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Summary: Half Kryptonian, half human, all hero.

Conner Kent

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Gender: Male

Age: 27

Group: The Resistance


Clark Kent, Lex Luthor.


Much like Superman, Conner possesses several kryptonian superpowers:

-Super Strength
-Invulnurability (To an extent)
-Enhanced sight and hearing.


Conner is a handsome, muscular man that stands at 5'9 (1.75 m), with black hair and deep blue eyes.

When fighting crime, Conner dons the iconic "S" symbol on his black shirt, along with jeans and shoes. For a superhero, he's dressed rather casually.


Conner Kent got the best of both of his parents' personality, but also the worst.

Funny, but hot-headed.
Shy, but cautiosless.
Brave, but reckless.

All of those and more show the duality of Conner's behavior, and although he usually manages to keep his cool, when someone pushes him too hard, he goes wild.


Born as a clone of Superman, and mixed with Lex Luthor's human DNA, the young Conner had a rough start with his mates in the young justice group, even successful as it was.

Some time later, he adopted the name 'Superboy', fully accepting his heroic heritage and somewhat neglecting that of his other side, Conner joined the Titans, too.

When the Justice League was killed 10 years ago, Conner was merely 17 years old, and didn't take the news very well, hence retiring to the Kent farm, stripped of his hope, that went away along with his famous mentor.

Now, Conner must regain his confidence and face the evil regime that took over the world, no matter the cost. The world needs the symbol he wears so proudly on his chest.



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Image of Conner Kent
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