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Summary: Understood sir, it will be done.

Mercedes Graves III

Gender: Female

Age: 29*

Group: The Villains




As one of the few remaining Amazons, Graves is a powerful opponent whose strength, durability, and dexterity allows her to hold her own against many powerful opponents and even shrug off many attacks that would be lethal to a human.

She is a trained martial artist in more than six different styles, including Krav Maga, Modern Army Combatives, and Jujutsu. Graves has also spent the last ten years hunting and either capturing or terminating rogue metas and supers, giving her a wealth of field experience and continual exercise of her mental strength and flexibility.


Graves has a mixed appearance similar to that of Asian-American ancestry, coupled with intimidating size and muscle density common among Amazonians. She rotates dyeing her hair between natural colors, which is currently a mixed blonde.

She continues to wear black business appropriate attire when not afield, and has adopted a more militarized loadout over the years when going into combat to protect further against gunfire and explosives used by rebel upstarts.


Graves is straight to the point and spares little time for casual talk, taking her job as Luthor's aide, guardian, and operator very seriously. When she speaks its with a commanding tone, and whenever she walks its with a stern, locked gaze, shoulders back, and head held high.


Starting as an assistant and bodyguard of Luthor, Graves has been by his side every step of the way as he ascended to world domination, and continued to act as his guardian and confidant after the destruction of the JLA and capitulation of the world's independent nations. Her ten years since have been split between handling mundane paperwork and routine maintenance of his world empire, and hunting down those who would resist his authority. She's also to some extent become his ambassador to the other major villains who have been granted regional authority across the globe, growing into a well connected, frighteningly powerful figure in the new political sphere.


Mercedes Graves often goes by the name Mercy, a quality she doesn't so much lack as just commonly disregards.

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Image of Mercedes Graves III
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