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Bolak lurched forward as the Endeavour was struck by what felt like another vast explosion. Looking back he saw no sign of pursuit so he slowed his pace to gather his wits. Was this another attack or an effect of the Nebula? And why in the name of all that was holy had Sokir and Lieutenant Colon fired on him? Could all the rumours of clones and shape shifters be true?

A door up ahead opened and Bolak made to call out and froze as a squad of Borg emerged from within. He stifled a scream as they rounded on him, the green lights of their ocular scanners streaming through the dark corridor as they turned. He was shocked to see Eight of Eleven among them.

"Eight is that you?" he cried out and for the briefest of moments she seemed to recognise his voice. Her head turned slightly, but to his dismay it was the collective that answered.

WE ARE BORG, YOU WILL BE ASSIMILATED. RESISTANCE IS... the was a flicker of light and the Borg vanished.

Another flicker and in place of the Borg stood a squad of men encased in metal. Bolak gasped he looked down to see that his own clothes had changed his was wearing a long tartan coat and scarf and holding... a sonic screw driver? Somehow he knew that's what it was just as he knew the creatures that approached were, "Cybermen?" he gasped as he stumbled back feeling two hearts suddenly beating fast in his chest. The Cybermen advanced as he stumbled back away from them.


Another flicker of light and Bolak stumbled back into Avakhon Khinsharri. Another flicker and the Klingon changed, he was covered in hair from head to toe and he was about a foot taller.

"What the?" Bolak gasped as Avakhon released a beastile roar and glowered down at the diminutive Bolak. What was this madness? Looking around he saw they were in the cockpit of a small vessel, but was this still...?

His thoughts were interrupted by Captain Nablesse dashing into the cockpit and throwing herself into the pilots seat. She was dressed strangely but it was still her.

"How many times do I have to tell you?" she growled at Bolak, "It is not wise to upset a wookie! even for a Jedi." Avakhon grumbled in unintelligible agreement.

"Jedi?" Bolak replied looking down at his robes and the light sabre hanging at his side.

Wendi shook her head and rolled her eyes in exasperation, "We seem to have lost those imperial goons. I told you the Endeavour was fast old man." she gave the control panel of the Endeavour a loving tap and crooned, "Good girl."

A sudden jolt shook the Endeavour and Bolak grimaced as he sensed a dark presence clawing its way across his mind. He knew the touch of the dark side..

"The Sith have found us." he announced, "I'm endangering the mission I shouldn't have come."

"Lighten up old man or you'll find yourself floating home." snapped Nablesse, "Avakhon prepare for the jump to light speed."

"Rhuuuhaaaaharr" Avakhon replied as he punched in the coordinates from the navicomputer.

"Now is no time for jokes." replied Nablesse as she launched them into Hyperspace. Bolak watched the stars jolt and stream forward and then a flicker of light....

The Battle Star Endeavour lurched to port as another explosion tore through its hull. The cylons had chased them into this Nebula and now they were being torn apart with by some sort of chaotic energy field while the toasters picked them apart from without.

Bolak was slumped against the bulk head a thin trickle of blood running down from a wound above his brow.

"Frack." he cursed as the doc pushed a cold compress against his head.

"You should have stayed in the mess serving whiskey to the damned." growled Zazi.

Bolak looked up and smiled weakly, "Just wanted to die on my feet." he grimaced. The Doc was wearing her comm strap at a jaunty angle making her look like she was sprouting antennae. He suppressed a laugh as the ship rocked once more...flicker...flicker

He slumped to the sand seeing the broken hull of the Endeavour half buried in the distant bay. Looking back he saw the apes approaching on horse back.

"They finally did it!" he cried out in horror, "Damn you all, damn you all to hell!" flicker..flicker..

Alistair and Zanessa were helping him to his feet. They looked younger. Where were they? The world was so dark, with what looked like ash dropping down like snow all about them.

"We have to get out of here." Alistair breathed, "Can you stand?"

"Yes." answered Bolak as he looked around in confusion, "Where are we?"

Zanessa frowned over at him, "The Upside Down." she replied as if that should explain everything.

"We need to get to the rift before..." a low growl from behind cut Alistair words short and they whirled to see the huge Demigorgan leering down at them. Zanessa screamed and Bolak lashed out with his mind feeling a trickle of blood escape from his nose.

As the creature was thrown into the air they turned and ran towards a fiery tear in the side of a nearby building. Zanessa was first to jump through and then as Bolak stepped forward Vaanaras stepped out from behind a nearby truck. She glared at them her eyes were jet black and she was smiling.

"Noooo." cried Alistair, "The Mind Flayer has her!" flicker... flicker... flicker...

Bolak groaned and rolled onto his side. He was back on the Endeavour, the real one. The red alert still sounding. Aji was crouched over him trying to rouse him a look of concern etched on her face.

"What's happening?" he asked. Flicker...

The ground grew soft beneath him, like a fleece rug. The air grew cold, flowing over them. Both Aji and Bolak looked at each other in confusion and then up at the clear blue sky. They were flying. As one they looked down and then ahead at the body of the vast white dragon on which they flew. The snaking neck turned and the huge orb like eyes looked back at them.

"Welcome to Fantasia." Laughed the Luck Dragon, "My name is Falcor!" Flicker...flicker...flicker...


Bolak woke to the smell of piss and vomit. He rolled in his cot and clutched the dark timbers of the bulkhead dragging himself to his feet. Every muscle in his body cried out in painful protest as he made his way across the the cabin rubbing sleep from his eyes. The sharp creak of timbers and the slap of water against the hull told him that the Endeavour was moving at speed, they must be close now.

