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Summary: this is what its like to be free.

Lyra Hall

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Gender: Female

Age: 19

Group: The Resistance


Shiera Hall (hawkgirl)
Katar Hall (hawkman)


Lyra has the ability to fly, enhanced sight, and is stronger then the average adult human. enhanced healing ability.


Lyra stands about 5 feet 4 inches tall. she has her mothers red hair and bright green eyes. She is thin weighing only about 100 pounds. She also has the wings that are a typical for Thanagarian.


Lyra is careful and for good reason after the death of her parents she was handed over to one of Lex Luthor's laboratory's . Due to the trauma she has suffered she has a hard time trusting anyone. Once some one does manage to gain her trust, she will never give up on them. She also loves flying and music. She is also terrified of anything to do with doctors and closed spaces. Note to the wise corning Lyra is a very bad idea.


Lyra did not stand much of a chance of hiding from Luthor's power. Her wings painted a huge target on her back and as a young child she did not know how to fight back and she did have much time with her parents to learn. she spent much of her life in a laboratory that was until she heard the guard talking bout the plans to end her life. she had apparently out lived her usefulness and was now a liability.

Her time was ruining out quickly and she had to escape luckily for her the guards and doctors had become complacent. They left the door to her cell unlocked one night and she was able to escape.

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Image of Lyra Hall
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