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Summary: To lose so much is to carry the debts of the dead.

Talia al-Ghul

Gender: Female

Age: 35*

Group: Ungrouped


Ra's al-Ghul


A master at arms, assassin of the now defunct League of Shadows, and trained in nigh a hundred individual combat forms over what could easily be measured as several generations, thanks to her past access to the Lazarus Pit.

With the Lazarus Pits destroyed, she does not in of herself possess any special abilities. However, her skill at arms should not be underestimated, being the Daughter to the Demon himself.


She's kept up appearances as best she can over the last decade, but age is beginning to wear through on her and the isolation has left her with a less than professional aesthetic, adopting simple, traditional attire that is best suited to crossing open desert and dueling the odd intruder into submission or quiet termination.


Isolation has taken a far greater toll on what once was an exceptionally keen social aura, and she's prone to letting her emotions slip where she once had them under iron control.

Her rare visitors are often greeted with smiles and laughter, as she thinks she may actually be dying from lack of social contact.


A decade ago, Talia al-Ghul, at the behest of her father and their tenuous ally Lex Luthor, delivered the Batman himself, and by extension, the Justice League and the entire planet, into Luthor's hands.

A decade ago, she made the worst decision of her life.

Within two years, 'Eth-Alth'eban had fallen, and her father was killed, along with thousands of others that supported him, in the city's defense. Wrought with the consequences of her decision, she returned to 'Eth-Alth'eban after the dust settled and began her lonely vigil of the city, tending to the most essential of facilities, advising stray Ghuls that returned to the city, and ensuring that her presence remain the subject of ghost stories, a phantom of the ruins in the world's harshest of deserts.


The Demon's Head

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Image of Talia al-Ghul
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