Absently he clutched the medallion around his neck, feeling its sharp edges dig into his flesh. He needed more wine. He scanned the dim cabin looking for a fresh bottle but his search was cut short as the door slammed open.

A hulking figure peered inside. Fierce eyes glaring from behind a thick oiled beard. "Rise from your pit Master Dwarf, she approaches."

Bolak grinned up at the towering Dothraki "Athchomar chomakea Avakhon." he offered the traditional greeting of the Khalasar.

"Very good!" Avakhon roared with laughter, "Such a large brain in such a tiny tiny man, it is truly a wonder. Now, come tiny man, we must be ready."

Bolak stumbled after the Dothraki Bloodrider his head pounding. They emerged on deck moments later to the roar of the wind in the sails and a fine sea mist that caused Bolak to shiver. He breathed deeply and fought the sudden urge to vomit. Avakhon moved across the rolling deck with grace of a wild tiger, most of the Dothraki hated the ocean as much as Bolak, but the towering Bloodrider had taken to it like a fish.

"That one is full of pride." Bolak jumped at the sound of the female voice at his shoulder. He turned to greet the hooded figure. She stood not much taller than his own stunted frame, though her figure was anything but stunted. Her large black eyes studied him from beneath the hood and she handed him a leather flask.

"My thanks Aji." he said as he pulled the cap and took a long draught of the wine. They had picked up the girl before leaving slavers bay. She had a quick mind and was deadly with those blades of hers. There were also rumours she had spent time amongst the faceless men but Bolak did not pay too much heed of the superstitions of the east. "Just what the doctor ordered." he gasped as he handed back the flask.

"Had you asked I would have ordered a flagon of water." Bolak groaned as he turned to see Maester Sh'viakrik peering down at him.

"Everyone is sneaking up on me today." Bolak complained with a wry smile.

"More likely you are too drunk to hear them approach." chided the Maester and Bolak raised his arms in surrender. Aji laughed quietly as she flipped a throwing dagger from her belt and began to casually twirl it between her fingers.

"How far now?" Bolak asked Maester Sh'viakrik and she peered towards the bow in consideration. Bolak noted to strain around the woman's eyes, it had been a hard voyage. In all his years he had never before heard of a female Maester but Zazi Sh'viakrik was unusual in more ways than one. It was rumoured that she had spent ten years living beyond the wall, which explained the blue woad that covered her skin.

"We will spy land within the hour." she announced at last, her hand straying to the heavy Maesters chain that was hung about her neck. The three stood and watched then as the crew went about their business.

Bolak noted the Queens guard Alistair Bolvari in a heated conversation with the Red Priestess Zanessa. They were stood towards the rear of the vessel their backs turned to the crew.

"What are they up to I wonder?" Bolak mused as he looked on.

"Nothing good." surmised the Maester.

"We should not trust her." murmured Aji as she eyed Zanessas back. She gripped her dagger with white knuckles and glowered.

"Our queen trusts her." Bolak observed, and received only non-committal grunts from the two women in return.

As if in response to his words an earsplitting roar tore through the air. They looked up to see three large shadows circling above.

"Khaleesi!" cried Avakhon raising his blade to the air. The other Dothraki followed suit and soon everyone was crying out in anticipation of her arrival. Visarion was first to descend his scaled flashing cream and gold in the morning sun. With a crash of timber he perched himself on the aft rail causing the Red Priest and white armoured Queens Guard to scramble back out of his way. Stretching his neck he called out to his brothers above and they began to descend together.

As the two dragons approached the crew busied themselves bringing in the mainsail and stowing the ropes and chains. The chains in particular had an unpleasant affect on the dragons tempers. Port and Starboard the Dragons came in together and landed on the specially strengthened rails.


Drogon lowered his thick neck to allow Queen Nablesse Stormborn to descend. She dropped to the deck with a practised elegance and eyed her subjects with those cold proud eyes.

To her right Vaanaras Snow, queen of the north dropped lightly from the neck of Rhaegal and walked to stand beside Nablesse. The two exchanged a warm smile before turning to address the people.

"We approach the Bay of White Harbour." Queen Nablesse called out, "Where four thousand of my Unsullied stand ready to greet us. From there we march to Winterfell and join the armies of the North." she glanced to Vaanaras then and gave a small nod,

"We do not fight mortal men." Vaanaras picked up the speech, "This is no petty squabble for land or riches. I have seen the armies of the dead. I have felt the endless winter that they would bring upon our world. At Winterfell we stand against the Night King and the end of all that is good."

The crew cheered just as the horns sounded to signal the sight of land. "White Harbour awaits!" Queen Nablesse cried out. She raised her arms and the dragons took to wing roaring as they went. Within moments the sails were unfurled once more causing the Endeavour to lurch forward.

Bolak took his moment to approach Queen Nablesse and immediately regretted the presumption. The angry glare she flashed down at him caused him to feel smaller than usual.

"You still wear the badge of the hand I see." she said as she eyed the black iron hand hanging around his neck.

"I... I do your majesty." he said with a small bow.

"Yet you behave like a village bar keep." she grimaced.

"Crew moral was low my queen I simply tried to..." she raised a hand to cut him off.

"Until you learn to behave in accordance with your position you will serve as cup bearer. You may continue to wear the chain as a reminder of your failings."

"Yes, of course my queen." he caught the eye of Queen Vaanaras then and winced as she gave him a disappointed shake of her head and turned to speak with the Dothraki.


Bolok - Disgraced Hand of the Queen
Aji - Mysterious Assassin from he free cities
Avakhon - Dothraki Bloodrider
Wendi - Mother of Dragons
Vaanaris - Queen of the North
Alistair - Queens Guard
Zanessa - Red Priestess
Zazi - Maester

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