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Wendi Nablesse sighed. She stood on her bridge staring out of the window at the huge organic ship in front of her. The USS Endeavour had taken a beating, the enemy vessel had unleashed hell on them from the minute they had disengaged their hyper drive .

"Status of the birds?" She asked, her voice uneasy and clearly frustrated. "We got only a handful back, Major Quinn reports that the enemy had far too many darts for them to be effective"

Wendi rubbed her temple. This was now how she imagined her first command to be. The Pegasus Galaxy was an intense place, especially since the return of Atlantis. Luckily, they had ample ships and supplies this time around, but the enemy known as the Wraith had multiplied and become stronger, annexing worlds in search of their Human food and destroying rival hives and queens.

"Have we got any weapons left?" Wendi asked. She looked over to her weapons officer who was pulling up the statis of the Deadalus Class vessel. "A few rail guns and we have enough power to fire maybe one shot of the Asgard beam weapon"

Wendi shook her head. "Is there no way we can save ourselves being livestock?!" She asked around. She was met by blank stares and a few misty eyes.

"Darts incoming" the young man reported from the security station. "It looks like this might be the end for us".

Wendi nodded, she grasped the pistol clipped to her belt. "Lockdown the ship. Initiate boarding procedure" she said simply. People began to suddenly jump into action the weapon lockers were broken open and everyone was armed.

Suddenly the ship shook again as the Wraith super-hive began to bombard the Endeavors shields. They eventually collapsed, the re-engineered Goa'uld and Asgard technology didn't seem to stand a chance. If only they had Lantian shields, at least The Ancients knew how to make a decent protection system.

Suddenly without warning another ship dropped out of Hyperdrive. It dwarfed the Endeavor, it's long single hull and rounded sections obvious of a Lantian design.

"Captain! It's the Apollo!" Her tactical officer reported. Small yellow drones, each like a medium sized squid erupted out of the dorsal and ventral bay doors. They ripped through the hull of the huge Wraith hive, shredding it like a chef's prized knife through lettuce. The huge ship's shields glowed in a bubble around as the crystal blue weapons fire from the Wraith pounded and bounced helplessly against them.

"Have we got engines?" Wendi asked, suddenly she was more flared up. She wanted to help.
"Yes Captain. And you never guess what..."

"You've got a surprise for me?" Wendi asked with a slight smile. "Aye Captain. Colonel Carter and Doctor McKay have beamed aboard into our engine room. They've brought us a ZPM to supplement our power"

"Where the hell did they find one of those... actually. I don't think I want to know" Wendi replied. No doubt that Atlantis now that it had been fully explored and repaired in the five years it spent on Earth, had some form of 'ZPM Vending Machine'.

"Power us up. Let's go e the Apollo a hand!" Wendi ordered. "Scramvle the 402's. Lock on all weapons and let's show then what we came here to do!" She ordered her fust clenching. The Endeavor swung by the Wraith ship, its powerful bright blue Asgard beam ripping into the hull of the Hive. Its railguns lighting ul the space line fireworks and its missiles gliding through and striking their target with deadly bite.

This was what the Endeavor was built to do. Fight and protect the Human Race or anyone else against an enemy so powerful, so feared that even the Ancients of Atlantis ran away. However today, running away was not on the agenda.

To be continued...

Captain Wendi Nablesse
Commanding Officer
USS Endeavor

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