Out of the Darkness (Part 2)

OFF: This is my challenge, this scene takes up in the READY ROOM with Senior Staff Members in attendance. Avakhon, the Captain and others are now gathered in the room prepared to give their reports.

"All right everyone, settle down and let's get to business shall we? The Captain has to make some announcements to everyone, so let's give her our ears shall we?" and Avakhon looks at Vanaaras with an impish smile. "Well, on second thought, let's just listen to what she has to say." then he sees that all eyes are glued to the Captain. She begins to speak and is cut off immediately by another alarm. This one is internal and is blaring away through the console before them. They see a glaring white opening that seems to come from nowhere. Once opened it is now beginning to draw the Captain towards it.
She looks upon it and is markedly frightened as it doesn't seem to have any real substance to it. It appears to be a singularity right there in the Ready Room. It's drawing her and the rest towards it's gaping maw like a black hole. Avakhon leaps
towards her to grab hold of her, catching her hands and holding tightly.
The rest grab hold of him and begin trying to pull them both back towards the other side of the room. The anomaly proves too much, even for the strength of the mighty
Klingon to resist. In a mere moment, they are all sucked away into a maelstrom of swirling eddies and tides, lightning bolts striking all around them. Just as they seem to realize they are falling, they are dropped into what appears to be a large, totally white room. This room has white furniture, white walls, white everything.
Just as suddenly as it appeared, the anomaly was gone and eight people were sitting in this white room. Oddly enough, there were 7 small chairs and one larger one in the room. Everyone looks around, staring at one another in disbelief. After a very long moment, the Captain speaks.

"Someone wants to tell me what the hell just happened?" and she looks around the room, taking the larger chair for herself.

"It would appear that we've been drawn into a spatial anomaly and our current whereabouts are unknown at this time, Captain." Aji chirped," And without any scanners or equipment to verify our surroundings that's about as exact as I can get." as she and the rest sit down in the supplied chairs. All but Avakhon, as it is obvious that the chairs remaining are not going to seat him without them being completely overwhelmed by his mass.

"I'll stand Captain, it's easier and I'm used to it, Federation ships have always been uncomfortable for me anyways. I wouldn't figure here to be any different."

"Well, wherever HERE is, I want to find out and get us back to the ship ASAP." as she looks around the room, it appears seamless and she's intrigued. There doesn't appear to be any wall joints or doors or windows to look out from.
"Well, the LEAST they could do is offer us some decent Tranya or some form of refreshment! What are they? BARBARIANS? A being could die of thirst around this place! Would that I had the foresight to pack anything, but then who knew we'd be sent flying into this and marooned here?" Bolak says his mind wandering around the room, as he seeks some form of liquids to imbibe upon.
"Given our present condition, I could use some of that Tranya, Bolak! Any chance you stashed some away on your person for an emergency?" Vanaaras asks.
"Sorry, it's too valuable to carry around like that. I keep it for special occasions though, THIS would certainly qualify for such." and he begins searching his robe for crumbs of the brownies he had made," WELL! At least I have this!" and he pulls out the smallest portion of a brownie and gobbles it down. " I can at least die if I must knowing I am satisfied now!"

Meanwhile, Zanessa sits in her chair simply staring at all the white in the room, stunned by its lack of features, she notes, " Does anyone ELSE see that this was a little TOO conveniently arranged? I mean LOOK around us? 8 chairs and 8 of US! AND one chair that's larger than the rest, HOW do we know they wanted the Captain to sit there and not Avakhon based upon his frame? With all due respect Captain, it MIGHT have been a trick to reveal WHO was in charge of this group and YOU just gave them what they wanted to know. I'm merely trying to be of help here." she states and then sits back down to listen to the rest.

"It would appear we are in an isolation chamber of some sort Captain." The Dr. chimes in, "I have seen similar rooms on space stations and they are ultra-clean and sealed so as not to allow any form of contamination until a verdict is reached upon which time they either release you into general population or cease the observation as they deem you too much of a threat to them and space you before you spread whatever they are separating the rest from."

"But a threat to WHAT and WHO?" the Captain asks. Just as she speaks, there's a disconnected voice seemingly coming from nowhere yet everywhere at once.

"Greetings aliens, hominids and assorted beings, You have arrived on Earth, the third planet in the Sol system, and this is the inbound waiting lounge for all those who have yet to clear customs. We hope your stay here is enjoyable and that you will consider visiting with us again. Please be sure all your passports and required forms are filled out and ready to speed the process along.
Undocumented and beings with megalomaniac tendencies will be detained for further onsite observation until such time as it is feasible to release or return you to your point of origin. Thank you and have a pleasant day."

"Well, that was as informative and non-commital as I think I've ever seen. I hope whoever is watching us decides to actually talk to us." Wendi observes.
Alistar chimes in," I concur with the Dr. this is one of those observational areas that can drive you mad trying to wait them out and see what happens. I suggest we all simply sit here and do nothing, that way they HAVE to come and see what's going on with us sooner or later!"

