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Summary: If you're looking for aide, ask for Dr. Martin. If you're in need of trouble, ask for Quinn.

Dr. Harleen Frances Quinzel

Gender: Female

Age: 32

Group: Ungrouped


A psychiatrist turned mad by clown prince of crime himself, Harley Quinn was and partially still is a violent wildcard with a penchant for getting under the skin of her opponents and exhibiting generally erratic behaviors and unpredictable patterns. She can and likely will use anything and everything she can pick up as a weapon, and failing that, she's a capable athlete with all the experience the streets can provide.


Still exhibiting the effects of her time under the Joker's abusive domination of her, Quinzel's complexion is washed in white thanks to damage from acid that she will claim she jumped into willingly. She still tends to dress in warm and vibrant colors, and kept much of her old clothes from over a decade ago but has since hung up the jester outfit of her glory days. Her hair however has returned to its natural color, which she maintains at about shoulder length.


She has to some effect recovered her civility, though maintains that wildcard attitude that tends to catch others off guard. There was a time where she was the driving force to bring Isley out of the shadows and start helping people that are being trampled on just the same as nature has been under LexCorp, but she's since moved on and adopted a less exciting life.

However this doesn't mean she's inclined at all to do this for the betterment of all the Earth's population, nor does she care about a return of heroes. If anything, half of her efforts are an outlet for inciting anarchy and chaos, which just so happens to negatively impact LexCorp and those working to further Luthor's dominion, while the other half done in the office is to prove she can become someone of her own title and regain that lost sense of self that Joker had taken from her.


Having had a decade to break herself free of Joker and his control, Quinzel has spent a lot of her time on the run, dodging Luthor's forces and evading attempts to bring her in, eventually drifting off the most wanted list thanks to inactivity.

Unlike her close friend Pamela Isley, Quinzel returned to being a psychiatrist under a different name, working hard to maintain a new and undetectable identity in Los Angeles for much of the past decade. She's had a lot of interesting patients, and many have given her the edge on regaining some of her old self, though she still tends to lean on renegade options.


Harley Quinn

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