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Summary: Best hope your name doesn't turn up when the contract is given.

Slade Joseph Wilson

Gender: Male

Age: 95

Group: The Villains


An enhanced super soldier like no other from before Luthor's global takeover, Slade was one of the top soldiers in the United States Army during the Cold War before leaving for work as a mercenary, easily becoming the most feared and effective hired killer to exist.

A master in over a dozen martial forms, with decades of experience in close quarters combat, he's more than a match for many older beings in a brawl, and is known to fight dirty as well to take every available advantage.

Coupled with decades of experience in combined arms and some more esoteric weapons, particularly his katanas, Slade is a lethal force in any environment with just about anything he can get his hands on, or failing that, just using said hands.

The enhancements provided to his body also increase his natural strength, dexterity, stability, and reaction speed to far above human standard. His regenerative ability is unparalleled, and can recover from otherwise fatal damage, including the growth of new limbs.

Finally, Slade also wears a low profile powered armor system, filled with the latest in LexCorp military hardware and software, with physical protection in the form of promethium plates over a weave of kevlar and n-th metal soft armor, making him impervious to small arms and most heavy caliber weapons.


A grizzled old bear of a man, his hair has long since turned to salt and pepper, and the surface of his skin has a rough quality not too far removed from sand paper. His right eye was permanently damaged long ago, and when he isn't wearing the mask, he keeps it covered with an eye patch.

Despite his advanced age, he still shows the fitness and health of a career warrior and shows no signs of slowing down any time soon.


His age does however hold sway on his public interactions. He has a certain amount of crass and subtle commentary that others have dubbed "old man syndrome". He tends to reference heavily outdated topics when explaining things, and over the last two decades has slowly become more and more open to usage of technology.


The last decade has seen Slade go from a freelance mercenary to LexCorp's private wetwork specialist. Much of his work has been in hunting the last remaining heroes, new and old metas not under Luthor's control, and any high profile dissidents deemed worth sending him after.

The lack of conflict between him and the law however has also left a change in his behavior, having formed some light friendships with other ex-villains now turned leaders of society thanks to Graves and her coordinated efforts in making Luthor's global power a real bastion of law and order.



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Image of Slade Joseph Wilson
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