The End of Liberation Part 2

OFF: This is in reply to that which was posted by Corliss to her exit for Eight of Eleven.

"We are not among those that are known to anyone, let alone the Federation. Our kind is a shadow and we prefer it that way. I appreciate your assistance Dr. Please inform the Captain I am ready to return to duty whenever you decide."

She shot him an incredulous look, tricorder in hand. "Commander, are you out of your mind? No, don't answer that." She cut him off, waving a hand. "As heroic as your deeds were, and as far as science has come, you're still mortal, and as the Ensigns sometimes say, 'squishy'. I don't know what effects any of this will have on you, and Eight."

"Dr. your words have been noted, and as for my mortality, it's pretty hard to kill someone who is already dead. I have been given many names, by many who I have outlived. One such was on Old Earth, as they named their musical group for one of the many lives they witnessed. I have traversed the galaxy in many ways and from many time frames.
I researched and enjoyed their soundings and expressed to them my gratitude. It was but a brief visit through the Guardian of Forever, via the research team I was fortunate to be a part of. They decided that their name would reflect my time with them. If you like you could research the group yourself and see why I enjoyed their music."

" Commander, I don't have the time or the inclination to listen to any OLD EARTH music, and if you'll excuse me, I have more important things to deal with, the least of which is someone who claims to have been there for such grand events."

" They nicknamed me, The GRATEFUL DEAD! Do you not see the irony in their naming of a warrior from their future? C'mon doc, THAT IS HILARIOUS! See I have my senses back, and my sense of humor is the most important indicator of my health."

She crossed her arms, tapping her foot before bringing her hand up to press against her temple, antennae twitching. "You...raise a good point. I don't feel that it's safe to do so, but I'll clear you for duty. If ANYTHING happens, you come straight here or I'll find a way to drag you in here. Got it?" She pointed at him with a serious look.

" Agreed. NOW I have to get to my duty shift before someone else thinks I'm dead and tries to take over the ship! Can't have a mutiny on MY WATCH!"
with that said, he takes his leave of the medical bay area and goes to the lift towards the bridge.
Lt. Commander Avakhon Khinsharri
Chief Of Operations, USS Endeavor, NCC 9819

Dr. Zazi Sh'viakrik
Chief Medical Officer, USS Endeavor NCC9819

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