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Summary: The truth is out there.

Harriet Martha Lane

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Gender: Female

Age: 20

Group: The Resistance


Clark Kent

Lois Lane


Great deduction and investigative skills due to her hobby of reporting and writing.

Good at hand to hand combat but nothing too crazy.


5’10. Deep black hair that is cut to right below her jaw. Purple eyes like her mother. She’s fit but not quite as in-shape as most might expect. Pale skin even though she hates being inside unless it’s to write. Usually seen in a purple shirt with an Army camouflaged jacket over it. With jeans. Always jeans.


Snarky and blunt. She’s a great friend to her friends and a hell of an enemy to her enemies. She’s loyal and has a heart of gold, but don’t let that trick you. She’s ruthless and will do anything for the truth.


Harry had a great childhood. Great parents, plenty of love. A working father and strong mother (which is definitely needed in more households today). Until that day. Harry had always lived with the fact that her father was Superman. That’s his job. He fought villains on a daily basis and took beatings that would kill most men. So when it was revealed that, although technically half Kryptonian, Harry would never receive any of her father’s powers, she was devastated. She felt as if she couldn’t save the world like her father. That was, until her mother introduced her to the world of journalism. The truth saves the world, and her mother does that everyday, so that’s how Harry’s going to do it. From then on, she’s fought for truth, justice, and the American Way. What’s so funny about that?


Harry (freakin’) Lane

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Image of Harriet Martha Lane
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