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Summary: I am Apollyon... and I bring War

Tsatse Valeriya Sabanova

Gender: Female

Age: 28*

Group: Ungrouped


Unknown Kabardian tribespersons, deceased ~100CE


Tsatse is in a unique position within the universe at large, being one of the few that is directly empowered by the Presence as a mortal, fallen angel.

She exhibits a limited sense of psychic empathy through physical contact, reading and feeling the emotions of others. More prominent though is her capacity as a psychic vampire, draining any individual of their life force while bolstering her own strength, speed, durability, and healing. The drawback is that this ability is always active, and so she covers herself sufficiently to prevent accidental bumps that could incapacitate or injure others.

Unlike the Spectre, her only near peer in this universe, she is not nearly as indestructible nor omnipotent. She is more on par with the Amazons and Atlanteans of Earth Prime, and has even hinted at possibly being a Kryptonian's equal in a one-on-one match, but she can most definitely be harmed by appropriately powerful magical and/or divine forces.

When sufficiently pushed, she may enter a state of rage where her angelic ancestry comes into full view, typically wreathed in fire and smoke as she goes on a short lived, indiscriminate rampage that leaves her unconscious afterwards. Her own recollection of such events indicates it likely only lasts until she has been incapacitated, or some simple goal has been met.

She is a master at arms and well versed in intricate word play, using both to get out of situations and limit her publicity at any given time. She is arguably one of the best swordsmen alive, and has been shooting all manner of firearms since their invention. In a brawl however, she is both violent and deadly to all except the most durable of beings, with a propensity towards extreme violence in a fight with a "kill or be killed" mindset.


Tsatse maintains a clear aesthetic that blends mid-western American, pre-Victorian gothic, and traditional Kabardian attire she grew up with, sporting a heavy amount of black over gray with designs hand sewn into the fabric.

She normally hides her true appearance with careful application of makeup and steel blue colored contacts. Her natural eye color shifted towards dark cherry upon becoming an adult, and occasionally her power will pulse along her veins giving them a faint red glow before turning black and fading away.

Her hands however feature that glow constantly, a reminder of how she can never touch another unprotected without causing harm, with the inticate pathways reaching up her arms, turning black and then fading again till struck by the next pulse, typically in conjunction with her heartbeat.

Her shoulder blades feature a pair of "birthmarks" as well that look remarkably like scarred tissue that has never healed fully, an indicator of her true nature.

Aside from all that, she would appear a generally attractive, stylish young woman, her auburn red hair maintained as a choppy bob swept to the side, with sharp definition in the face and an athletic body.


As long as she believes she hasn't been found out, she puts up a false front of being whimsical and carefree, even when confronted with violence. She has an infectious sense of self confidence and tends to run with whatever banter she finds.

She can however switch to a far more professional approach as needed, and is a devilish negotiator when there is something she wants.

However, when exposed she tends to become aggressive, highly suspicious and untrusting. Her goal is to remain unannounced so she can continue to escape and evade the Presence's influence, and any threat to her anonymity is a direct threat to her survival... and the survival of the one she loves most.

Now however, the rules have changed and she has a freedom of action she has never had before, and she intends to use that freedom to bend future away from prophesy.


Her life after maturation and recalling her nature has been spent on the run, doing whatever she can to evade the influence of the Presence. She has been caught time and again in some of history's most violent conflicts, and has even been hunted and directly challenged by other super-beings, including Atlanteans, Amazons, Martians, and even the Lantern Corps.

The presence of super hero teams never held any allure to her, as she saw her existence as being dependent on remaining in hiding. When Luthor rose to power, she stayed out of the fight and out of public view, only present in rare texts recorded by groups like the League of Assassins or the Amazons. Now, ten years later, he is onto her trail and hunting the most dangerous game of all.


While these days she uses her birth name more frequently, ancient texts often refer to her by another name. Apollyon, the Angel of War.

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Image of Tsatse Valeriya Sabanova
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