Carry on my wayward crew

OFF: This is my CHALLENGE POST, albeit it is not in any specific chronological order from where events like the staff meeting are occurring....

ON: “It’s not far, don’t worry.” Jacob whispers. Sheila clung to him as much for warmth as to telegraph her attraction to the young man. Jacob smiled mostly to himself, he had been giving eyes toward Sheila for the last couple weeks, before finally summoning up enough courage to talk her up at the bar. He couldn’t believe she was as receptive to his advances as she was. His luck was changing. Jacob wheeled her into the dark alley. Despite the slight rain coming down, it really seemed to be the best choice for getting back to his car. Sheila pulled in a little closer as the darkness of the alley engulfed them. Sounds became more prominent, minor sensations such as the cool night breeze felt icy, hairs stood on end as primal instincts prepared to fight or flee. A deep growl started low and built in volume. Jacob looked around rapidly apprising the situation. They were alone. He felt something sharp in his side. He gasped, looking down at Sheila. Her soft glowing eyes looked back up followed by a flash of sharp teeth. A large splash of blood splattered on the grease stained wall.

The road so far:

Montage (SFX:GNR Welcome to the Jungle): Aji pressing buttons on her engineering console… explosion across the front of the Endeavor… flashes of Avakhon throwing himself in front of Vaanaras as blast comes up onto bridge… Bolak, tiny legs running down hallway, away from expanding energy field…. Exterior of Endeavor becoming engulfed in massive energy globe….Flash of pagan runes…. Zanessa reaches for Alistar as they fade to white…staccato glyphs and symbols…. Open field Zazi and Captain Wendi lying motionless in the middle of a crop circle in a cornfield.


(SFX: song continues to play on obvious car stereo). Jeep Wrangler turns off highway, the area is dark and sparsely traveled except the bright lights from a Roadhouse just ahead. Wendi drives the car, Zazi is riding shotgun quietly ruminating over a picture of Jenny. “We are not going to make it.” Zazi stated pessimistically.
“Chill Doc, she’ll hold together. We didn’t drive 18 hours just to give out now.” Wendi replied, just as a sudden geyser of steam erupts from the hood. “Crap. Well at least we made it this far.”

The car rolls to a stop outside the road house. Wendi looks at the Wrangler in defeat as it continues to boil over. “Come on, we still gotta a job to do.” Doc replied coolly, stuffing the Colt .45 into the back of her jeans. Wendi shook her head and turned to follow, checking her own firearm.

Music pounds out of the crowded Roadhouse as Wendi and Doc walk through the door. Some of the patrons give the new arrivals a quick once over, but shortly go back to their own business. Doc walks up to the Bar. A very short bald bare chested man in an open leather vest jumps up on an apple box. “What’s your poison this evening ladies?” the man says with a wink. Doc stares at the man, her face all business. “We are looking for a girl.” She holds out a battered photograph. The bartender looks over it. “Cute kid, but I’ve not seen nothing until you order something.” Doc rolls her eyes. Wendi wedges herself in front of Doc, her hair ribbons falling into Doc’s face. “Hi, I’m Wendi, I’ll take a bourbon straight.” The bald man smiled back at her. “I like a woman that knows what she wants.” He produces a shot glass, flipping a bottle of bourbon behind his back and filling it without effort. “By the way, I’m Bo. I’ll be taking care of you all this evenin’. You wanna get a tab started?” Wendi nodded, “Sure thing Bo, and get a beer for my friend here. Oh, and do you know a good garage nearby, we got car troubles.”

Bo returned with a bottle of beer that he deftly pops the top off of and drops in front of Doc. “One beer, and yeah I know just he girl for your job.” He cranes his neck back and shouts to the opposite end of the room. “Hey Squeak! Git yer tiny butt up here.” He gave Wendi a smile with another wink.

Momentarily a young woman in a tight pair of Jeans, plaid crop top and trucker hat bounds up. “Heya, I’m Alison Jean, my friends call me Aji, he calls me squeak.” “You haven’t seen her get excited yet”, Bo calls back from over the bar.

“So y’all are hunters, right. Ya got the look.” Aji states. Doc looked blankly at the girl and then at Wendi. Aji holds up her hand. “Hey it’s cool, my mom was a hunter. Dad didn’t want me doing none of that, said I was too small, so he taught me about cars. What seems to be the problem?” Wendi smiled at the young girl. “Radiator I think.” Aji nodded. “If it spews steam an water everywhere that’s probably it.” Wendi slides her the keys. “We will leave you to it then.” “Cool.” replied Alison Jean, snapping up the keys and heads for the front door. “Um, it’s the Jeep.” Doc calls after her. Aji holds up the dangling keychain with the Jeep logo on it. “Uh, duh.”

As the door closed behind her, the deafening roar of a Harley is heard outside. Moments later, an enormous scar faced biker pushes the doors apart. “I’m back!” he bellows with a tremendous laugh. Bo slid up by Wendi, “He comes in here every couple weeks. Careful, he’s trouble.”

The giant biker stomps his way up towards the bar. A thin young woman clad in tight leather with a dark pixie cut weaves in behind him. “Three beers for the big guy and a scotch for me Bo.” She calls out to the bartender, giving the newcomers a flash of her deep violet eyes. “I’ve not seen you all around here before. Business or pleasure?
Doc was rather fixated on the woman’s ears, they had been pierced and modified so much they took on a fan like quality. “It’s a road trip.” Doc replied back to the unique young woman. “Just stopping by for food and repairs.” The woman nodded her head looking the two over thoroughly. “Uh huh. Ask Bo about Squeak, she can fix anything.”

