Out of the Darkness (Part 1)

OFF: This is NOT my challenge post, but a lead-in to begin the series for that post.
The opening scene is one of the alarms blaring and Red Alert sirens blasting.
The ship has force fields that are holding for now.

"CAPTAIN! We have moderate containment on decks 6-8 and are holding steady right here. Rapid decompression of those affected areas has 27 crewmembers lost at this time, no life signs are available to determine the viability of those areas. Advise we
hold here until we can determine the extent of the damages to our hull and approximate repair time." Avakhon says.

"Sound advice Commander. OK Senior Staff, MY READY ROOM NOW!" Captain Wendi orders. With that, she enters her office and prepares for the meeting. Avakhon opens a channel and makes the following announcement,

"ALL Senior Command staff, report to the Captain's READY ROOM for a SIT REP Meeting in 10 minutes." and he watches as the command officers acknowledge the call and make their way towards the designated meeting. He then goes to his station, gives the Lt. on duty instructions before leaving the station and going to the meeting. He rings and awaits the answer at the door.

"Enter." comes the command. Upon entering he looks at the Captain, saying, "3 weeks out and we've already wrecked her! I think that qualifies as a new Star Fleet record
Captain! I can't recall ANY Galaxy-class ship that was put in so much trouble before."

"Commander, if you're going to lecture me about the length of service we've been in and the damages were done, then you're free to go.... OUT THE AIRLOCK!"

"Sorry sir, NO disrespect intended, I was merely trying to lighten your mood and see what you may have information wise need of. I have reports from most of the decks and stations that are still operational. I can discuss them with you here, in the meeting or send it to your PADD, your choice Captain?"

"Commander, with everything that's happened so far, you better have some damn good news hidden in there somewhere, I SWEAR the next person that tells me there's something wrong with this ship I am going to have them put in the Brig and sentenced to a full interview with that Syd Simming character! THAT should be punishment enough to deter even the hardiest of foolhardy crewmen. So tell me, Commander, what is it that I HAVE to know before the meeting? And remember what I said about it being GOOD news!"

"GOOD news is a relevant term Captain. I have news that may or may not be of interest to you. It is my duty to inform you that we have lost 27 crewmen to the sudden decompression of space. I have taken the liberty of securing those openings with force fields that are holding, for now. THAT is GOOD NEWS. I have some not so good news as well. I regret to inform you that among the missing is Eight of Eleven, our Borg Lt., and our chances of seeing anything in this miasma have just gone down considerably.
Prior to our current situation, there were reports of duplicate crewmen, shapeshifters,
Romulan warriors taking to the hallways and abducting crew. Of which I am unable to locate the ship's XO. Since our launch, he has not been seen. THAT brings me to the next point. Per Star Fleet regulations, Chain of Command must be adhered to, and with the disappearance of the Officer of note, we need to find a replacement for him and quickly.
As the S.O., I would be the next logical person to succeed him, but until your authority
is given to do so I can't assume that Command position. I will wait until the meeting if
you want to decide this matter, but it does require two officers to respond to the recommendations for it to be approved.
I also need to report that we have had several reports of odd occurrences and unknown personnel on board, but the security systems didn't go off, so they appeared as ghost images on the scans. I cannot be certain, but persons of historical renown have been reported as appearing all over the ship. Then. . . ."

"Commander, enough already. I will address these issues with the full command staff and we'll decide what needs to be done from there. As for the rank advancement, call it a field promotion and we'll go from there. YOU are now a full Commander, which I will send the full advisement to Star Fleet once we're out of all this. Anything else I NEED to know Commander?" and she looks at him with that glare designed to scare years off a crewman.

"Not really Captain. I can go over the rest of this in the meeting if you want Captain?"

"Good enough Avakhon, let's get there and start this thing, see how bad it really is."
and they both exit her office and head across the bridge to the READY ROOM.

OFF: This brings us to the meeting of staff to discuss the next portion of the mission and subsequent options.
Commander Avakhon Khinsharri
(Acting XO) Chief Of Operations
USS Endeavor, NCC9819

Captain Wendi Nablesse
USS Endeavor, NCC9819

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