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Summary: No lightning, no thunder nor hurricane gale can stand in the face of this wrath.

Sharon Milana Sabanova

Gender: Female

Age: 28

Group: The Resistance


Sharon has no knowledge of her birth parents, adopted shortly after birth by US Army Capt. Jacob Faulkner.

Her birth certificate indicates she was born to a Jane Doe, with no father present.



Officially designated a metapsychic by Naval Intelligence records, her recorded powers indicate she is majority a total empath, able to perfectly identify the emotional variance in others, interpreted through projective synesthesia. She likens it to viewing the spectral patterns of elements, though the actual appearance to her is mostly a three dimensional mess of color with bands either highlighted or dimmed.

While identifying emotions is the most prominent part of this, she doesn't just visualize or need to see a target to experience its emotional variance. Testing proves the range for active emotions is roughly ten or fifteen meters, but can vary with diminished/disciplined or exaggerated variance. She can also pick up on "trace emotions" under certain conditions, such as the love left on an old piano or the stress experienced frequently in operating rooms.

Her status as a meta falls apart when her other abilities are considered though. She seems to possess some mild form of psycholuminesence, which has given her the appearance of wings under combat conditions, and cellular psychokinesis, which has again only been recorded under combat conditions during use of her combat medical training. It's likely there is something else at play, but nothing solid as of yet.


Sharon is, currently, one of the last of America's SOF, having had ten years to train and maintain a low level resistance as a Navy SEAL from an undisclosed location still independent of Luthor's global empire. She's participated in several strikes and raids since the States capitulated, but has also watched as one by one the hidden bastions are discovered and destroyed by Luthor's forces.

She's had plenty of close calls, and her status as a human lie detector makes her a valuable asset to be risked, but few enough operational teams exist she continues to fight in the field, combatting the armies of a self proclaimed god across the globe.


Five nine with the build of a doberman and natural auburn hair, Sharon physically can't be mistaken for someone soft or to be taken lightly. Her Adyghe heritage gives her a sharply defined and lightly squared jawline, with long fingers she once upon a time plied the piano with.

Her complexion and general appearance is an even mix between slavic and arab as befitting her heritage, and has frequently been addressed by native languages in those regions.

She doesn't wear any heavy makeup, or the costumes of heroes, her hair shaved down the sides and kept short and drawn back to best fit beneath a helmet and gas mask. She does have some tattoos, gotten when her team was operating full swing early in the aftermath. These depict the globe sheltered in angelic wings sprouting from a hooded angel behind it holding a sword at rest, all of which goes down her back. Over her heart (and typically hidden by her attire) is the traditional Navy SEALs anchor.

Her outfit of choice for action includes full kit over battle dress uniform that matches the region. Her undercover choice often includes the scrubs of maintenance workers, given plenty of space to hide the essentials of her kit, or yoga pants and crop top to blend as a fitness enthusiast, but mostly because its comfy.


Despite the conditions they've all been under, Sharon does her best to maintain a front of confidence, compassion, and calm that best benefits her team. She works exceptionally hard to maintain a stress free environment, as she will experience the stress of others if she doesn't which in turn impairs her operational capacity. She can also literally see when others are upset, and is known to immediately jump on it and work out those emotions so she can stop experiencing their condition.


When people talk about the day Luthor took over, they talk of the death of the Justice League. Few mention the year he spent toppling the militaries of the world, and how the politicians gave them up for his favor.

She was eighteen and mid-training to be a SEAL when it hit her in California, and Navy Intelligence gave the order to scatter, boarding submarines bound for the far flung corners of the world, masked in black ink and conspiracy. Her home then became the sub-surface ice of the Arctic, where she and her SOF in exile got to work. They initially attempted to aid what regular forces still held out, but they were eventually crushed and forced to back out. The strategy turned to disruption and sabotage, with efforts to capture weapons or devices that could counter the new world order.

As other bases ceased communications and disappeared under Luthor's boot, their operations began to dry out. When the radios finally went silent, all major operations got shelved, and all future actions became limited to low risk missions.

Now, she's all thats left, the Arctic bastion buried under ice and the teams scattered across three continents. It's escape, evade, and exfiltrate, but to where, time will tell.


As a SEAL, her callsign was frequently changed to blend in with local emergency responders, avoiding early detection in the field, but many of her team joked about her being their personal guardian angel and sometimes referenced her as 'the Seraph'. Needless to say, it stuck.

Following her activities in Gotham City, she has since taken the callsign 'Cardinal' while communicating with her unknown rescuer.

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