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Summary: "Ha ha... I'm in danger..."

Daniel Griffin

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Gender: Male

Age: 18

Group: Ungrouped


Biological: undisclosed

He's known as the son of Casper Davis. Casper runs a medical technology company... Or he used to before it was more or less taken over by LexCorp. Now he runs the branch that used to be his own independent company.

Carmine Falcone considers Daniel to be his Nephew. There's no blood between them apart from Italian. Carmine and Casper are somewhat close business partners.



-Weak/iffy Pyrokenesis along with being fire proof.

-Night vision, infrared vision, and generally enhanced vision in his right eye

-an alternate feral beast form that is carefully surpressed and never sees the light of day.

-Self resurrection upon death with minimal healing.

-minor control/influence over corvids (crows/ravens/magpies/jays)

-music (skilled with ~12 instruments)
-good aim with fire arms
-charismatic (not in a leading way, but a likeable way)


Due to his beast form steadily leaking over to his human form and very slowly mutating him, Daniel is very thin and 6'4".

He has bright blue eyes with a scar over the right which is covered by his long black bangs.

He's generally handsome, but looks a bit gaunt, especially now as he's recovering from a serious incident.


He used to just be who everybody wanted him to be until he developed his own personality and sense of self. There wasn't much of a difference from the outside; he was always kind and polite, but now he had goals, determination, and a sense of purpose.

Then some things happened.... Now he's a ghost of who he used to be, in the tight grasp of depression, anxiety, and PTSD. He's still kind... Still polite... but he's scared.


Born as a new soul into a six year old body as an experiment, Daniel was supposed to help Casper satisfy his longing for conquering the understanding of life, death, and the cycle of souls.

Before Casper could even determine the results of his most important and prized experiment, one of his assistants turned traitor, taking Daniel and turning him into a monster before disappearing.

Casper managed to undo what he could, but the damage was done and the soul he'd created couldnt be reproduced. This twisted version of his creation was all he had to work with.

It was during the years of trying to teach Daniel to keep himself under control that the world changed hands. Daniel was the only thing he managed to keep as his own when LexCorp took over. Every other project and experiment was either cancelled or repurposed.

Casper managed to raise Daniel as normally as he could with the world crumbling around them, sending him off to a small town where nothing happens for school once he graduated high school early.

Daniel was settling into life well, enjoying independence... Until Casper suddenly made him come back. Until his freedom was crushed and his own desires apparently didn't matter anymore. No, apparently, suddenly, Casper deemed he didn't belong out in the world. He wasn't human. He was a pet. It was too dangerous out there for this unique and rare little pet. People wanted to take his pet away.

After a few other drastic measures and last resorts all failing, Daniel ran away. He survived on the streets surprisingly well for a rich "spoiled brat".... Until the traitorous assistant from all those years ago managed to get his hands on Daniel.

He was rescued, but the physical damage alone took months to recover from.

It turned out Casper wasn't so paranoid After all, though he had certainly not handled the initial situation the best way.



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Image of Daniel Griffin
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