Characters: Ungrouped

Roleplay character: Eric Von Meric

Eric Von Meric

Gender: Male

Age: 37

Has changed his ways and now has one mission, kill Superman

Roleplay character: Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley

Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley

Gender: Female

Age: 38

Tear it all down, brick by brick till the Green stands tall.

Roleplay character: Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel

Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel

Gender: Female

Age: 32

If you're looking for aide, ask for Dr. Martin. If you're in need of trouble, ask for Quinn.

Roleplay character: Malcom Thawne

Malcom Thawne

Gender: M

Age: 17

Live fast, run faster

Roleplay character: Jaws


Gender: Male

Age: Looks 25 but much older

A vicious hitman on the run

Roleplay character: Abigail Glory Westwood

Abigail Glory Westwood

Gender: Female

Age: 31

Quietly now she chants, her eyes bleeding and her words garbled, she stalks her mark and gets hers.

Roleplay character: Henry Lewis Allen

Henry Lewis Allen

Gender: Male

Age: 18

"Is that the best you got?" Henry mocked, his arms folding across his chest. "I've seen better."

Roleplay character: Talia al-Ghul

Talia al-Ghul

Gender: Female

Age: 35*

To lose so much is to carry the debts of the dead.

Roleplay character: Ra's Al Ghul

Ra's Al Ghul

Gender: Male

Age: 700+

"Death comes for us all. We can only evade it so long."

Roleplay character: Kat Margaret Power aka Pixie

Kat Margaret Power aka Pixie

Gender: Female

Age: 18

A young heroine looking for revenge

Roleplay character: Tara Markov

Tara Markov

Gender: F

Age: 46

For Markovia

Roleplay character: Jack William Thomas

Jack William Thomas

Gender: Male

Age: 23

Always think like a spider. With eight legs, the tarantula is always aware, always ready to strike.

Roleplay character: The Brain InterActive Construct

The Brain InterActive Construct

Gender: Male

Age: Several Light Years

No Matter My Form, My Intellect remains Formidable. Do Not Underestimate Me.

Roleplay character: Tsatse Valeriya Sabanova

Tsatse Valeriya Sabanova

Gender: Female

Age: 28*

I am Apollyon... and I bring War

Roleplay character: Xavier (Dr. X) Dehlmar

Xavier (Dr. X) Dehlmar

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Nabu's no longer.

Roleplay character: K-00092


Gender: Female

Age: 17

Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'test tube baby'

Roleplay character: Julius Luthor

Julius Luthor

Gender: Male

Age: 24

The Chosen Successor of Lionel Luthor