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Summary: Certainly is uncertain.

Eric Warble

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: The Resistance


Black Canary
Unnamed Father [ Possible Hero]


Eric has the ability to redirect sound. He can concentrate and cause enough friction in the air to start a fire. His ability allows putting sound in another place to cause a distraction or silence the whole area around him. Another thing is that if he could focus the sound at one point then he could possibly break it. [Those are just some of the things I have come up with]


He's 5'11 and weighs 143 Lbs. He has naturally blonde hair but he dyes it, Brown. His eye color is green but when he uses his abilities they turn Light Grey. Eric is an Ectomorph has a long scar on the right side of his torso.


Eric is very confident and patience with certain things. He's very lighthearted and doesn't take himself seriously as much as others from time to time. His personality can shift if something is threatening his friends or family to a very serious, cold person. He can't make up jokes like his father but he is very friendly to people. He's rebellious and is quite intelligent but doesn't often show it with the brash choices he makes.


Eric was given to family friends of Black Canary when he was born. It was a measure to prevent them from finding Eric and terminating him. He has never found out about his parents but they quickly broke up after due to concern over the child. He had found out about his ability from a young age never understanding it until he got into Junior-High. He had been more self-aware of Lex Luthor's influences on the schools secretly not supporting him while the others would mindlessly. In high school was when he would start his viligante work but was stopped when Green Arrow's death was publicly broadcasted to take a mental health break because he was unsure if he wanted to die. After a while, he had resumed his work but he worked with the Resistance after joining them when he ran into one on the streets.



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Image of Eric Warble
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