Then an opening in the wall appears and two beings dressed in all black appear. They are stoic and very close-mouthed. One of them holds up what appears to be a penlike object. He speaks,
"If I could have your attention please, I need you to focus your attention on me for a
moment. . . . ." They all look towards him as he holds the object in front of them.
There is a bright flash as they all watch. He speaks once more.

"Welcome to Earth. You have been classified as undocumented aliens, as you did not enter through a recognized port of entry locations planetwide. as such it is my duty to determine the purpose of your visit and any possible complications thereof.
My name is agent B, with MiB, or Men in Black services, and I will be your planetary
coordinator and guide, ANY questions?" Seeing that all but one has a glassy-eyed stare
focused upon him he looks to the Klingon and asks, "You're not from around these parts are ya sport?"

"As you may have noticed, I was unaffected by your optical neuralizing flash, it is evident that I am not among those you consider normally influenced by such things, no. I wear optical support that allows me to see many spectrums and also acts as a shield of such things, which is why your device doesn't have the effect you desire upon me. Nifty little gadget though I must admit, I don't recall ever seeing one in action, although I suspect you are not a planetary government agency correct?" Avakhon stands before both of them and glares trying to look as intimidating as his bulk will allow.

"Look Slick, I don't care WHERE you're from, or when, THIS is MiB territory, I GIVE the orders here and YOU listen, capiche`? ANY unauthorized aliens from any galactic core are subject to MiB regulations and monitoring. So exactly where are you from, what is your purpose here and when do you plan on leaving, as I'm about ready to ship you right back there NOW if I don't get some cooperation, savvy Amigo?"

"Far cry from the announcement drone I heard earlier welcoming me to your pleasant little planet Agent B. I suppose your not the Welcome Wagon to the Stars are you? I will give you this, SHOULD I find my way back to the Empire OR the Federation, I will definitely be using the Guardian of Forever to visit you again with a better-organized reception I assure you."

"Guardian of Forever eh? Not one of our more well-known ports, but the viable entry point for some. Lucky for you Sport, I've heard of your galactic expanse, so that's a good thing. Getting you back there isn't going to be easy, but that's why I'm MiB and your not. Soooo, method of transport? Space Ship, time displacement portal, TARDIS or similar device?"

"Well Agent B, I can't answer that altogether, as I am not sure what to call it. We were in the middle of a Senior Staff Meeting to discuss our situation and the next thing we know, there was some form of a rift that appeared right before the Captain and began sucking her into it. Naturally, I grabbed hold of her to try to keep her from being sucked into it. As did the rest as they grabbed hold of me to anchor her there. The force was too strong and we all got sucked into it."

"I see a matter of an unlicensed portal with unregistered technical properties and malfunctioning. Sounds like your screwed out the Wazoo for a return trip then ain'tcha? Then we need to start citizenry and documentation for 8 under the refugees act to get you into the system. Do you have your own FED UP's or need them issued?"

"Excuse me? FED UP's are what now?" Avakhon asks.

"Form Emulating Device-Unique Profiled. Here in the age of this planet, extra-terrestrials are not believed to exist yet, so the alien population is issued these. ALL non-conforming aliens are required to wear one Slick. Does your friend here talk?" he points to Aji," Or is she like any other squirrels on the planet?"

"Trust me, the CEO speaks, and once you release her from your optical pause, you will discover that she speaks very well. I hope your still in one piece when she's done talking to you."

"TRUST ME when I say it Sport, WE are able to handle anything that you aliens might throw at us and more, WE haven't protected this universe from the scum for as long as we have without learning a few things about it ya know?"

"I see so, you're a group of intergalactic do-gooders, like the Federation?" Avakhon stares at him, eyes beginning to glow red with frustration. Just then the other agent taps Agent B on the shoulder, they stop and listen to hidden earpiece microphones. After a brief moment, Agent B speaks again.

"OK chief, we got Research back on your Federation. The time frame and all. Looks like you're a kosher enough group of upstanding galactic citizens. You've been given clearance to proceed from here to our Recovery and Reconvergence area. It's where we take those who qualify for refugee status due to special circumstances. I can release your crew to you, Sport and allow you to become integrated into the society as long as you agree to uphold the MiB rules of planetary social engagement. Think you can follow some simple rules Sport?"

"I AM NOT the one to ask." he points to Wendi," SHE is the Captain, I'm only the recently appointed XO on this ship, I could answer for her, but that's bound to piss her off and we don't want that now do we?" as he looks to the rest, sitting idly by and staring blankly ahead.

OFF: This is the end of my challenge.
Commander Avakhon Khinsharri
Chief Of Operations, USS Endeavor NCC9819

Captain Wendi Nablesse
Ship's CO USS Endeavor NCC 9819

Lt. Commander Aji D'moonh
Chief Of Engineering, USS Endeavor NCC 9819

Counselor Alistar Bolvari
Ship's Counselor USS Endeavor NCC9819

Bartender for 10 forward, USS Endeavor, NCC9819

CSO Vanaaras
Chief Of Security USS Endeavor. NCC9819

Ensign Zanessa Ogden
Astrometrics officer USS Endeavor, NCC9819
Messenger of Heaven

Dr. Zazi Sh'viakirk
Chief Medical Officer. USS Endeavor, NCC9819

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