The End of Liberation


Exit post for Lt. Eight of Eleven. Written at the request of Tabitha. I hope I did her justice.


((Medbay, USS Endeavor))

With all the commotion going on, Zazi had only one thought: she was going to throttle whoever's great idea it was to land in this zone that they were in.

And she would do so gleefully.

With Lt. Commander Avakhon nearly sacrificing himself to save Eight, and the frustration she was feeling from not knowing of the fate of the shape shifter, she honestly felt like beating up a boxing bag for a good hour.

"Jenny, get me a hypo of thorazine," she muttered, knowing Jenny had heard her as she shoved Avakhon onto the bio bed. He was heavy, but she lifted heavier patients back in her rounds. Drunker ones, too.

The hypo was passed to her quickly, and she popped him in the neck with it. It didn't take long for him to stir, quickly asking, "Dr. Zazi? IS she okay? Was I successful in restarting her probes?"

"She is as well as I can find her, Commander. YOUR actions seem to have been successful and I am at a loss to know HOW you did it as the recorders and the EMH were overridden and no record is available to find it. I don't know HOW you manage to erase them, especially from INSIDE the containment unit. But then being a Khinsharri, we still don't know enough about WHAT you really are to be able to tell what you can or can't do yet."

"We are not among those that are known to anyone, let alone the Federation. Our kind is a shadow and we prefer it that way. I appreciate your assistance Dr. Please inform the Captain I am ready to return to duty whenever you decide."

She shot him an incredulous look, tricorder in hand. "Commander, are you out of your mind? No, don't answer that." She cut him off, waving a hand. "As heroic as your deeds were, and as far as science has come, you're still mortal, and as the Ensigns sometimes say, 'squishy'. I don't know what effects any of this will have on you, and Eight."

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She crossed her arms, tapping her foot before bringing her hand up to press against her temple, antennae twitching. "You...raise a good point. I don't feel that it's safe to do so, but I'll clear you for duty. If ANYTHING happens, you come straight here or I'll find a way to drag you in here. Got it?" She pointed at him with a serious look.

<<Tag Avakhon>>

"...go on, get out of my medbay, I have others I need to see about." She muttered, but her look was soft almost, as soft a look as an Andorian could have.

As he left, she shot a message to the Captain, clearing him for duty for the bridge.

Time passed quickly, nearly a whole shift as she healed broken arms, gave updates to the Captain and Security, and pretty much rushed around on her feet.

She nearly slammed into Eight, drawing a short breath out of her before Zazi stepped back. "Eight."

"Doctor?" Eight asked. There was a star pattern on her face, set in deep and Zazi clicked her tongue. She was a tough one to heal.

"How are you feeling? Do you remember what happened?" She crossed her arms in front of her, PADD dangling from her fingers.

"Yes I remember, though only vaguely," Eight answered. "Lt Khinsharri is responsible for the fact that I am still functional, correct?"

"Yes, he was. He was injured doing it but..."

"Is he still functioning?" the drone asked. "I remember a large electric shock to both our systems and a neural link."

"Fun-oh, yes, he's alright. As alright as I can gather." Zazi let out a sigh through her nose. "His vitals were level, and he did not seem in major pain when he left, but still..."

No one could come out of that virtually unscathed. Then again, she wasn't even sure he could be hurt. Hm.

Eight seemed to relax, the small drop of the shoulders, the sigh she let out. "Very good. I would not..." She paused, as if looking for the words. "I would...worry over his abilities to help within the ship if he were mortally injured."

Zazi chuckled, shaking her head. "You can say you're worried, Eight. Anyway, come here to a bed, I need to double check everything on you anyway."

Eight followed behind her, even footsteps echoing in the lull of silence in the medbay. She sat, hands placed beside her, looking ahead as Zazi scanned her with the tricorder.

"Everything seems normal...pulse is a little high but I can't fault you for that."

Eight just nodded in agreement, except she seemed distracted, staring ahead for a moment. Zazi frowned, hesitating before placing her hand over Eight's.

"Eight? Everything okay?"

Eight continued to stare forward. For a moment, she seemed like she just...shut down. Zazi wasn't sure what was going on,if this was the Borg part healing or if Eight had received a concussion she hadn't caught...Zazi hesitated, turning behind her. "Jenny, could you get me a few hypos? Also the bi-spectral monitor. I'm not sure if she's aware or not."

Jenny nodded, hurrying away as Zazi turned back to Eight. She kept looking forward, her eyes blank. Zazi frowned. "Eight? Can you hear me?" She lifted her hand, gripping Eight's shoulder and squeezing slightly.


It was then the ship shook like it was about to break, red alert breaking out along with Jenny's scream, "DOCTOR!"

Zazi's head snapped around, but not before her wrist was caught in a sharp grip. Zazi whipped her head around with fear in her eyes as Eight slowly rose up, her neural transceiver sparking to life as she stared hard at Zazi. "Assimilate."

Zazi gasped. "Eight, no! What..." There was the sharp footsteps, equally in line, metallic feet stomping in unison. Zazi's eyes darted from Eight, who's grip on her wrist tightened, then to the side, then back.

And then she slapped her, hard.

Eight's head snapped to the side, a bright red mark on her cheek. In the tense few minutes, Zazi's panicked breathing echoed against the red alert as more Borg seemed to appear in the hallway, attempting to knock down the barrier that led to the medbay while others started marching down the way.

Eight's head slowly turned, and she gave a warbling gasp. "Doctor. You get away." Her fingers finally loosened up on Zazi's wrist, and Zazi flinched, cradling her hand to her. The bones were broken, she definitely knew that, and she took a step back.

"Eight, no, we...we can fix this, break the transceiver, something..."

Eight's face,normally so neutral, carried an air of sadness to it. "I apologize, Doctor. It became functional from the electric shock. The Collective is reaching to me, and I am unable to deny them. Lock me in here, or out there. I do not have long."

Zazi glared, even as she teared up from the pain in her hand. "That's against every code I pledged to, and you know it."

Eight sighed slowly, her hand twitching against her thigh. "You are quite formidable, Doctor. I would have...liked to have known you, longer."

And with that, she pushed Zazi away. Zazi gave a cry out, stumbling back before crashing to the ground. Eight's even footsteps stomped away as Zazi cursed and tried to scramble up.

"Eight! Stop!"

Eight stood at the barrier, and she seemed to be communicating with the other Borg on the other side. They took a few steps back and she turned around, looking at a shocked Jenny-who also seemed to have a finger shaped bruise around her arm-and Zazi who was trying to barrel her way up to stop her.

"It was pleasant to meet you all."

With that the barrier let down to let Eight through, her face slipping straight into the neutral mask as the barrier closed behind her, her voice melting into the others as they marched away, just another cog in the machine.

Zazi glared from the other side of the barrier, her shaking hand tapping her communicator.

=/\= Zazi to Captain Wendi. We've lost Eight of Eleven. Borg have infiltrated. Medbay is on lockdown. Best course of action? =/\=

Her voice did not tremble.

<<Tag Wendi>>

this did not go the way I was thinking so happy birthday and I hope I played Eight of Eleven in a glorious exit

Lieutenant Commander Zazi Sh'viakrik
Chief Medical Officer
USS Endeavor NCC-9819

Lt. Eight of Eleven
Intelligence Officer
USS Endeavor NCC-9819

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