The Hangover Part 2

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He has successfully restarted the regeneration process for her body and she starts to heal in moments. After 15 minutes she is revived and looking at Avakhon as he falls to the ground, drained and weak. He has saved her and is now requiring some attention of his own. . .
Dr. Zazi sees this and takes immediate action to get him onto a bio-bed. She begins to start scanning and his vitals are nearly non-existent. She takes a new hypospray and applies thorazine to his neck. Within a moment he is coming back to as close to normal as is possible for a dead man. A few seconds later he is beginning to come back to himself. he awakens to look around him and take in his surroundings.
"Dr. Zazi? IS she okay? Was I successful in restarting her probes?"

"She is as well as I can find her, Commander. YOUR actions seem to have been successful and I am at a loss to know HOW you did it as the recorders and the EMH were overridden and no record is available to find it. I don't know HOW you manage to erase them, especially from INSIDE the containment unit. But then being a Khinsharri, we still don't know enough about WHAT you really are to be able to tell what you can or can't do yet."

"We are not among those that are known to anyone, let alone the Federation. Our kind is a shadow and we prefer it that way. I appreciate your assistance Dr. Please inform the Captain I am ready to return to duty whenever you decide."

She glares at him as if he were insane. WHO is he to decide to release himself for duty? THAT was HER decision and her's alone.
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Lt. Commander Avakhon Khinsharri,
Chief Of Operations, USS Endeavor NCC 9819
Avakhon Khinsharri

Lt. Eight of Eleven.
Borg, Intelligence Officer, USS Endeavor, NCC 9819
Messenger of Heaven

Dr.Zazi Sh'viakrik,
Chief Medical Officer, USS Endeavor, NCC 9819

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