“I got something that needs fixin!” bellowed the large biker as he stepped around the bar and put a giant arm over the woman. She shrugs it off and pushed him back a little. “Who the hell are you?” he asks looking at Doc.Doc steps forward and stands right in his face. “You can call me Doctor Sh’viakrik.” She states stearnly back . The giant biker wrinkles his eyebrows staring down the Doc. A tense moment passes before the biker erupts in a huge laugh. “Alrighty then Dr. Sh’verkirk. I like you. Bo! Get another beer for this lady. Hell get em for everyone!”

The violet eyed woman takes a deep breath, biting her lip as she pauses a moment. “He’s Avakhon, at least that’s what he likes to be called. I’m Vaanaras. We hang around the crossroads. Never know who you’ll meet.”

Avakhon reaches out and gently touches one of the bows in Wendi’ hair. “You’re pretty.” He says, the smell of beer washing over her. “Uh thanks.” Wendi answered back . “We’re looking for a girl, you seen her?” She lifts up the picture for the biker to look at. His nose twitches and he rise up to his full height picking up the photo of the woman. “I’ll be damned. V, check this out.” He shows the photo to Vaanaras. She immediately whips her head around staring at Wendi. “Where did you get this?!”

As if on cue the lights to the bar went out. The doors flew open as half a dozen black clad people walk in, laughing wickedly to themselves. “What have we got here? Looks like a smorgasbord of suck.” Hissed the being in the middle. Wendi and Doc draw their guns immediately. As their eyes adjusted more to the darkness, they make out Vaanaras also having a sidearm drawn. Doc shoots a look at Wendi then tilts her head indicating to Vaanaras what her target was going to be. Vaanaras nods briefly, raising her gun to aim at one of the closest creature.

“One thing I can’t stand is freaking Vampires.” Avakhon bellows as Bo toss him two beers that he smashes on the bar and turns charging three of the nearest creatures, Vaanaras opens fire as he rushes forward, quickly dropping her target. Wendi and Doc open up on their targets as well, the creatures now on guard start to fan out at alarming speed. The big guy lifts two of the blood suckers off the ground and shoves them into each other with a gruesome snapping sound.

Doc fires repetitively into one of the vampires as another rushs up and tackles Wendi. She deftly rolls letting the undead monster pass over her and then flips back up onto her feet. She then kicks it against the back wall of the bar. Grabbing a bar stool she shoves it legs first into the creature’s chest. “You gotta take off the head!” Doc called out to Wendi. She grimaces as she pulls the hunting knife on her hip and went to work on the creature she had pegged to the wall.

At that moment the door to the bar opens again, a blinding light filled the bar. The Vampires hiss disliking the sudden blast of light. A woman stumbles awkwardly into the bar. “Are you getting this? Tell me that thing is on.” She called out toward the lights. “It looks like we have a den full of Vampires attacking a local bar. Wow! Look at those things move. This is Zanessa Ogden and we are streaming live here on Ghostfacers. Remember, you only get footage like this here. Subscribe now at 1-800-343-34… ”

A vampire runs up and grabs the woman by the throat. A blast fires from behind the bright light. “I got it!” The vampire drops Zanessa and curls back in pain for a moment only to be cut in half by the giant biker. A young man with a camera came up to Zanessa, “Are you ok?” The woman brushed herself off, “I’m fine Alistar, keep shooting!” A weapon fires off again. “With the camera.. the camera!” she called. The man drops the shotgun and lifts the camera, “Sorry, we are still live.” Alistar responds.

Doc and Wendi were making their way around the bar with their knives, having finished off three of the creatures. “This is not what I had in mind when we pulled in here.” Wendi states to Doc. “Just keep chopping, I don’t want to have to stitch you up after this is over… again.”

“Aaargh! Who else wants some!” Avakhon rips the skull from one of the final vampires with his bare hands. The night was not going well for the blood suckers. The hunters and their newly found companions pull together heading towards the door. The lead vampire runs up and grabs Zanessa. “Why is it always me?” she says to the camera. The creature hisses. “Anyone comes near and this human dies!”

Doc and Mavis keep approaching, knives at the ready. “Aint gonna happen.” Wendi states, flipping a lock of hair out of her eyes. The vampire let out a low growl . “Then you all die.” And with that her head slid off her shoulders. Zanessa ran to Alister revealing the silhouette of Aji holding a machete. “Just cause I learned cars, didn’t mean mom didn’t teach me anything.”

The survivors and hunters gathered back at the blood stained bar. “Bo! If you’re still alive. More Beer!” Avakhon commanded. He brushed away a trail of black ooze coming from his forehead. Wendi and Doc yank their guns again and turn them toward the giant. “What the hell are you?” Doc demands. Vaanaras steps between them, gun leveled on Wendi. “Good choice of words. We all need to talk, things are about to get messy.”

Aji Moon, Mechanic

Avakhon Khinsharri, Big Ass Biker

Zazi Sh’viakrik, Hunter

Wendi Nablesse, Hunter

Alistar Bolvari, Ghostfacer Cameraman

Vaanaras, Black Clad Biker Girl

Zanessa Ogden, Ghostfacer Host

Bolak “Bo” Your Bartender

By Zuzutoo

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