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Summary: Ruthless. Cunning. And shows little mercy

Nathan Crane

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Gender: Male

Age: 25

Group: The Villains


Scarecrow (Jonathan Crane)


-Expert Chemist
-Trained in hand to hand combat
-skilled with a scythe


Wears a tattered trench coat. A steampunk gas mask. Wears a hood. Carries a scythe. Glove on his left hand that dispenses fear toxin


Sadistic. Unpredictable. Cold. Shows little emotion.


Given birth shortly after the death of the heroes. Nathan was raised to be Crane's successor and was trained in chemistry by his father. One day, Jonathan thought to test a new toxin formula on his son to see how he'd react. The toxin resulted in Nathan going insane and obsessed with fear more than his own father. Now, he oversees Gotham and controls the forces that now roam the city, second in command with his father.


The Witch Doctor

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Image of Nathan Crane
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