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Summary: Tear it all down, brick by brick till the Green stands tall.

Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley

Gender: Female

Age: 38

Group: Ungrouped


Isley thanks to the mutations to her cellular structure is effective immune to all known and many unanticipated toxins and infectious diseases, while also making her more similar to photosynthetic life in breathing carbon dioxide and exhaling pure oxygen. She can photosynthesize to a limited extent, but would still prefer actual food. This does however mean her activity is influenced by the presence of sunlight, and she's far more capable an opponent in broad daylight.

Coupled with that, she can also produce extremely potent pheromones that can distort, sway, and even control the minds of others, while also producing a naturally occuring and highly lethal toxin which is most potent in areas near mucus membranes, the lips being the most iconic, giving her a potentially lethal kiss.

On top of it all, she also exhibits a level of psychic control over plant growth and movement, commonly expressed through vines and roots.

Beyond her metahuman powers, Isley is also an athletic and capable combatant in hand to hand, not specifically trained in any martial art, but the lethality and incapacitating nature she exhibits makes close combat far more risky to others, especially males.


Fire red hair stands in stark contrast to her otherwise foliage green appearance. Her eyes however have shifted over the years from a new growth green to a darker sage, as have her lips and nails.

However, as her stance on protecting the natural world conflicts with Luthor and the world dominating industry that is LexCorp, she has adopted a more street common attire for public outings, and has gone to considerable lengths to plan days of public exposure, making it usual to see her with natural skin tones from copious amounts of dyes absorbed through water (a trick one can do with almost any plant).

Street clothes are the bulk of her wardrobe, consisting of a lot of sweats and hoodies.


Years of underground living and passive resistance has led to Isley being primarily tight lipped and harsh in her judgement of outside individuals. Those who achieve entering her inner circle of friends however tend to find she has a certain level of sarcasm she approaches everything with, which tends to err on the drier side.

She's the most level headed of the Dark Knight's old gallery of foes, and she knows it, but refuses to give up on the ones she thinks are worth pulling back from the edges of society.


When Luthor took control of the world, having destroyed the Justice League and almost all of the known heroes of the time, Isley was quick to ascertain his next target was internal threats.

When LexCorp's agents came knocking, she had vanished without a trace, and watched from afar as Luthor battled with Ra's and wiped the city of 'Eth-Alth'eban from the map, confirming what she already knew. Luthor was to rule unrivalled and unquestioned, and would do so through the military-industrial complex he had spent years building up.

So, she disappeared in the New England forests, raising subtle devastation in clever use of the fauna around her, erasing factories through eroding cliffs and massive potholes. Nothing that could be proven to be her but destructive nonetheless.

Now there are rumors of a new Batman, and she's looking to get the world off the path of self destruction.


Poison Ivy

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Image of Dr. Pamela Lillian Isley
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