a world I don’t remember but it’s worth the risk, who knows perhaps I won’t be. I am apart of this world now as well.”

“Okay, you have a point.” Alistar sighed. “Let’s do it then, but I hope that you can stay.”

“Same.” She replied as she began rewriting the sequences.

Eight of Eleven thought for a second. “So how do you think that Zanessa and Alistar plan to close the portal?” she asked Aji, giving her crewmate a quizzical look. She did not know if it was even possible to close it.

“I do not know Lieutenant, but I think they will find a way. Who knows, they might get rid of those weird ships outside too. Those are creepy looking” she said, pausing to look out the window at the ships that surrounded them.

“Yeah I know. I do not think anyone here knows what they are, but one thing is for certain, they can not be a good thing.” She responded. “Let’s just hope that those two figure it out before we get attacked and almost blasted out of space...again.” She said, thinking of the romulan battle.

“Yeah, that fight was a nightmare, if the Klingon had not shown up, we would have been space debris.” Aji said, glad that they had help and had won the fight against the Romulan fleet.

Zanessa continued analyzing and rewiring the codes. She was worried, she didn’t want to lose everything she had gained here, but this was for the best, even if she had to deal with the consequences.

Alistar stood watching his best friend work away as he overheard Aji and Eight of Eleven’s talk. “Zanessa, just in case the worst does happen, I want you to know that knowing you has been the best time of my life.”

She smiled up at him. “Same, Alistar.” She signed backing up. “Well….. It’s ready all I have to do is press this button.”

Alistar nodded. “Well, I wish you well if you end up disappearing to that world. And I hope you always remember StarFleet.” he said, giving her a smile.

Zanessa looked down for a moment and thought before hugging Alistar tightly. “I’m never forgetting any of this!”

“To be fair, Miss Zanessa, you did forget about your past life. So you might…” He was stopped mid-sentence suddenly by Zanessa kissing him. He blushed. “What was that for?” he asked her, confused.

“If this is the last time we ever see each other, I want you to know how I feel.” She answered blushing before turning back to look at the portal.

“Well if that is the case, I must say that I felt the same way about you.” he confessed. “Now how about we push the button and close the portal.” he said.

Aji and Eight were speechless. They could not believe what they had seen. They looked at each other in shock. ‘Well that was not expected’ Aji thought. She was expecting it to be a touching goodbye, but she did not expect this. This only happened in those old romance movies.

Eight looked around. “Okay as much as this is very touching, we have to save the ship,” she said. “And that means closing the portal”

Zanessa nodded taking a deep breathe before pressing the button.

Suddenly there was a sucking sound coming from the portal as it began to swirl fast. “Guys hold onto something!” Zanessa yelled.

Aji, Alistar and Eight all found something to hold onto as the ships outside began to disappear one by one.

Zanessa could feel it trying to pull her in along with them, but she refused she ran over to Alistar, gripping tightly onto whatever she could find.

The ships...apparently full of Dalek crew were soon all gone as the portal began to close in on itself. When it was done, nothing remained of the ships, or of the evidence of anything done by the Dalek that was on board, except they all four remembered the death of the crewman.

Zanessa smiled in relief. “I guess not even a portal to another world can take me from this place.”

Alistar grinned, happy to see that his friend had stayed. “Well, I am glad to hear that Miss Zanessa, so what do you four want to do? I am wanting to play a game of chess.” he said, smiling at the others.

Aji and Eight both ran out without replying to him wanting to get far away from the Mess Hall as possible.

Zanessa looked at him. “I’m up for a game, but get ready to lose.” She said with a smirk.

Alistar looked at her, surprised. “Oh bold words, Zanessa. Perhaps you forget how our last battle went.” he said as he brought out his chessboard and set it up.

“Yeah with you cheating.” She replied.

The two began to bicker over who actually won the last game with happy smiles.

En. Zanessa Ogden
Astrometrics Officer
USS-Endeavor NCC-9819

Counselor Alistar Bolvari
Ship's Counselor
USS-Endeavor NCC-9819

Lt. Commander Aji D’moonh
Chief of Engineering
USS-Endeavor NCC-9819

Lt. Eight of Eleven
Intelligence Officer
USS-Endeavor NCC-9819

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